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Air Canada Boeing 767-233 early 90
Air Canada Boeing 767-233 early 90
13.48Mb (5582 downloads)
was contacted some time back by some Canadian simmers looking for a rendition of an Air Canada Boeing 767-200 in the "Maple Leaf" 2 red cheat line livery of the early 1990's. I had been wanting a reason to repaint the Project Opensky Boeing 767 V4 model, so this was my chance. Sadly, Air Canada retired the last 767-200 from service in 2008. This particular airframe, the 5th 767 delivered to Air Canada, was retired around 2002. This is a detailed repaint with custom textures. All windows are custom, hand-painted, 3D with window shades. The night textures are custom as well. The stewardess is a former Miss Canada, the interior exit signs are in French (SORTIE) and the pushback tug even bears the old Air Canada logos. The repainted textures in this package are 32-bit with no mipmaps for best clarity and quality. I hope you enjoy flying this wonderful aircraft as much as I did creating it. A special thanks to Lorne Jordan who suggested this repaint and supported me on getting it 'just right.' This is a complete install and contains all Project Opensky provided files current to Version 2004.8.0. The sound is from the default B737.
Posted Apr 14, 2009 22:48 by Jeffrey S. Bryner
Boeing 747-200F Southern Air
12.09Mb (1987 downloads)
Boeing 747-200F Southern Air. Model by Project Opensky.
Posted Apr 14, 2009 15:49 by Ryan C
Douglas DC-9 14  Air Puerto Rico
2.42Mb (3490 downloads)
Douglas DC-9 14 Air Puerto Rico N931EA. DC-9 model by SGA. Texture update Air Puerto Rico by Carlos Marrero
Posted Apr 14, 2009 15:12 by Carlos Marrero
Boeing 727 Santa Barbara Airlines Textures
Boeing 727 Santa Barbara Airlines Textures
1.48Mb (1167 downloads)
Vistaliners Boeing 727 Santa Barbara Airlines YV-1056C (Circa 2003) textures only for the Erick Cantu Vistaliners Boeing 727-200 model. Textures by Gaetano Tortolani and Luis Fernando Quimbayo
Required files:
required file
Posted Apr 12, 2009 21:55 by Luis Fernando Quimbayo
Airbus A318 CCM  Textures
1.86Mb (919 downloads)
Airbus A318-100 CCM textures only. Requires the iFDG A319
Required files:
required file
Posted Apr 12, 2009 03:54 by Henry Rastouil
Airbus A318 Easyjet Textures
2.31Mb (4517 downloads)
IFDG A318-100 Easyjet textures only. Requires the iFDG A319
Required files:
required file
Posted Apr 12, 2009 03:48 by Henry Rastouil
FS2002/2004 Sunchaser Airways textures for default McDonnell Douglas MD-83
FS2002/2004 Sunchaser Airways textures for default McDonnell Douglas MD-83
0.75Mb (1186 downloads)
Escape to the sun aboard Sunchaser Airways! These textures represent a low cost carrier catering to those flying to Florida, Mexico, and the Bahamas.
Posted Apr 11, 2009 13:44 by Don Brynelsen
Project Tupolev Ilyushin Il-62M
33.31Mb (11503 downloads)
Project Tupolev Ilyushin Il-62M, Version 1.03 - Ilyushin Il-62M Vim Airlines with several custom features (e.g. extendable/retractable landing light, tail support, etc.) - Captain, Copilot and Navigator Panel - custom Autopilot - authentic NV-PB Navigation System with several modes incl. the standard maneuver mode (rectangular approach pattern). - Interial Navigation System I-21 INS - KLN-90B GPS (Beta) - Weather radar 'Groza' - custom Joystick Setup device - a lot of unique features, e.g. landing gear tail support, custom elevator and stabilizer handling - continuous Flaps operation - authentic reverse thrust control (incl. opening/closing of reverser doors), reverse selectable when airborne - flight data recordeP - basic soundset (authentic soundset will follow soon) - preliminary manual. FS2004 aircraft. Includes 2d panel but no VC. ByStepan Gritsevsky and Michael Ackermann
Posted Apr 10, 2009 12:43 by Project Tupolev
FS2004 Boeing 777-200 Air Butterfly
71.90Mb (2008 downloads)
Boeing 777-200 v2 for FS2004/FSX with 'Air-Butterfly' texture. Repaint by Monatbord Miguel. "Air-Butterfly" is a Virtual airline company. Includes a virtual cockpit model and a wings view model, both with Ground Service Vehicles when cargo door open. And more... Happy flights !
Posted Apr 7, 2009 19:12 by MONTABORD Miguel
Boeing 737-700 Southwest N748SW Old Colors
8.67Mb (7327 downloads)
Boeing 737-700 Southwest N748SW Old Colors. This package contains N748SW in the old colors with Southwest.com winglets. Features: Dynamic flexing wings that respond to turbulence. Fully Animated control surfaces, pushback truck with animated ground crew, opening doors & cargodoors, accurate FDE, highly detailed textures, etc... This package includes the winglet (no eyebrow) model. Model Builder: Hiroshi Igami and supported by Project Opensky members
Posted Apr 7, 2009 04:19 by John Paul