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USS Saratoga CV3 2020
4.53Mb (172 downloads)
This is a renewed version of an historical campaign, based on the wartime exploits of the USS Saratoga CV3. She survived the entire war, hit twice by torpedoes, a kamikaze attack and only succumbed to an atom bomb after the war. The campaign cam be called "semi-historical" because it starts with a "what if" mission. The dates, ship names and types, task force and squadron designations, nomenclatures and compositions for all US and most of the Japanese ships are accurate. The campaign runs from a what-if Wake Island relief scenario - December 1941 thru Saratoga's last wartime engagement with kamikazes off Iwo Jima. Most of the ships used are new editions. There are four campaigns in this package. The large campaign has you, the player flying a fighter, dive bomber or torpedo plane, randomly chosen for each mission. The others are set up as pure fighter, dive bomber or torpedo bomber campaigns for your choice.
Posted Nov 13, 2020 01:02 by Gregory Baskin AKA Shadow Wolf 07
Desperate Battles 2020
3.50Mb (137 downloads)
This is meant to be an historical campaign, based on the carrier battles of the Battle of the Eastern Solomons (22-25 August 1942) and the Battle of Santa Cruz. (25-27 October 1942) I named the campaign “Desperate Battles” because at this stage of the war the US Navy was fighting uphill. That is, they had fewer resources than the Japanese in many ways; inferior aircraft and less experienced pilots. In both battles, the Japanese are the attackers and the USN has to fight an aggressive defensive struggle.
Posted Nov 12, 2020 23:10 by Gregory Baskin AKA Shadow Wolf 07
USS Essex CV-9 Campaign-2020
78.39Mb (125 downloads)
This campaign revision set is a mostly historical sampling of the World War II exploits of the USS Essex CV9. I say "mostly" because US and Japanese task force compositions, ship names and types, dates and most locations are as accurate as possible. The actual ship/task group formations are my own design. The campaign incorporates new scenery, aircraft, ships and many new missions, set up in 4 separate campaigns with 119 missions. In this campaign set the USN is on the offensive. Out of all the actions in which she participated, I chose a good, representative sampling of the major engagements of this great warship from her first action until near the end of the war in the Pacific. She later served in the Korean conflict, the Cuban Missile Crisis and eve supported the Apollo missions, being decommissioned in 1969.
Posted Nov 12, 2020 22:27 by Gregory Baskin AKA Shadow Wolf 07
Khalkhin-Gol Incident-USSR
129.55Mb (135 downloads)
This is an historical campaign, based on the Khalkhin-Gol battles, also known as the Nomonhan Incident between the Soviet Union and the Empire of Japan in Mongolia. The conflict occurred in the border regions of Mongolia and Manchuria from 11 May until 15 September 1939. It began with a border dispute between Mongolia (a USSR ally) and Manchukuo (the name for the Japanese puppet government of occupied Manchuria). Historically, the incident ended in a decisive Soviet victory. Neither side wanted to go to war, and especially the Japanese, once the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany signed their non-aggression pact. That would have meant that Japan would then have to fight the Soviet Union alone, without her Axis allies. Both sides wanted peace This CFS2 campaign packet consists of only the Soviet side of the conflict, with 32 total missions, set up in a 23-mission long campaign, both air to air engagements and air to ground, offensive and defensive. In some cases, the numbers of aircraft are reduced proportionately because of the limitations of the sim. For example, in mission four, over 140 aircraft were involved in a massive dogfight, but I used only 70. My sources rarely gave exact locations for the starting points/bases and target or engagement locations throughout the campaign. Therefore, I used a best guess for these. Also, the CFS2 map is relatively flat and though changes in elevation are noted in Mission Builder, hills, valleys and some rivers do not show well when you fly the rolling steppe terrain. Geographic features are rare and are also, with a few exceptions, a best guess, using the source maps. Enjoy the air "war"!
Posted Nov 12, 2020 22:18 by Gregory Baskin AKA Shadow Wolf 07
Parseval-Sigsfield Balloon
0.45Mb (116 downloads)
Designed for Microsoft's 'Combat Flight Sim 2' representing a World War One German Artillery Observation balloon, captured balloons were used by Allied forces just swap out the German cross with the french roundel supplied in the texture folder. A French Caquot balloon has been uploaded, available on Simviation. title=Parseval Sigsfield Observation Balloon sim=Parseval-Sigsfield_Balloon model= copyright pjwalke@live.com not to be used to make money without permission, refer to: pjwalke@live.com this is an original model. Thank you for downloading, permission is granted to reskin, alter the DP file and the cfg.
