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THomas Ruth A340-500 and 600 Paintkit
11.16Mb (1038 downloads)
FSX Paintkit for Tomīs A345/346 Contains white-livery tga files for easy repaints and psd fuselage totals with layers plus grid texture jpegs for advanced painters. Its for my A340-500 and A340-600 releases for FSX. Basepacks are toma346.zip and toma345.zip
Posted May 3, 2018 02:37 by admin
SBuilderX Cleanup v1.10
0.00Mb (86 downloads)
This is a stand-alone update for SBuilderX Cleanup. It includes all previous updates. This new version reworks scripting to remove error messages that occurred when a folder didn't exist. // This is a simple batch file that I created to clean up the unnecessary files and folders that SBuilderX stores on your computer after using the tile server. This is a very powerful file if you have limited hard drive space. See the included readme for more details.
Posted May 1, 2018 23:08 by Chris Britton
Vistaliners/Eric Cantu Lockheed L-1011 Paint Kit
12.16Mb (517 downloads)
Vistaliners Lockheed L-1011 Paint Kit. This public paintkit is for the final version of Erick Cantu Vistaliners L1011-100 aircraft model. By Alistair Galbraith.
Posted Apr 10, 2018 07:16 by archive
	Implementing Prepar3D SIDS and STARS V1.4
	Implementing Prepar3D SIDS and STARS V1.4
130.86Mb (265 downloads)
This ZIP-file contains all Information and Examples for creating Standard Instrument Departures (SIDS) and Standard Arrival Routes (STARS) for Lockheed Martin Prepard3D begining from Version 1.2, Version 2 and Version 3. This Capability has been implemented with Version 1.2 but is hardly known by the Flight Simmer Community. This is just a very basic paper on that subject with simple samples. Learn how to create SIDs and STARs with Prepar3D On-board-Tools. Works also with 3rd Party-Addon-Sceneries, find out how! Includes real (!) working Samples for some Alaskan Airports: PACV, PAFA, PAFE, PAGS, PAHO, PAJN, PAKT, PAKW, PAPG, PASI, PAVD, PAWD, PAWG, PAYA. Includes now Approaches for PAVD and PAWD! Get to know that Airport Design Editor can also be used to Design STARs and SIDs! Compiled and prepared by Conrad F. Staeheli
Posted Nov 26, 2017 11:08 by uploader
5.68Mb (669 downloads)
Introducing my second scenery objects library for the enjoyment of the Sim community. There are a variety of buildings which I am sure will be to you. MY usual thanks to Peter Broom for checking out the models before publishing and of course the authorís for their books that I referenced to ensure I got my models reasonably accurate, British Military Airfield Architecture by Paul Francis and Graham Buchan Innes and his British Airfield Buildings Vols 1 & 2.
Posted Oct 2, 2017 11:11 by Terry Boissel
MIG-29S 9-13 FULCRUM 3DMax Unfinished Project
MIG-29S 9-13 FULCRUM 3DMax Unfinished Project
2.44Mb (154 downloads)
This is a design object in 3d Max format for fsx/p3d designers of the MIG-29S 19-3. I hope some one can transforme it to a flyable aircraft!
Posted Sep 13, 2017 07:34 by Mohamed HADDAD
13.30Mb (998 downloads)
This is my first sojourn into scenery objects and was prompted by the need of an object which was not available. In the end that led me in to doing that one and doing other objects for fun and so here is my first library for my fellow simmers to use and I hope to enjoy. Feedback is always welcome. However, I would not be publishing anything at all if wasn't for the help and advice I received from the walking encyclopaedia that is Mr Peter Broom so thank you Peter for testing all my models. In addition; it would be remis of me not to mention the authorís and their books that I referenced to ensure I got my models reasonably accurate, British Military Airfield Architecture by Paul Francis and Graham Buchan Innes and his British Airfield Buildings Vols 1 & 2.
Posted Sep 8, 2017 09:53 by Terry Boissel
Cleveland Exposition Center Version Design Object (Fixed)
4.69Mb (120 downloads)
Cleveland Exposition Center library object. Also includes a version of the Cleveland Hopkins terminal using Denver Intl textures. Tested and used in FSX and can be imported into ADE. Original sketchup file by Google Geo Files and Walker S. (fixed version)
Posted Jul 30, 2017 20:48 by Jason Zhang
Planet Earth's static 3D model - FSX
Planet Earth's static 3D model - FSX
4.03Mb (1114 downloads)
This package contains the model Planet Earth and texture high quality 4096 x 2048 px LibraryObject name: planeta-tierra-by-juan30005 GUID: ( 0 ) da2b6606-c29e-4051-ae5e-093c3d5f0a85 install model: copy content. Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery\ scenery and texture. add the model to scenery with: Object Placement Tool , save scenery file (.xml) agrega el modelo al escenario usando: Object Placement Tool compila en bgl con "BGL Compiler SDK" Watch this video, this teaches you how to add the models of the scenery Tutorial FSX: efectos y object placement tool https://youtu.be/W1KCvqQja4Y
Posted Jun 21, 2017 23:35 by juan30005
FSX Bearcat Weapons Switches
0.01Mb (316 downloads)
A simple switch panel to display or hide the external weapons loadout for Milton Shupe's great Bearcat update. My apologies Flightsimmers, I uploaded a faulty file earlier on that doesn't work. This one does. Freeware by Pierre Carosin 13/06/2017.
Required files:
required file
Posted Jun 14, 2017 11:38 by Pierre Carosin
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