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1.89Mb (807 downloads)
Upgrade 3 (Final) MDL Files for TR_AD-2, TR_AD-6 and TR_A-1H These three MDL files represent the final evolution of my three Skyraiders. All known texture issues have been addressed. Simply drop these into the respective Model folders of your three Skyraiders allowing them to overwrite the previous file.
Posted Jan 25, 2010 22:38 by Tom Sanford
TR_AD-6 & A-1H MDL Update
TR_AD-6 & A-1H MDL Update
1.26Mb (510 downloads)
(Requires the aircraft downloads for AD-6 and A-1H on pages 12 & 13 above.) In the first set of MDL file upgrades for my Skyraiders, we were able to fix a texture anamoly in the fuselage of all three aircraft (AD-2, AD-6 and A-1H). HOWEVER, the new AD-6 and A-1H MDLs (for reasons unknown) developed a problem with the horizontal stab textures. ONLY the TR_AD-6 and TR_A-1H MDLs are effected. This download contains new TR_AD-6 and TR_A-1H MDL files that correct the stab texture problem, as well as the fuselage issue. Simply drop these files into the MODEL folders of the respective aircraft, allowing them to overwrite the earliet file. You're done. My regrets for the inconvenience, but the road to improvement is filled with potholes.
Posted Jan 25, 2010 19:36 by Tom Sanford
New TR Skyraider MDLs
New TR Skyraider MDLs
1.88Mb (735 downloads)
This download contains newly-upgraded MDL files for all three of TR's Skyraiders (requires original Skyraider downloads on pages 12 & 13 above). The new MDL files eliminate the polygon/texture conflict on the fuselage just aft of the cockpit, and minimize (could not totally eliminate) the seam visibility in that area.
Posted Jan 24, 2010 16:20 by Tom Sanford
New DPs for Skyraiders
0.04Mb (734 downloads)
These DPs can be used as straight-forward replacements in the respective Skyraiders (TR_AD-2, TR_AD-6, TR_A-1H) and will add the new MK_XIII_Torp to the Anti-Shipping payload. The MK_XIII_Torp is required from a separate download here at SimV. Though the MK 13 torpedo had many faults early on in WWII, by 1944's raid on Truk it had become a deadly weapon. And in a little-known episode of the Korean War, Navy AD-2s successfully attacked the Han River Dam using MK 13 torpedoes after all other weapons had failed.
Posted Jan 17, 2010 23:07 by Tom Sanford
Grushin MAI3
2.66Mb (690 downloads)
Grushin MAI3 for CFS2 by: W. Dickens, Peperez, Kelticheart et al. Born in 1906, Grushin worked on various aircraft at MAI. In 1935 he began scheming a tandem-wing aircraft, thinking this could form the basis of an attack aircraft with a rear gun turret. The single example of the Sh-Tandem (Shturmovik-Tandem) was constructed in the Institute's production training school. It was exhaustively tested by P M Stefanovskii from 5th December 1937. The key feature of this aircraft was that it had a main wing and a rear wing with 45 per cent as much area. Credits: Model by William Dickens Airfile by Peperez dp by Peperez and William Dickens Prop Textures by Kelticheart Textures by W. Dickens Engine from Dave Eckert Source
Posted Jan 5, 2010 12:17 by William Dickens (bismarck13)
B-26 Tall Tail Skin
B-26 Tall Tail Skin
1.27Mb (670 downloads)
The download includes a new texture by Sopwith Chameleon* and AIR file for the TR_B-26B-55, page 12 above. This depicts an aircraft flown by Capt. Jewel Maxwell the CO of the 496th BS/344 BG, Stansted, England, 1944. The aircraft name is a play on the pilot's name and the famous coffee brand/slogan. To install simply replace the existing texture folder and AIR file with the ones in the download. You might wish to save the originals for later use. This is freeware but must not be uploaded to other sites, modified in anyway without permission, or used in any way for monetary gain. Enjoy! * Other skins by Sopwith at http://sopwithc.wetpaint.com
Posted Dec 28, 2009 22:07 by Tom Sanford
0.04Mb (720 downloads)
If you are getting an error message concerning a missing crew member (RAF_Pilot or RAF_Gunner) with any of the three TR_B-26B aircraft (above), simply place both BGLs from this package in your CFS2/SCENEDB/weapons folder. You're done.
Posted Dec 21, 2009 19:10 by Tom Sanford
B-26B Strafer Skin
3.89Mb (621 downloads)
The download includes a new texture by Sopwith Chameleon and AIR file for the TR_B-26B-strafer, and a Word document containing the strange story of the plane Hell's Fury and pilot from the 555th BS/386th BG, Boxted, England, 1943...along with some nice photos. To install simply replace the existing texture folder and AIR file with the ones in the download. You might wish to save the originals for later use. Textures only. Requires the B-26 above.
Posted Dec 21, 2009 11:57 by Tom Sanford
Strafer Upgrade MDL
0.20Mb (860 downloads)
The download contains a new MDL file for the TR_B-26B-strafer for those folks who just can't stand the lower gun sponsons not matching the belly.
Posted Dec 20, 2009 18:04 by Tom Sanford
B-26 Tall Tail
B-26 Tall Tail
2.70Mb (1926 downloads)
This is an late-war B-55 model B-26 with the addition of the 3' longer wings and 2' taller tail. She is factory- equipped with fuselage gun packs and the powered tail turret...giving her a total of 12 .50s. She is multi-LOD, comes complete with crew figures, panel, gauges and weapons. AIR file by 1%. Weapons are by Dbolt; crew by Martin Wright. The 26 is a tempermental aircraft and it takes some experience to master her flight characteristics. IMPORTANT: The use of elevator trim and flaps are critical in flying the B-26 successfully. There is a complete set of mousable trim controls on the fuel panel. Get to know your panel screens. The EXITs command will deploy/store the bombardier and waist guns. This aircraft wears the colors of "Heavenly Body" 558th BS, 387th BG, Stony Cross, UK, 1943 painted by James Peach (Sopwith Chameleon). The B is based on Bismarck13's (William Dickens) original A model source file. Special thanks to Bis for it's use. Special thanks are also due Sopwith for nagging...er, rather that is inspiring me to do this project. ;) Aircraft model, DP and CFG by myself, skin by Sopwith Chameleon (James Peach),panel by Bismarck13 (William Dickens). Additonal skins are available at Sopwith's CFS2 Paintshop: http://sopwithc.wetpaint.com/ Installation: Unzip the package and place all files in the corresponding folders of your CFS2 main directory. This is freeware but must not be uploaded to other sites, modified in anyway without permission, or used in any way for monetary gain. Enjoy!
Posted Dec 18, 2009 16:37 by Tom Sanford