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Beechcraft Kingair 200 Package
Beechcraft Kingair 200 Package
41.46Mb (11071 downloads)
ISDT Beechcraft Kingair 200 package with VC for FSX and P3D. The website isdt is no longer available and the files are now widely distributed. I had previously downloaded this file from isdt. Original docs included. I have found textures only for this aircraft in simviation but the link to the required file is dead. So here it is folks! I can find no way to contact Max .M or (ISDT team) or the website www.isdt-israel.com but all credit goes to them for the aircraft model and textures and credit for the added VC by Joao "Muas" Martins.
Posted Jan 17, 2013 01:19 by Chris Evans
Piaggio P-180 Package V3.1 Update
15.94Mb (5661 downloads)
This is a minor update to for the FS-X/P3D version of the P-180 V3.0. It contains optional bugfixes and improvements for: - Misbehaving clickspots: altitude selector now is only +-100ft, easily operable via mouse wheel. - Missing Recognition light effect: the file was mistakenly not included in the 3.0 release - lowered ITTs: for better hot climate behavior; now only very (very) hot days cause problems. - passenger removed form cabin - Heading indicator/gyro now automatically synchronizes periodically. - loading time reduced: CAB gauge is now packed properly - Autopilot ALT Mode misbehavior: this function now performs as intended. + High-resolution cabin & cockpit textures. FS-X/P3D ONLY edition!! (There is a FS-2004 edition as well)
Required files:
required file
Posted Jan 9, 2013 14:33 by Mario Noriega
FSX/P3D Piaggio P-180 Package V3.0
FSX/P3D Piaggio P-180 Package V3.0
68.37Mb (18541 downloads)
This is a true FS-X (SP2) SDK aircraft! Also works in P3D4. Version 3.0 brings an entirely new cockpit (2D/3D, 2D panel available in Widescreen and 4/3) and cabin down to almost every single switch, entirely new flight dynamics, advanced systems and avionics, new sound and panel sound effects, and much more! The Piaggio P-180 is a high-speed high-efficiency turboprop aircraft. Capable of speeds up to 395 KTAS (or M0.68) up to its service ceiling of 41000ft. This performance is achieved by extreme aerodynamic optimization instead of sheer power. The end result is an aircraft that burns 40% less fuel than the average jet of comparable size, while flying at the same speed range, or 30% less than an equivalent size turboprop, as it flies much faster. The pusher propellers on the wings mounted much backwards thanks to the forward wing set make it a comfortable and quiet ride for the passengers, that also enjoy a very spacious cabin for an aircraft of this size. Features Clickable Dynamic Photortreal VC with Night Lighting, night lighted internals, Photoreal 2D Cockpit, Engine start Effect, advanced FDE, Customizable Payloads. Zip file preview for bigger images.
Posted Jul 30, 2012 21:42 by Mario Noriega
FSX/P3D Republic Seabee RC3  Package
FSX/P3D Republic Seabee RC3  Package
9.44Mb (6229 downloads)
Republic Seabee RC3 for FSX and P3D. Native model from Project Opensky FSX. Adapted with default Maul VC. Republic Seabee is a small flying boat and also has a gear to land on runway. In 2006, over 250 Seabees are still registered and flying, a number that is increasing yearly as new aircraft are assembled from parts and wrecks. A few Seabees are still operating commercially as bush planes and air taxis. In the history of aviation few aircraft have had longer, or more successful, careers than the Seabee. Updates by Danny Garnier.
Posted May 21, 2012 07:49 by Garnier D
Bellanca Super Decathlon 4 livery package
Bellanca Super Decathlon 4 livery package
8.76Mb (8881 downloads)
FSX Bellanca Super Decathlon / Citabria 4 livery package. Updated for FSX with 4 liveries. A two seat, tandem configuration unlimited category aerobatic competition/trainer aircraft that is fully spinnable in FS2004. Initial release features 4 custom paint jobs. Features full moving parts and special openings. See readme for more details. By the Long Island Classics Design Team. Updated by Danny Garnier with FSX gauges in the VC, etc. Also works in P3D up to v3.* (not v4 +)
Posted Jan 19, 2012 07:22 by Garnier D
FSX/P3D Piaggio P180 Avanti Package
FSX/P3D Piaggio P180 Avanti Package
36.07Mb (18990 downloads)
Piaggio P180 Avanti for FSX Acceleration and P3D. Originally designed by Mario Noriega, FSX conversion by Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations. Model designed in gmax and has FSX self shadowing, 11 reflective texture sets from the FS2004 release, specular mapping, bump mapping, lightmaps, custom sound suite and more. Designed for FSX Acceleration only. Tested in Windows Vista and Windows 7 under DX9 and DX10 Preview with no issues. Released with the kind permission from Mario Noriega.
Posted Apr 10, 2011 22:14 by George A.Arana
BAE Systems CT4 Airtrainer
4.42Mb (4321 downloads)
FSX Native model BAE Systems CT4 Airtrainerfor FSX and also P3D. Operated at Tamworth by BAE Systems, the CT4 is a well proven trainer manufactured in New Zealand. CT4 aircraft with custom animations, gauges & textures by Frat Bros Design
Posted Mar 28, 2011 02:25 by nzd
FSX/P3D Vickers Viscount Package
FSX/P3D Vickers Viscount Package
48.31Mb (14284 downloads)
FSX Vickers Viscount. Version 1.0 February 2011. A completely new model of the Vickers Viscount, famous as the first turboprop airliner and a huge success all over the world. This package covers the Viscount 700, 700D, 800 and 810 with textures for BEA, Air France, TCA, KLM, Capital, United, Continental and several others. This is in the native model format for FSX; an FS2004 version is available seperately. By Jens B. Kristensen.
Posted Mar 22, 2011 04:36 by Jens B. Kristensen
FSX/P3D FSN AT802 "Fire Boss" Lite Edition Package
FSX/P3D FSN AT802 "Fire Boss" Lite Edition Package
110.01Mb (16965 downloads)
This version of the FSN Air Tractor AT802 'Fire Boss' is one we were working on for commercial release. This version has now been discontinued in the development stage and has been labeled as the lite edition freeware. Has comprehensive VC, water scoop, detailed model and more!
Posted Feb 14, 2011 13:35 by FSN Development Group
FSX/P3D DC-4 Canadair Argonaut & North Star, Package Ver 3.0
FSX/P3D DC-4 Canadair Argonaut & North Star, Package Ver 3.0
15.65Mb (10221 downloads)
The Argonaut and the North Star were Merlin-engined version of the Douglas DC-4. A total of 71 were produced by Canadair. In Canada it was called the North Star and was used by airlines and the RCAF. 22 Argonauts were delivered to BOAC 1949-1950, and they later had long careers with other operators like British Midland and charter companies. This package contains most versions. Version 3 model by Jens B. Kristensen. For FSX/P3D only, an FS2004 version is available seperately
Posted Dec 17, 2010 06:04 by Jens B. Kristensen