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Mirage 2000C Package
11.10Mb (21668 downloads)
Mirage 2000C Full package. From the Mirage 2000N by Roland Laborie, Jean Pierre Bourgeois, Pierre Marchadier Repaint 2000C by Timothée Teneur.
Posted Aug 6, 2008 05:20 by archive
FSX FA-18 Fictional Red/Black/White Textures
FSX FA-18 Fictional Red/Black/White Textures
2.77Mb (2711 downloads)
This is a fictional repaint of the FSX Acceleration FA-18. Model is Red, Black, and White, but has no dynamic shine... Smoke still does work, and this file includes new aircraft.cfg file to accompany the files. Happy flying!
Posted Aug 5, 2008 21:08 by archive
FSX Accelleration F18 VMC SP V1 Textures only
1.46Mb (1611 downloads)
Textures only for the Accelleration F18
Posted Aug 5, 2008 17:49 by archive
FS2004/FSX Cheeta C
15.69Mb (6464 downloads)
FS2004/FSX Cheeta C Package. The aircraft is depicted in the colours of the South African Airforce. The aircraft was designed as close as possible to the real aircraft. The package consist of the model, panel, sound, VC and is fully animated. All the gauges are designed in xml format, and are described in a document. A number of sub panels are included and toggled from the main panel. Please read the instructions to operate the panel and aircraft optimally. Thinus Pretorius
Posted Aug 5, 2008 12:51 by archive
Hellenic Air Force A-7E/H Corsair II
Hellenic Air Force A-7E/H Corsair II
44.76Mb (17795 downloads)
A-7 Corsair II is a United States built, single-seat, single-engine, long-range attack aircraft and it entered service with the Hellenic Air Force in 1975. In the Hellenic Air Force they were initially based in the Air Bases of Larissa (347 Squadron "Perseas") and Souda (340 and 345 Squadrons, "Fox" and "Lailaps" respectively). In 2002, the Corsairs were placed to Araxos air base (116 Combat Wing, 335 squadron "Tiger" and 336 squadron "Olympos"). The Hellenic Corsairs are nearing the end of its operational life and its replacement with a fourth generation fighter is high on the list of priorities of the General Air Force Staff. The Hellenic Air Force is the only user of the type. In this package you can fly the A-7H and A-7E Corsair of Hellenic Air Force. To create this we use the freeware DSB/IRIS A-7E Corsair and we convert it in order to be capatible with FSX. Features: panel, Virtual Cockpit, Sounds and four textures. Authors: Thanasis Delizisis, Panagiotis Delizisis, Jason Sparkes, Chris Alevritis, DSB/IRIS
Posted Aug 4, 2008 06:44 by archive
2.67Mb (1798 downloads)
Midwest Air National Guard (ANG) Viper Tail flashes. This package contains "tail textures only" to represent the 124th Fighter Squadron (FS) F-16C/D vipers. This squadron may fly out of Des Moines International Airport. The excellent "C" model viper by Kirk Olsson and the excellent "D" model viper by Kirk Olsson may be obtained here at As a bonus the hi-viz Tulsa ANG Viper is included. File size is 2.66 MB.
Posted Aug 3, 2008 17:27 by archive
Colorado ANG Vipers
1.69Mb (2000 downloads)
Colorado Air National Guard (ANG) Viper Tail flashes. This package contains "tail textures only" to represent the 120th Fighter Squadron (FS) F-16C/D vipers. This squadron, the Colorado Cougars, may fly out of Buckley Field. The excellent "C" model viper by Kirk Olsson and the excellent "D" model viper by Kirk Olsson may be obtained here at File size is 1.70 MB.
Posted Aug 3, 2008 16:32 by archive
F-15 Strike Eagle "Air Superiority Blue"
12.20Mb (32552 downloads)
This is a Repaint of Nathan Fife's F-15 Strike Eagle for Flight Simulator X The first F-15s were delivered to TAC ( Tactical Air Command ) in "Air Superiority Blue" livery. This Paint Scheme is of TAC #1. After a short while it was determined that a two-tone gray camouflage was less visible in the gray skies over Europe. The F-15 was conceived and developed just like its nominal predecessor, the F-111, which was another development of the USAF Tactical Air Command (TAC). Designed without role compromise and created for its pilot above all. The F-15 Eagle has since matured and it was without doubt the world's foremost air superiority fighter, having destroyed scores of opponents, from Foxbats to F-4s, in aerial combat without ever sustaining losses. It is the Ultimate Mig-Killer .This F-15 Has a new Afterburner Effect and TAC #1 Air Superiority Blue textures . Modifications by Mark Rooks of RSDG F-15 Package includes Pictures and History of the actual Aircraft
Posted Aug 3, 2008 05:41 by archive
F-5 SN59-4987 Prototype
14.05Mb (10947 downloads)
This is Tim Conrad's F-5 modified For Flight Simulator X . The F-5 started life as a privately-funded light fighter program by Northrop in the 1950s. The first generation F-5A Freedom Fighter entered service in the 1960s. Over 800 were produced through 1972 for U.S. allies during the Cold War. The USAF had no need for a light fighter, but it did need a trainer and procured about 1,200 of a derivative airframe for this purpose, the T-38 Talon . This aircraft is the first prototype SN.# 59-4987, this privately-funded N-156F prototype made its first flight on 30 July 1959, reaching supersonic speeds. updates , effects and new textures by Mark Rooks of RSDG Aircraft. Package includes pictures and history of the actual aircraft ..
Posted Aug 3, 2008 04:51 by archive
F-20 GI1001
19.57Mb (14762 downloads)
This is the DSB Design F-20 modified for Flight Simulator X . This Aircraft is the second prototype GI1001 it was rolled out in a business-like air superiority grey paint scheme with the civilian tail number N3986B .The F-20A Tigershark was designed, built and tested by the Northrop Corporation in the early 1980's. Three prototypes were built, of which two crashed during sales demonstrations. The sole survivor was restored and now resides at the California Science Center in Los Angeles. A forth was never finished .The F-20 program was canceled in November 1986..Aircraft Package includes new effects and a New panel ..Textures and Updates by Mark Rooks of RSDG Aircraft ..Package Includes Pictures of all the aircraft and History of the F-20 Program
Posted Aug 3, 2008 04:27 by archive