Posted Oct 25, 2020 14:20 by Peter Jonathan Walker
WW1 French Caquot Balloon
0.37Mb (158 downloads)
Designed for Microsoft's 'Combat Flight Sim 2' representing a World War One Allied Artillery Observation balloon, captured balloons were used by German forces just swap out the french roundel with the German cross supplied in the texture folder. A German parceval-sigsfield balloon will be uploaded in the near future. title=French Caquot, Observation Balloon sim=French_Caquot_Balloon this is an original model. Thank you for downloading, permission is granted to reskin, alter the DP file and the cfg. copyright peter walker 25th October 2020.
Posted Oct 25, 2020 08:12 by Peter Jonathan Walker
Allen Me334 Komet
Allen Me334 Komet
27.09Mb (186 downloads)
Two planes, a jet and a DB605 version. Allen used a Bf-109G flight model to his original plane. I decided to do a more realistic Airfile aid Air.cfg respecting the tailless approach used by Lippisch. Yes! You have no horizontal stabilizer to deal. The plane is nice to fly since you use small movements in your joystick. You always have a fast reaction to your commands, so, I advise you to fly it a lot before going to combat. Remember, a lot of German pilots were killed trying to fly the Me-163, the rocket driven Me-334 brother. The Me-334 is fast. I clocked around 740 KPH in the DB-605 plane. To land, I advise you to use your vertical stabilizer to correct course. Ailerons are too responsive to correct the final landing approach. As a bonus, I included the intended jet version. With a lighter engine, I added two cannons at the nose correcting the anemic weapon of the propeller driven plane. I added three skins made by Rodolfo Valery. As I suspect non-CFS2 original stuff are causing CTDs, I'm using only standard or very tested gauges like those made by Ground Crew. Weapons are Luft'46, designed by Laszlo Becz.
Posted Mar 18, 2020 06:47 by Pedro Paulo Rezende (Peperez)
CFS2 Blohm & Voss BV-238
CFS2 Blohm & Voss BV-238
21.28Mb (305 downloads)
This huge aircraft made its first flight in April 1944 and was rather a flying ship than a boat, bigger than the Blohm & Voss BV-222, and was the heaviest aircraft of WWII. The Spruce Goose with eight engines was even much bigger but she was buildt at the end of the war and never did a real flight except a test taxiing with a short moment of being airborne. Only one BV-238 performed successful flights, the two other prototypes were never completed. The FS-model shows the heavy armed planned long range bomber version, which was never completed. It comes with two paint schemes: winter and green. The BV238 is a gentle giant. She takes off smoothly, even with full load. Cutting the engines, you enter a gentle descent with a pitch down nose attitude. Just push your joystick up and she lands quietly at the right angle. You can program the autopilot using a historical German flight director (you can only mark your direction, no altitude control). The spoiler key opens your port and starboard floats. SPECIAL THANKS TO ERWIN WELKER FOR THE MODEL AND MAVERICKCFS2
Posted Mar 9, 2020 00:17 by Pedro Paulo Rezende
29.44Mb (161 downloads)
The Airfile aind Air.cfg are completely new and a lot more realistic (we learn a lot in 15 years). I’m using the revised Erwin Welker VC model made for FS2004 as a basis. I also picked up his panel bitmap. I kept the original JR Lucariny texture, but I added two more aircrafts by Rodolfo Valery. As I suspect non-CFS2 stuff are causing CTD, I’m using only standard or very tested gauges like those made by Ground Crew. Weapons are Luft’46, designed by Laszlo Becz.
Posted Mar 5, 2020 12:31 by Pedro Paulo Rezende
CFS2 WD Dewoitine D551 V3 Update
CFS2 WD Dewoitine D551 V3 Update
13.17Mb (320 downloads)
The package includes eight planes, one real, the prototype, and seven inspired by real Dewoitine D.520 aircraft. The airfile, aircraft cfg and panel were revised. Dive and landing performance were enhanced. The Dewoitine D.551 was to be a marvellous machine able to get 662 KPH with a 1050 HP Hispano Suiza 12Y51 engine. Three prototypes were built and were destroyed under German supervision. Williams Dickens know my admiration for the plane and built this model as a surprise to me. I used Jean Cuny's book L'avions Dewoitine to built the airfiles according the real object. In the real world, Replic Air, a French society, is trying to built a fourth aircraft following the original plans. You can see more at http://replicair.fr/en/aircraft/dewoitine-d551/. Nice flights Pepe
Posted Feb 2, 2020 19:24 by Pedro Paulo Rezende
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