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CANT Z-501 seaplane
5.90Mb (495 downloads)
This is a conversion to CFS2 of F. Guili's FS 2002 CANT Z-501 seaplane. It is set up as an ai plane but can be flown as a player aircraft by replacing the airfile with the enclosed 'player' version. A big thank you to Francesco Giuli for allowing me to mess with his creation. Have fun, Oldwheat
Posted Dec 17, 2011 18:56 by L.M. BROWN
Me P.1110  Revamped (Fixed)
Me P.1110  Revamped (Fixed)
3.46Mb (724 downloads)
This is a revamped version of Mark Walsh's great Me P.1110.Replaces my first upload due to a messed up VC and missing .fx files. Many extras!New panel,Fictional 'What if' Sea, Air and Land loadouts.New exhaust effects,moving stick and throttle hands!If you like Nazi experimental planes then I think you'll like this mod! Mod done by starlynx57 with permission of Mark Walsh. Keep your trigger finger happy!
Posted Dec 2, 2011 20:08 by StarLynx57
F Giulli IMAM Ro58
F Giulli IMAM Ro58
13.38Mb (338 downloads)
The IMAM Ro.58 was an Italian twin-engined, two-seat monoplane fighter, a development of the IMAM Ro.57. First flown in May 1942, it was considered a general improvement over its predecessor. It was fast, well armed and manouvrable. A five aircraft package, with the prototype and four what if planes.
Posted Nov 26, 2011 10:35 by Pepe Rezende
CFS2 AI Tu-16C Egyptian
0.32Mb (279 downloads)
For AI use. This is a tweak of the Alpha Tu-16 to represent an Egyptian TU16K as used in the Arab / Israeli '6-day war in 1967. All of the Egyptian Badgers were destroyed on the ground in that conflict. This is a model for using in missions & combat with the intent of providing good frame rates. Have fun, Oldwheat
Posted Nov 23, 2011 16:37 by L.M. BROWN
Heinkel He 46 for CFS2
7.03Mb (482 downloads)
This is a CFS2 conversion of A.F. Scrub's excellent FS 2004 Heinkel 46c. Nothing else has been done to the file other than a makeshift DP so it may be in need of a CFS2 airfile & a better DP with loadouts. Some alternate skins may be forthcoming if I can stay motivated. Thanks Scrubbie!, excellent job as usual! Cheers, Oldwheat
Posted Nov 14, 2011 15:29 by L.M. Brown
Missing Gauges for the FW 190A-4/JG51
Missing Gauges for the FW 190A-4/JG51
0.13Mb (491 downloads)
These are some missing files. they really are necessary to complete the experience of flying the aircraft. These are some missing gauges that go on the VC interior that really look cool when you pan around the inside the aircraft. The pics show what the VC is supposed to look like. Email me at vincentf563@msn.com if you see other things I've missed. PLEASE FORGIVE!!! I was rushed, I shortcutted, I missed an opportunity to achieve perfection.
Required files:
required file
Posted Nov 2, 2011 22:06 by vincent farnham
6.20Mb (306 downloads)
The Ba.201 prototype first flew on 3 July 1941, and was then sent to Guidonia for official testing. The aircraft showed that it had enough agility, once freed of its bomb load, to hold its own against other Italian fighters. However speed was disappointing, only 460 km/h (290 mph), slower than the requested for 500 km/h (310 mph) and slightly slower than older front-line fighters. The aircraft was barely capable of defending itself against enemy fighters, and then only after releasing its bomb. It had very good forward visibility, but rear visibility was poor.
Posted Oct 30, 2011 09:42 by Peperez
FW 190A-4/JG51
FW 190A-4/JG51
50.95Mb (1646 downloads)
This aircraft was designed as the replacement for the BF 109. After correcting many of the mistakes of the V0-V3 versions this aircraft was fitted with the BMW 801C. The 801C was upgraded with a two stage automatic supercharger and Methanol-water injections. This significantly enhanced what was already a versatile airframe. The added horsepower made possible the addition of 4 20 mm cannons and the loading of 50kg/250kg/500kg bombs and rockets. Originally intended as a high altitude interceptor it fell short of this goal until later developments, but in July '42 this version left the assembly line ready to fulfill a variety of duties and quickly proved itself as a fearsome weapon. Its top speed below 10,000 feet, and its high climb rate made it a viscious dogfighter, its heavy armaments made it a cruel ground attack weapon.
Posted Oct 30, 2011 01:29 by vincent farnham
AF Scrub N-3PB Nomad  Modified for CFS2
AF Scrub N-3PB Nomad  Modified for CFS2
5.26Mb (491 downloads)
The Northrop N-3PB Nomad was a single-engined American floatplane of the 1940s. Northrop developed the N-3PB as an export model based on the earlier Northrop A-17 design. A total of 24 were purchased by Norway, but were not delivered until after the Fall of Norway during the Second World War. Exiled Norwegian forces used them from 1941, operating from Iceland, for convoy escort, anti-submarine patrols, and training purposes from "Little Norway" in Canada.
Posted Oct 16, 2011 05:04 by Pepe Rezende
Bf109E-7 Trop
Bf109E-7 Trop
7.78Mb (930 downloads)
This is a second attempt at the Bf 109 I made last year. This model has drastically improved shape and function. The VC has been 3D'ed as well as I could get it. I'm planning for a payware version to be out sometime this year. Improvements to this model over the last include a better pilot figure, better gauges, more moving parts including stick and rudder pedals and canopy, improved nav gear placement. Also a detailed checklist has been compiled and a suggested keymap in the flight "notes."
Posted Sep 4, 2011 08:43 by vincent farnham