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P3DV4+ Air Tractor AT-802F/AF Pack
324.05Mb (75 downloads)
This package is based upon the FSN AT-802s. However, it has been heavily modified to bring quality of life upgrades to keep the aircraft around longer. As well as adding several things to the aircraft to add to the model's accuracy. Including the 2-seat variants. Additional texture mapping improvements were done, addition of PBR, updated sounds, and a flight dynamics overhaul to better represent the more modern engined AT-802s used in aerial firefighting. Which operate with variants of the PT-6 turboprop engine rated between 1200-1600 shp. The aircraft's performance now represents the real world performance numbers. This pack holds several repaints for the updated aircraft. The pack also includes 4 model variations. The conventional gear and amphibian variants in both their single and 2-seat configurations. The Amphibians have separate flight models as they fly marginally different. The Amphibians are slower and more draggy due to weighing some 1,800lbs more due to the floats and gear retraction system than their conventional gear brothers. The pack has several operators ranging from USA, Canada, Australia, Chile, Spain, and Italy. Aircraft is only compatible in P3Dv4 and newer versions of P3D. Original aircraft credit belongs to FSN, repaints, and updates by Nicholas Mitchell "Scorch00."
Posted Dec 5, 2023 14:22 by Nicholas Mitchell
FSX/P3D ATR 42-500 Air Greenland package
49.96Mb (104 downloads)
FSX P3D ATR 42-500 Air Greenland package. This is a fictional livery that was requested by wtomp. The package contains the complete ATR 42 and repaint pre-installed, and can be installed by dragging the folder into airplanes. Model by Virtualcol. Assembled and textured for FSX by David Chanter.
Posted Dec 4, 2023 11:24 by David Chanter
0.71Mb (74 downloads)
Quick repaint for the CL-215 by Massimo Taccoli. Viking Air #291 livery. Works in FSX and P3D.
Required files:
required file
Posted Oct 5, 2023 12:20 by Delta
FSX/P3Dv3,v4+ DHC-2 Beaver Early
30.34Mb (628 downloads)
FSX/P3Dv3,v4 DHC-2_Beaver early The DHC-2 Beaver was developed in 1947. After a survey of Canada's bush pilots, the need for a rugged, highly versatile aerial truck that could take off and land almost anywhere, carry a half-ton load, and be very reliable, formed the basis of a new specification. The first of the STOL family that de Havilland produced, the Beaver would carve a niche into the bushplane and military market. Native FSX/P3Dv3,v4 mdl by A.F.Scrub.
Posted Sep 26, 2023 06:28 by A.F.Scrub
P3Dv4+ C-130 Firefighters Pack 3
376.14Mb (239 downloads)
This is pack 3 of 3 and concludes the P3D pack of updated firefighting C-130 Hercules. Aircraft have additional details, and PBR added. This pack houses the first generation of civilian contract operators of the C-130 Hercules firefighting aircraft. The C-130As were a controversial platform in a number of respects. From tragic losses of several aircraft and a large legal battle between operators and the US Government led to a number of problems throughout the 20 years of operation of the C-130As. The C-130As served largely with 4 companies from the 1980s until the airframe was banned from aerial firefighting in the US in 2002. Hemet Valley Flying Service, TBM Inc., Hawkins & Powers, and T&G Aviation were the primary operators of the C-130As. Unlike their later sisters, these C-130As were restricted to 120,000lbs MTOW and had their stock 3-blade propellers modified to the traditional 4-blades by the US Military prior to being released to the civilian market. Unlike their current day sisters, the C-130As were restricted to 120,000lbs and a maximum of 3,000 US Gallons of retardant aboard, or 27,000 LBS. Despite having less powerful earlier versions of the Allison T56 turboprops and the weight restriction, it still allowed the C-130As to operate from air attack bases as short as 3,800 feet prior to USFS safety regulations changing in the mid-1990s. This pack has 4 model variations representing the two designed tank systems and external wing tank configurations of those two tank system equipped aircraft types. The Hemet Valley Flying Service 8-door gated system is installed on the HVFS aircraft and the H&P aircraft. While TBM and T&G had the Aero Union designed early RADS system. HVFS T-88, 83, TBM T-63, 64, H&P T-130 (memorial ship lost in 2002), T-133, and T&G / IAR T-81. This is a component based modification for the stock P3D C-130s and will require additional files identified in the readme files to complete these standalone versions. These models are only compatible in P3Dv4, 5, & 6. Internal tanks by Jeremy Ulloa "tankerguy72" remaining further tanker modifications by Nicholas Mitchell "Scorch00"
Posted Sep 18, 2023 21:00 by Nicholas Mitchell
P3Dv4+ C-130 Firefighters Pack 1
133.05Mb (189 downloads)
This is pack 1 of 3 of C-130 firefighting variants. This pack contains 4 models and 9 repaints total. They represent the C-130H, C-130E, EC-130Q, and HC-130H. The Coulson equipped gravity fed RADS XXL tanks are in the C-130H, EC-130Q, and HC-130H. The 4th included model is the older MAFFS I system installed in a military C-130E. The system is retired in the USA for the MAFFS II system, but other countries do operate this palletized firefighting system in their military C-130s. MAFFS was developed for operators such as the US military, did not have to permanently modify their C-130s for firefighting operations. The system was a roll-on-roll-off system. RADS equipped C-130s can carry up to 4,000 US Gallons with their gravity fed system and modified airframe, while the MAFFS I and II systems are limited to 3,000 US Gallons due to the weight of the pressurized and palletized drop system. This is a component based modification for the stock P3D C-130s. So specified files from those aircraft are needed to complete these variants. Packs 2 and 3 will also consist of the same modification strategy. Detailed readme is included. I have added the unique features that distinguish these variants from one another as well as installed the tank systems in them and added PBR to the models for use in P3Dv4, 5, and 6. Textures included are all of Coulson's fleet of C-130s, Cal Fire T-116, and MAFFS 6 from the 1990s for the the California Air National Guard. These models are not compatible with FSX, but the textures are. Cal Fire paint by SATO community member "Delta," Coulson Textures by Nicholas Mitchell "Scorch00," and Jeremy Ulloa "tankerguy72" tanker conversions by Nicholas Mitchell.
