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FSX/P3D Gauge-Checker
3.56Mb (253 downloads)
Gauge-Checker is a Windows program that verifies the availability of the Microsoft FSX Flight Simulator "gauges" (for the standard type in SimObjects folder: Airplanes, Rotorcraft, etc.) used in this environment. It search for panel.cfg's files and is able to report the full path where the gauge item is stored along with its duplicates, if found. A list of unused gauges is also reported when the user run the program over all the SimObjects folders. The program doesn't perform any operation on the files.
Posted Sep 1, 2020 01:10 by Vincenzo Mercolino - geniX Software
P3D FSX FS2004 Flight Analyzer Utility V6.19 SHAREWARE
P3D FSX FS2004 Flight Analyzer Utility V6.19 SHAREWARE
3.90Mb (203 downloads)
FSX Flight Analyzer Utility FsQC V6.19 Flight Data Recorder - with Logbook. ----- Now with a graphical Chart from the entire flight. ------ Also Prepar3D, FS2004 and FSX Steam supported. Very easy to use, just make a flight plan in the simulator or in this utility. (But please read the readme.txt file) What this program does: quickly change the settings of P3D/FSX/FS2004, such as time, date, fuel, weight, traffic etc. Start a failure sytem, such as gear, flaps, engine, etc. runway detecting system to see wich runways are in use. Quickly look at Airport Info for all possible info such as: ILS, Radio, RW length, Elevation, etc, etc. This is all fully freeware. Only Limited demo for: The flight analyzing/data recording, Logbook and the PDF Flightreport. Flight analysis start recording at the moment when you begin taxiing. It gives you huge information such as: - takeoff- and landing-weight. - takeoff- and landing-roll in m. and ft. - separate fuel consumption in taxi, climb, cruise and descent. - maximum banking in flight. - which speed you using the flaps and gear. - when autopilot on or off. - vertical speed on touchdown. - reverser set after landing. - wich speed you cancel reverser. - bouncing at landing. - graphical landingchart. - and lots of more. You can better look the example of the pdf document. Requirements: Computer with Windows7 or higher and internet access.(XP also supported look in the help/manual) Flightsimulator P3D FSX or 2004 and FSUIPC installed. Note: requires paid activation for full use of the Flight Analyzer. Register and you have 1 month free. Program fully works without registration at airport Athens and Iraklion (Greece). By Evander Tholen.
Posted Jul 27, 2020 15:42 by Evander Tholen
0.23Mb (483 downloads)
The Updated Magnetic Variation data package provides an updated set of Magdec.bgl files (2020) for FS9, FSX and P3D. New values have been calculated according to the exact WMM2020 mathematical model at epox 1/1/2020. Replacing the default magdec.bgl file with the one provided will result in a better fit between displayed headings and current data. Install instructions are included. by Herve Sors
Posted Apr 6, 2020 00:33 by Alec
28.21Mb (877 downloads)
Detailed user manual included. Contains two functions that are useful for ground-based operations: * Pushback. Allows user to control the pushback tug, and receive visual feedback regarding speed and turn direction. * Taxi AutoThrottle. Works similar to an in-flight autothrottle, but meant for taxiing. No more fiddling with throttle controls to find that sweet spot! Throttle levers are uniformly and smoothly operated. No more fiddling with throttle controls to ensure uniform thrust! Version 1.4 greatly improves the performance of the autothrottle and includes many minor fixes and additions. Please see the user manual for details.
Posted Nov 11, 2019 08:19 by william ruppel
28.04Mb (159 downloads)
Detailed user manual included. For each aircraft control surface selected, AxisViewer will show the position of the joystick axis attached to the control surface, and the actual position of the control surface according to FSX/P3D. The benefits are: * Positive feedback on Control Surface Position. Ever ask yourself "Self, just what is that autopilot/autothrottle doing, anyway?!" * Allow you to manually adjust the Axis Positions to match the Control Surface Positions, so that you don't get a nasty surprise (for example, sudden change in thrust) when the autopilot and/or autothrottle is disengaged. * Verification of joystick functioning and range of motion. * Clear indication of when "dead zones" are entered. You will see the Control Surface Position "snap" to a particular value as the Axis Position approaches the dead zone. Version 1.5 adds minor fixes and transparency. See the user manual for details.
