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Hiller YH-32 Hornet
7.96Mb (5071 downloads)
FS2004 Hiller YH-32 Hornet. The Hiller YH32 Hornet (company designation HJ-1) was an American ultralight helicopter built by Hiller Aircraft in the early 1950s. It was a small and unique design because it was powered by two Hiller 8RJ2B ramjet engines mounted on the rotor blade tips. Versions of the HJ-1 Hornet were built for the United States Army and the United States Navy in the early 1950s. By Shawn Lund.
Posted Aug 13, 2008 11:53 by Shawn Lund
Hughes 500D Repaint Kit
Hughes 500D Repaint Kit
2.78Mb (1125 downloads)
This is a repaint kit for Björn Büchner's FS2004 Hughes 500D. This file includes textures, Alpha Channels, an aircraft CFG, and a visual tutorial on the main textures.
Posted Aug 12, 2008 01:33 by Brandon Filer
RAF Chinook GULF WAR textures
3.57Mb (7884 downloads)
this pack will create a new mdl and paint for the ukmil Chinook, in the style of the 1991 Gulf War. It will add the correct colours, along with a new model with EAPS fitted on the engines. Aircraft is the freeware RAF CHINOOK BY UKMIL, available at www.ukmil.org.uk Textures are by UKMIL [www.ukmil.org.uk]
Posted Aug 4, 2008 04:17 by archive
Hughes 500D San Diego County Sheriffs Department
Hughes 500D San Diego County Sheriffs Department
11.78Mb (5480 downloads)
This is a repaint of one of the Hughes 500Ds currently used by the San Diego County Sheriffs Department (A.S.T.R.E.A.) based at Gillespie Field. It has great textures. The cockpit has been repainted as well. It has been tested in FSX and works just fine! Repainted by: Brandon Filer
Posted Jul 26, 2008 22:52 by archive
FS2004 UKMIL Boeing Vertol 234
FS2004 UKMIL Boeing Vertol 234
12.88Mb (19115 downloads)
this pack includes the ukmil Boeing Civilian Chinook called the Vertol234 it comes with 1 model and 3 texture sets only, PLEASE READ THE ENCLOSED PDF FOR INSTRUCTIONS AND CONTRIBUTIONS
Posted Jul 20, 2008 08:23 by archive
UKMIL Boeing Chinook HC3
UKMIL Boeing Chinook HC3
12.19Mb (16274 downloads)
New Gamx model from UKMIL of the RAF HC3 Chinook.
Posted Jul 20, 2008 08:09 by archive
MD902 West Yorkshire Police Air Ambulance
3.32Mb (15745 downloads)
This is a MD902 police helicopter for FS9, I'm not sure if it will work in any other version of FS though. All that you need to do is read the readme to install this and for the info about the credits. Original by Linden Coyle
Posted Jul 16, 2008 00:22 by archive
UKMIL Boeing Chinook Package
UKMIL Boeing Chinook Package
21.58Mb (26436 downloads)
FS2004 Chinook Helicopter Package. Includes models for RAF and US. By UKMil
Posted Jul 9, 2008 02:04 by archive
                    Texture Multi Pack for EC120_Colibri
20.78Mb (5782 downloads)
FS2004/2002 Texture Multi Pack for EC120_Colibri FS2002\FS2004 this update adds new textures to your helicopter (original available here) if you have any textures you have added to the helicopter you will need to add a command line in the new aircraft,cfg file the textures in this first update are the new textures are Florida Highway Partol Utah Highway Patrol Nevada Highway Patrol Pennsylvania State Police Michigan State Police Maine State Police Illinois State Police Delaware State Police Missouri State Patrol Alaska State Troopers Surrey Ambulance Service, England Philadelphia, PA Fire Dept Oregon State Police New York State Emergency Management Office Delaware County (Pennsylvania) Criminal Investigation Division North Wildwood, New Jersey Beach Patrol CO-OP City Housing Projects private police dept from Bronx NY Millbrae, California Police Oceanside, California Police LAPD Los Angeles, California San Diego Harbor Police San Diego, California San Diego County, CA Sheriff Tolleson, Arizona Police Springdale, Arkansas Police. 21.2MB
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:31 by archive
                  Gmax McDonnell Douglas 500E helicopter.
2.63Mb (6008 downloads)
FS2004 Gmax McDonnell Douglas 500E helicopter. Features reflective paint, specular lighting, Compressing Skids, opening pilot door, animated pilot and DVC. NO panel or sounds are included due to the fact that this was made in 16 hours and I had no time to look for these, But there are great 500 sound packs and panels readily available. Thanks to Michael Carr for testing it. This Helicopter was made for a bet, the bet was to make a 500E in under 18 hours. After 16 Hours work here is the result, enjoy! By Alan Devins. 2.7MB
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:31 by archive