Posted Aug 4, 2023 23:49 by Nicholas Mitchell
233.59Mb (390 downloads)
NEW V.3 (completely redone from scratch). Textures for the freeware Flysimware C182K,(N2627K) with red colors, white wings, original stripes, black engine cover and 3 types of vertical tails...V3: A completely clean version is now included. (they are inside the texture folder. read the instructions). "Toned down" VC: Cockpit colors were toned down. In addition: new optional panel (adds the compatible default RADIO and GPS). V3 fix: Fixed a nighttime texture issue in the VC. all credits for Flysimware.
Posted Jul 23, 2023 10:55 by Delta Tango Nine Two
P3DV4+ Douglas DC-4/C-54 Airtanker Package
312.08Mb (191 downloads)
This is the fantastic Douglas DC-4 originally done by Jens B. Kristensen. Whom has given me the permission to modify his wonderful aircraft and update these particular versions for use in P3Dv4+. The models have been updated with new sounds, external models to represent 3 different versions of the DC-4/C-54 airtankers, PBR added, and updated 4k textures across the board. Operators Aero-Flite, Aero Union, Ardco, Buffalo Airways, and TBM are represented in the pack across 10 repaints. The DC-4/C-54 was one of the most prolifically used airtankers in the industry in the United States, they served from the 1970s until 2007 despite many years of life still left in them. Some never moved from their offseason homes and were scrapped, while smaller numbers were sold off and turned into rural cargo/fuel haulers, and transports. An even smaller number continued flying as airtankers. Buffalo Airways as of 2023 still has DC-4 tankers. Of the unique models that are represented here, one special version is known as the DC-4 'Super.' The Super was a specially modified DC-4 only two were ever made and only one lived on. It became owned by Ardco. This DC-4 was modified with R2600 engines instead of the R2000s equipped on the standard variant. The limited amount of time and engineering to this upgrade left it functioning, but not to it's full potential. The propeller was retained from the R2000 which resulted in the engine RPMs being limited. Despite the R2600s, the Super was not faster than a standard DC-4, however, the big notable difference was in climb performance. And in many hot and high density altitude operations in the hot western United States, the DC-4 Super had an advantage over the standard DC-4 in terms of useable power. With a decent carriable load of 18,000 LBS or around 2,000 US gallons of retardant. The DC-4/C-54s could operate even off the shortest air attack bases, largely leading to why it was so prolifically used in aerial firefighting. Original Aircraft by Jens B. Kristensen, modifications by Nicholas Mitchell "Scorch00"
Posted Jul 7, 2023 15:05 by Nicholas Mitchell
FSX/P3D Piper Arrow-IV PA-28T-201 Pack [FIXED]
21.27Mb (680 downloads)
Modifications are made for, again, a wonderful created Piper aircraft by Rien Cornelissen. This time it concerns the Piper Arrow-IV PA-28T-201 aircraft that Rien made in 2008. At first I hesitated on doing modifications on this Arrow IV as it did look great and performed well. Also the VC of Rien is nice but after some testing I did not like the lights configuration of the aircraft in Prepar3D. Then I thought it would be nice to give Rien's VC an even more 'old school' look... So here I started to make a mod of the Arrow IV. It will be my last one of Rien's creations. The modifications consist of some recoded gauges, some new gauges, an enhanced Bendix King Auto Pilot, reference and checklists kneeboard files, four expandable gauges and Cockpit sounds. An extra panel was created with a Garmin GNS530 in VC. Stock Bendix King Radio gauges are replaced with equivalent ones by ones created by Pierre Fasseaux. Further improvements concern aircraft lights and aircraft lights management. Finally three new liveries are provided. For a full list of modifications and a credits list see file: Piper ArrowIV_RC_mod.pdf in the 'Docs' folder of the aircraft. This package has only been tested okay in Prepar3D v4+ However I have included panel configurations for FSX users. See INSTALL.txt for help if needed. Happy days and happy flights. Apologies for my previous incomplete upload.
Posted Jun 2, 2023 11:16 by Flanker2
P3Dv4+ Douglas DC-7 Airtanker Pack V2.0
503.64Mb (170 downloads)
This is a significant update and addition to the original DC-7 airtanker pack I released for FSX/P3D. This new version has a number of updates, including PBR, updated sounds, updated 4K textures, and additional new tank models and liveries. The Douglas DC-7s flew in firefighting service from the late 1960s until 2020, where Erickson Aero retired the last 3 firefighting DC-7s. The DC-7s were largely modified by Aero Union in the late 60s and early 70s with a 3,000 gallon retardant/water tank. The DC-7s incredible speed and carrying capability made it a viable tanker for over 40 years. This package holds two model variations representing the DC-7, DC-7B, and DC-7C as they flew as airtankers. There are 10 total repaints representing Erickson Aero, Butler Aviation, T&G Aviation, and Central Air Services. The fantastic original aircraft was created by the crew at Cal Classic Propliners and credit and thanks for their permission to modify and create these iconic variants of the DC-7 belong to Tom Gibson, FSAVIATOR, Jens Kristensen, and Greg Pepper. Airtanker modifications done by Nicholas Mitchell "Scorch00."
Posted May 28, 2023 15:37 by Nicholas Mitchell
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