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Panther Fire Truck Repaint KORD Fire Dept. This Is The WORKING FILE
2.09Mb (8952 downloads)
Posted Jul 27, 2008 16:38 by archive
Panther Addon Paint KORD Fire Dept.
0.40Mb (2885 downloads)
Panther Firetruck Repaint for KORD Fire Dept.
Posted Jul 26, 2008 19:58 by archive
1.06Mb (16018 downloads)
gun effects to go on any plane the use the strobe key to fire on all my files i upload i use real pictures becuase an error that some people have is i cant use a picture i take from flight sim so alot of if not all the files on simviation with real pics are mine they dont have my name on them becuase i usually forget to put it there by.andrew bowlby
Posted Jul 23, 2008 16:15 by archive
USA  Airlines
0.00Mb (6658 downloads)
Change your call name from "World Travel" to "United Airlines" or other USA operated airlines.
Posted Jul 19, 2008 22:58 by archive
FSX Shuttle Carrier
21.55Mb (28588 downloads)
Boeing 747-100SCA + Space Shuttle Discovery. NASA Shuttle Carrier. Original model by Project Opensky
Posted Jul 19, 2008 03:48 by archive
FSX HMAS  Melbourne Carrier
0.96Mb (24618 downloads)
The HMAS Melbourne is a fictional Australian-flag Nimitz-Class carrier. In the year 2006, the US decided to help defray the costs of the ongoing military operations by leasing the original Nimitz carrier to their trusted allies, the Australians. This lease provides that the Australians will pay for all of the operating costs ($160 million per year) and will not use the carrier to attack the US - the latter being cause for immediate termination of the lease. The Australians have used the ship to circumnavigate the continent of Australia several times, putting on magnificant air shows at the major coastal cities, and are planning a trip to America in the very near future.
Posted Jul 17, 2008 00:52 by archive
Abfluege Online
Abfluege Online
1.41Mb (2934 downloads)
Abfluege Online"Abfluege Online 3" is a program what over the Internet of rndifferent airports from Germany, Europe and USA onto the Departure and Arrival access. The data then become browser to an integrated one announce. Consequently, one can access the data fast without finding the page long via Internet-Explorer over the Internet. Copyright by Tilo Klaus
Posted Jul 1, 2008 06:55 by archive
Flughafen Feuerwehr
Flughafen Feuerwehr
8.75Mb (21424 downloads)
Variations: Munich, Frankfurt-Main, Leipzik-Halle, Kölln-Bonn, Cottbus-Drewitz, International, Stuttgart, Zürich, Meschede-Schüren, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin. Original model by Mitsuya Hamaguchi
Posted Jun 30, 2008 06:55 by archive
Angel Interceptor
Angel Interceptor
6.41Mb (14986 downloads)
Captain Scarlet Angel Interceptor from the 1960's Supermarionation TV series Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons... Spectrum is green ! FEATURES: - stol capability - +/- 36 G tolerance - 2d panel and DVC for FSX by Bruce Fitzgerald
Posted Jun 28, 2008 17:26 by archive
0.00Mb (5926 downloads)
these are the FX files I forgot to include in the original U-Boat zip file above
Posted Jun 26, 2008 15:09 by archive