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Thomas Ruth A310 Paintkit
20.89Mb (409 downloads)
Paintkit for Thomas Ruth A310 Here are all resources ive used for the A310 series. By Thomas Ruth
Posted Apr 6, 2019 05:28 by ChrisE
Project Opensky Boeing 777F paint kit
2.21Mb (213 downloads)
Project Opensky Boeing 777F paint kit
Posted Apr 4, 2019 12:47 by ChrisE
Project Opensky Boeing 747-400LCF Large Cargo Freighter Paintkit
5.09Mb (86 downloads)
Official paintkit for the Project Opensky Boeing 747-400LCF Large Cargo Freighter (Dreamlifter).
Posted Mar 16, 2019 02:08 by uploader
Eurocopter X3 static Scenery Object
Eurocopter X3 static Scenery Object
1.40Mb (136 downloads)
Eurocopter X3 static 3D model - by juan30005 for: Flight Simulator X This package contains the scenery object model Eurocopter X3 Install model: copy content. Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery \ scenery. add the model to scenery with: Object Placement Tool , save scenery file (.xml)
Posted Oct 22, 2018 01:16 by juan30005
FSX and P3D Gauge Creation Tutorial Rev.38
53.83Mb (166 downloads)
FSX and P3D Gauge Creation Tutorial Rev.38 Not for non-programmers but can be used by non-C programmers. New major topic on how P3D and FSX treat colours and bitmaps in the simulator. See the Revision List for the most important updates. FOR PROGRAMMING C-LANGUAGE GAUGES ONLY. Dai Griffiths, Dragonflight Design.
Posted Sep 29, 2018 17:06 by uploader
Jetway Extension Object Library
Jetway Extension Object Library
3.26Mb (952 downloads)
This mod is an object library of extension pieces for the default Jetway. There are 7 objects in total; 5 different sizes of extension bridge, 1 support column, and the last object is a 90 Elbow joint. These objects are best used when the terminal building is a good distance away from the jetway itself and you need something to bridge the gap. Instructions on adding this object library to Airport Design Editor and a guide on how to use them are included. This objects library uses the textures for the default jetway so everything you need is included with this download. Feel free to use this object library in your own scenery work. Intended for FSX, should also work with P3D.
Posted Sep 23, 2018 00:24 by CountryFlyboy
FA-18C FSXBA PaintKit full version
FA-18C FSXBA PaintKit full version
215.73Mb (526 downloads)
This is a paint-kit for the New FSXBA Hornet 2014. I have remodeled it from the original texture for my own use so is have my personal annotation. This paint kit have two versions I have used to paints in some different layouts that was easiest to use in two versions to economizing PC system. It great stuff and is 100% freeware, of course will be grateful if you add the author name in your publications. This paint kit has made with corel PHOTO-PAINT and after saving the the files in .psd some layers effect maybe has back to default and you will have to work that effect transparences or other effects.
Required files:
required file
Posted Aug 24, 2018 15:34 by Hani Michal
DC Designs Paintkit for RF-61C and P-61C
DC Designs Paintkit for RF-61C and P-61C
44.25Mb (397 downloads)
Paint kit for the Northrop P-61C Black Widow and Northrop RF-61C Reporter by DC Designs. Instructions included. Files saved in .xcf format ( GIMP ) but easy to convert to .PSD files if required.
Posted Aug 18, 2018 13:55 by Dean Crawford
SBuilderX Cleanup v1.11
0.00Mb (122 downloads)
This is a stand-alone update for SBuilderX Cleanup. It includes all previous updates. This new version removes the already cleaned message as it didn't function as expected. // This is a simple batch file that I created to clean up the unnecessary files and folders that SBuilderX stores on your computer after using the tile server. This is a very powerful file if you have limited hard drive space. See the included readme for more details.
Posted Aug 9, 2018 14:52 by Chris Britton
Airport Design Editor (ADE) v 1.75
17.21Mb (1197 downloads)
Airport Design Editor (ADE) is a graphical design tool to create and enhance airports for Microsoft Flight Simulators 9 and X. It takes it's inspiration from the excellent AFCAD2 developed for FS9 by Lee Swordy. ADE does for FS9 and FSX what AFCAD does for FS9. It adds support for new FSX features such as fences, jetways and terrain. Users can also remove, move, or edit existing buildings and objects as well as adding new ones In addition to airport elements ADE also has a visual Approach Editor to add and enhance the approaches to your airports ADE is being developed with the help of a small group of dedicated airport designers with a wealth of knowledge and experience. ADE sets out to achieve two things in designing and enhancing airports. First to make the enhanced airport look good, and second to make it work properly. Airport design must address both aspects - the visible and the invisible. The design philosophy goes further in assisting users of all levels to get things right from the start. Error checking and 'common sense' are built in. At the same time it is important to allow users flexibility.
Posted Jun 2, 2018 05:28 by striker
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