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0.84Mb (926 downloads)
This is a generic US Tender that can be used for seaplanes or submarines. She has a special DP and CFG that allow her to act as a 'Launch Carrier' for any player seaplane or ship such as the VN Gato. When a player aircraft or vessel is set to 'Takeoff' from the Tender, it will appear in the water on the starboard side ready to 'fly'. The Tender may be used as a moving ship or scenery object. When used as a ship to launch seaplanes or pilotable vessels, her speed can be set to 0kts, or she can be moving.
Posted Jun 23, 2009 12:26 by Tom Sanford
AI/Wingman Flight Tuning
AI/Wingman Flight Tuning
0.02Mb (1130 downloads)
This is a short tutorial in PDF format on tuning your aircraft for the best AI/wingman performance in Air2Air and Air2Surface roles.
Posted Jun 23, 2009 12:16 by Tom Sanford
AA-2/AIM-9 Air2Air Missles
AA-2/AIM-9 Air2Air Missles
0.03Mb (1236 downloads)
This is an AI only missile for use in Mission Builder to add realism to Vietnam Era missions. The missile is an extension of the SA-2 Ground2Air Missile project, and it operates the same as the SA-2, with the exception that it represents an Air2Air missile. Instructions for use in Mission Builder are the same as those contained in the SA-2 download. The AA-2 Atoll is identical to the AIM-9 Sidewinder, and can be used as such.
Posted Jun 23, 2009 12:02 by Tom Sanford
"Pilotable" Monitor & Merrimac
"Pilotable" Monitor & Merrimac
6.85Mb (668 downloads)
These are 'Pilotable' ship models of the Civil War ironclads as they appeared for the engagement in Hampton Roads during 1862. CFG, Panel, Textures and Sound by PSULLYKEYS. INSTALL: To install simply paste the USS MonitorA and CSS VirginaA folders into your CFS2Aircraft folder. OPERATION: You may 'launch' the 'ships' from any waterrunway or seabase, but they are most easily launched from my 'Invisible' and other 'Tenders' available here soon. The Tender acts as an Aircraft Carrier for the ships.
Posted Jun 22, 2009 20:20 by Tom Sanford
Ironclads Merrimac & Monitor
0.42Mb (401 downloads)
These are original models of the Confederate Ironclad Ram Virginia, AKA the Merrimac, and the USS Monitor.
Posted Jun 22, 2009 14:58 by Tom Sanford
Screw Frigate - 1861
0.39Mb (358 downloads)
This is an original model of a generic Wooden Screw Frigate from the Civil War period. She is flying the US Flag of 1861, but many navies inventoried these ships from 1855 until 1880. It is the final update to the initial version. Improvements include open gun ports, planked deck and added shrouds.
Posted Jun 22, 2009 14:49 by Tom Sanford
Screw Frigate
0.33Mb (376 downloads)
This is an original generic model of a wooden screw frigate that was the state of the naval art in the 1850-1665 period. She flies the US flag of 1861, as she represents the type of ship used to blockade Confederate ports during the Civil War. However, the navies of all nations had ships of this type in service.
Posted Jun 22, 2009 14:46 by Tom Sanford
SA-2 SAM DP/Effects
0.01Mb (975 downloads)
This file contains upgraded DP and Effects files for the original SA-2 SAM missile.
Posted Jun 18, 2009 09:12 by Tom Sanford
0.15Mb (1219 downloads)
This is an original AI ONLY ground-to-air missile for CFS2. It can be programmed in MB to attack flights of AIs or player aircraft. It is essentially an advanced tool for Mission Builder to add realism to Vietnam Era missions. Exhaust and Flame Effects are by BUB (Bob McGee). The SA-2's behavior can be controlled precisely, including the point of detonation. COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS ARE INCLUDED IN THIS PACKAGE IN AN ADOBE PDF FILE. PLEASE READ THEM BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO USE THE SA-2 IN MISSIONS. This is not a Mission Builder tutorial, but simply directions on how to use the SA-2 properly in MB......a working knowledge of the MB program is required, ALSO INCLUDED in the package are THREE SAMPLE MISSIONS that can be analyzed in MB for learning purposes. And these can be flown to observe the SA-2 in action. When doing this, I suggest you go to Chase View as soon as the mission opens, and SHIFT TAB or TAB to Chase View of the target flight and zoom out to observe the SA-2 attack.
Posted Jun 18, 2009 09:02 by Tom Sanford
Goodyear Defender
1.65Mb (1079 downloads)
This is a conversion of Bill Lyons' Goodyear blimp from FS2002 to CFS2. Her envelope and flag have been repainted to show her in US Navy service (ficiticious) during WWII. She has been armed with a .50 cal. and aerial depthcharges. (She retains her luxurious interior upholstery and carpeting have been retained, as there was not time to change them before she was pressed into service for convoy escort.) The weapons are included in the download. Please read the Check List for flight control instructions. She flies essentially like a standard aircraft with the exception that you must use Flaps and Elevator Trim extensively to control her properly.
Posted Jun 17, 2009 00:16 by Tom Sanford
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