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Republic Xp-47J for CFS2
61.28Mb (302 downloads)
This package contains Milton and Co Republic Xp-47J aircraft for use in CFS2. Converted By Dave S. with permission by Milton Shupe. Everything needed is included, weapons profile, weapons, textures, air file, aircraft configuration file, sound, and panel with gauges. No hunting around for errant zip files. Thanks for a great model Milton!
Posted Jul 2, 2014 19:48 by David Slaski
Me410 A1-Hornisse  X 4
Me410 A1-Hornisse  X 4
7.52Mb (469 downloads)
This is an update for the splendid Me410A1 Hornisse by Chris Lampard and Shessi. It features 4 new skins and an alternative widescreen panel.
Posted Apr 7, 2014 11:22 by Morton
F Giulli Ki64 Rob V2
8.62Mb (389 downloads)
F Giulli Ki64 Rob V2. New airfile with better performance. It's a complete plane that replaces former version. Kawasaki Chief Designer, Takeo Doi, had a design of his own for a high-speed fighter. His concept incorporated a number of novel features which were perceived as rather unorthodox in comparison to other more conventional types. First;it had two Kawasaki Ha-40 engines in tandem; one in the aircraft nose, theother behind the cockpit, both being connected by a drive shaft. This combination (called the Kawasaki Ha-201) drove two, three-bladed,contra-rotating propellers. The second feature was the use of the wing surface as a radiator for the water-cooled engines.
Posted Mar 21, 2014 06:20 by Pepe Rezende
FOX FOUR Korea Aircraft update
FOX FOUR Korea Aircraft update
16.08Mb (390 downloads)
Player aircraft update for Fox Four Korea This update package will give the Fox-Four player aircraft new enhanced skins and a realistic 2D- panel look for widescreen monitors.
Posted Feb 21, 2014 14:48 by Morton
F Giulli Early Baltimores
F Giulli Early Baltimores
18.74Mb (353 downloads)
Original FS9 Model, textures and aircraft files by F. Giuli with FSDS V.3. Panel by Carlos Echevarria (a.k.a. Gaucho_59). Model conversion, CFS2 airfile, aircraft.cfg and DP by Peperez (Pepe Rezende). Texture templates by Morten Krogstad (a.k.a. Morton).
Posted Jan 29, 2014 03:02 by Pepe Rezende
World War I Bombs
World War I Bombs
0.59Mb (240 downloads)
CFS2 Weapons Pack- World War I Bombs. By John P Fortin aka Polar_lion Here are 21 new bombs for use in your World War I installs. These are as accurate as I could make them in both scale and appearance. ***WWI bombs list: ---German--- PuW 50kg bomb and carrier/pylon PuW 100kg bomb and carrier/pylon PuW 500kg bomb - For the Large German Bombers 10kg Carbonit bomb - Early aircraft bomb till 1916, Zeppelin Bomb 50kg Carbonit bomb - Zeppelin Bomb 100kg Carbonit bomb - Zeppelin Bomb 300kg Carbonit bomb - Zeppelin Bomb ---French--- 75mm Obus shell bomb with long striker and carrier/pylon - Early aircraft bomb till mid 1917 90mm Obus shell bomb and carrier/pylon - Early aircraft bomb till mid 1917 90mm Gros-Andreau bomb with multiple carriers - Used by the AEF, known as the MKIII 90mm Gros-Andreau bomb Vertical Drop - For the SPAD XIII 115mm Michelin Bomb and carrier/pylon 120mm Gros-Andreau bomb - Used mainly in 1917 due to shortage of 155mm shells 120mm Gros-Andreau bomb Vertical Drop - For the SPAD XIII 155mm Gros-Andreau bomb and carrier/pylon - Used by the AEF as well ---British--- 50 lb Cooper bomb and carrier/pylon - For the Tondern Raid, Used by the RN 65 lb Royal Lab bomb and carrier/pylon - Smaller version of the RL 112 lb, used around 1917 to early 1918 mostly experimental. 112 lb Royal Lab bomb and carrier/pylon - A re-sized version of Aerocrates Rl 112 lb. True to scale 230 lb RFC bomb and carrier/pylon - Anti Sub and heavy structure 520 lb Royal Lab Bomb and carrier/pylon - Anti Sub bomb used by the Felixtowe F2 1650lb SN bomb - Largest allied bomb of WWI, used by the HP 0/400. I have tried to be as historicly accurate as possible but 100 year old information is hard to come by. Even with the vast amounts avalable online it was a challange. Still I hope you enjoy.
Posted Jan 15, 2014 18:26 by John P Fortin
GSL Ports - Europe
0.32Mb (455 downloads)
This is my updated GSL scenery package for Europe, which provides GSL ports in a total of thirty-seven locations. The countries include Iceland, Norway, Scotland, England, France, Germany, Belgium, and Hollsnd. "Rami"
Posted Jan 2, 2014 18:56 by Andrew Talbot
GSL Ports - Mediterranean
0.23Mb (380 downloads)
This is an updated scenery package for the Mediterranean, providing destroyable ports and scenery at seventeen locations. This includes Libya, Greece, Italy, Albania, Algeria, Egypt, and Sicily. Enjoy!
Posted Jan 2, 2014 18:46 by Andrew Talbot
Germany - Peenemunde
0.48Mb (231 downloads)
This scenery package represents the German research facility located at Peenemünde, Germany. This was a primary German Army research facility, and an important component of the German rocket program, which included construction of both V1 and V2 rockets. It became a priority for both British and American heavy bombers, beginning in 1943. The Germans initially believed that its distance from Britain would render it safe from Allied bombing raids, but this proved not to be the case. Warning: Some of the GSL scenery may be a bit hard on frame rates, but this was tested on my lower-end rig, and the frame rates were acceptable.
Posted Jan 2, 2014 18:41 by Andrew Talbot
Operation Sealion
5.64Mb (504 downloads)
This is an updated package for Operation Sealion, which contains a total of 112 missions in six campaigns. The changes to this package include de-bugged missions, as well as simplified instructions for a couple of the primary aircraft used in the campaigns.
Posted Jan 1, 2014 16:37 by Andrew Talbot
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