Posted Nov 11, 2019 08:18 by william ruppel
FSX/P3D War Weary Paint Kit
FSX/P3D War Weary Paint Kit
310.27Mb (168 downloads)
This is a simple add on to any paint kit to make your paint from that new pristine look to an aircraft that has not been clean, washed, and beaten by the elements in a war time footing. It also applies to civilian aircraft such as Jet Liners and commuter aircraft, these usually do not get washed until there hourly schedule checkups. In this paint kit you will find the following items, the main “Weathering Kit” Photoshop file with all that you would need to take the BMP of the aircraft you are working on and add ageing or graphics to. Even aircraft that do not come with a paint kit can be modified since the layers are sizeable and erasable to the degree or size you need to make it fit the project you are working on. What is included in this kit. You have the following layers. 1. Palette Guide sized 4096 x 4096 to sample each layer before applying to your aircraft BMP 2. Eraser able weathering layer 4096 x 4096 once sized to your BMP size (EX: 2048 X 2048) paste over the BMP then set your eraser to about 25% add start erasing to the degree that you want to show on weathering. 3. Assorted Rivets layer 4096 x 4096 use these to replace any rivets that may have been damaged or destroyed in creating your paint these are cut able and paste able to your BMP. 4. Horizontal double Rivets layer 4096 x 4096 a line of rivets double stacked running horizontal on the BMP. 5. Horizontal dirt layer 4096 x 4096 Dirt in Horizontal position. 6. Dirt for aircraft body layer 4096 x 4096 assorted dirt that can be cut and pasted then erased down to proper level for the aircraft fuselage. 7. Exhaust smoke layer 4096 x 4096 smoke for marking the body wear hot exhaust gasses would show on aircraft that have extensive use. 8. Rivets 2 layer 4096 x 4096 a second layer of smaller rivets in physical size to help you realign those missing ones when painting. 9. Panel lines layer 4096 x 4096 replacement lines to use when adding graphics to you paint. 10. Fuel Spillage layer 4096 x 4096 sizeable, eraser able, fuel track from leaky reloading. 11. Tire Dirt 1 layer 4096 x 4096 a small tire dirtying layer. 12. Tire Dirt 2 layer 4096 x 4096 a larger tire dirtying layer. 13. Oil and grime layer 4096 x 4096 oil and hydraulics fluids leaking along service doors and control surfaces areas. 14. Vertical grime layer 4096 x 4096 Grime running in the Vertical direction. 15. Fuselage Grime layer 4096 x 4096 general dirt and grime to add to areas of your aircraft. 16. Dark shading layer 4096 x 4096 shading to add under wings or ailerons of aircraft. 17. Oil spots layer 4096 x 4096 leaking oil spots. 18. Paint chips 1 layer 4096 x 4096 assorted chips and dings on aircraft paints. 19. Paint chips 2 layer 4096 x 4096 a larger set of paint chips. 20. Large dirt layer 4096 x 4096 surface dirt on a larger scale Flags and Emblems: In this folder you will find many graphics and emblems used by the military and general aviation companies. Including USAF, USMC, NASA, EMS, USFS, EXXON, RNZAF, RAAF, RAF, RCAF, BORDER PATROL, USGS, and many other countries and agencies that you may want to paint. Aviation Placards: In this folder you find placards that are located throughout military and civilian aircraft. Pin-Ups: Just what the title states; a folder of small very attractive art work of the female form.NASA MARKINGS 1 and 2: All of the markings from NASA including their famous worm font.
Posted Sep 2, 2019 11:32 by David Robles
FSX/P3D/Xplane/FS9 Flight Simulator First Officer (FSFO) V3
FSX/P3D/Xplane/FS9 Flight Simulator First Officer (FSFO) V3
0.18Mb (1559 downloads)
Flight Simulator First Officer (FSFO) V3 is a generic copilot designed to work with aircraft that conform to Xplane (via XPUIPC), FS9, FSX and P3D SDK; in short, it adds a touch of realism while providing a copilot to share cockpit responsibilities. FSFO V3 does not require strict adherence to Standard Operating Procedures (i.e. scripts), reading lengthy manuals or precise speech. To that end, it can be as complex or simple as you want; for example, FSFO can complete the entire Before Start Checklist, or only those functions you chose not to accomplish. Regardless, he will check every switch to ensure it's placed in the correct position. Just hit connect and fly with confidence that your First Officer is helping you fly your complicated aircraft.
Posted Jul 14, 2019 20:59 by Matthew King
FSTramp Free 7.26 for P3D, FSX, FSX-SE, X-Plane 11
347.68Mb (863 downloads)
FSTrampFree 7.26 for P3D, FSX, FSX-SE, X-Plane 11 FSTrampFree is a moving map and derived from the flight management system FSTramp. It shows, without internet access, the world map with mountains, airports, navigation aids and aircrafts. In addition to the mouse pointer, the surface elevation is displayed. The app is an integrated module for the simulator and can be activated by pressing Ctrl+F12. Use the context menu to move the aircraft to any point in the world.
Posted Jun 27, 2019 05:43 by uploader
Gate A Nator Flight planner
22.06Mb (779 downloads)
Gate A Nator is a freeware pre-flight tool for FSX and Prepar3D that allows to customize a flight plan before starting a flight simulation session. Can set departing Gate position and can load flight plans from FSX/FS2004, Prepar3D, LEVELD, PMDG, Quality Wings and Flight Sim Commander, or from an ICAO route, and using Airac cycles (FSBuild2 format) to read navaids from. Installation package installs Airac Cycle 1904, that can be after updated from Navigraph. Gate/parking database is auto created and updated from FSX or Prepar3D scenery base. It supports file save and export to FS2004, FSX, Prepar3D, LEVELD, PMDG, Quality Wings, Flight Sim Commander, XPlane 11 and Aerosoft Airbus/X extended. Complete instructions guide is included in the help file.
Posted May 22, 2019 03:16 by uploader
P3D FS2004 FSX Flight Analyzer Utility V5.10
P3D FS2004 FSX Flight Analyzer Utility V5.10
4.07Mb (295 downloads)
P3D FS2004 FSX Flight Analyzer Utility V5.10 Flight Data Recorder - Logbook. NOW also P3D supported. Very easy to use, just make a flight plan in the simulator or in this utility. What this program does: - quickly change the settings of FSX/Fs2004, such as time, date, fuel, weight, traffic etc. - start a failure sytem, such as gear, flaps, engine, etc. - freeze the time, so you can fly in a for everlasting sunset. - runway detecting system to see wich runways are in use. - flight analyzing/data recording from departure to parking at the gate. - When flight analysis is finished you can print a report, the report is automaticly saved as pdf File. - graphical landingchart. - record all your flights - quickly look to your FSX display settings (only FSX) and change them even before the flight simulator is running. - After a flight is finished FsQC saves your flight automaticly as 'FsQC last Flight', so you can continue the next day or hour.
Posted May 3, 2019 06:35 by Evander Tholen
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