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FS2004 Ted Texture for Boeing 737-400
1.06Mb (1058 downloads)
This is another repaint for the FS9 Default 737. The repaint is fictional, so there is no 737s in Ted service. Unfortunately, Ted was folded back into United Airlines on January 6th, 2009, after fuel prices are rising even more. Splash screen included. A repaint was portrayed if there was a 737 in Ted Service. Splash screen included. B737-400 Paint Kit by Rob Smith. By Victor Vu
Posted Mar 23, 2009 21:30 by Victor Vu
FS2004 Caribbean Airlines Boeing 737-800
FS2004 Caribbean Airlines Boeing 737-800
56.76Mb (8850 downloads)
Caribbean Airlines Boeing 737-809 Reg:9Y-TAB. Caribbean Airlines is a Trinidad based company owning both b737-800 wl and Dash8-300's. Model by Project Opensky. Custom panel and sounds included.
Posted Mar 19, 2009 11:19 by Kyle douglas
Boeing 747-467 Iberia
10.96Mb (4959 downloads)
Boeing 747-467 Iberia. V4 Model by Project Opensky.
Posted Mar 19, 2009 07:37 by Ryan C
FS2002/2004 Shamrock Airways MD-83 textures
0.71Mb (825 downloads)
In the late 1970's and through the 1980's the MD_83 served as the backbone of Shamrock's long distance routes until they were phased out in the early 90's in favor of the Boeing 737. Some of these planes are still in service however; serving some of the line's smaller hubs. These textures are for use with the default MD-83.
Posted Mar 18, 2009 13:32 by Don Brynelsen
FS2002/2004 Corsair Airways MD-83 Textures "Buccaneer One"
0.78Mb (812 downloads)
A former Pacifica Airways MD-83 rescued from a desert boneyard and refitted as the personal corporate jet of Corsair Airways President Nate Bryson. These textures are for use with the default aircraft.
Posted Mar 18, 2009 13:26 by Don Brynelsen
Roush-Fenway Racing Boeing 727 (NASCAR)
5.32Mb (2422 downloads)
Here is a Boeing 727 texture of "Roush-Fenway Racing" Painted from a photo Free-Hand by Scott Cash. For all you Nascar fans. Using the simple Ai model by AI Aardvark. Will show in your Aircraft list and will also Fly great. Has 2d Panel and Sound Files included.
Posted Mar 18, 2009 09:50 by Scott Cash
Embraer 135 'Venom'
Embraer 135 'Venom'
5.33Mb (4927 downloads)
Project Opensky Embraer Jet - 135 LR Version with fictional 'Venom' Textures.9.3 Engine Type: Rolls-Royce AE3007A1 Model Designer Nick Wilkinson - Exterior Jacob Kubique - Flight Dynamics Designer Warren C. Daniel & Brandon Henry Texture Designer Francois Fouche(Master) Test Pilot Project Opensky Members
Posted Mar 18, 2009 06:48 by Francois Fouche
XL Airways Boeing 767-300
57.21Mb (7519 downloads)
Excel Airways Boeing 767-300. Model created by Project Opensky
Posted Mar 16, 2009 22:58 by Kyle douglas
FS2004 Qantas Airways c. 1984 Texture for Boeing 777-300
1.51Mb (2492 downloads)
This is another repaint for the FS9 Default 777. The repaint is fictional, there is no Triple-Sevens in Qantas Airways. A repaint has been portrayed if there were 777s in Qantas Airways. Splash screen included. 777-300 Paint Kit by Rob Smith. By Victor Vu.
Posted Mar 16, 2009 19:16 by Victor Vu
Boeing 747-400 Aerolineas Argentinas
13.80Mb (3462 downloads)
Boeing 747-400 Aerolineas Argentinas. Model by Project Opensky.
Posted Mar 16, 2009 17:07 by Ryan C