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49.34Mb (69 downloads)
This package includes added and repainted Conair and AeroFlite Liveries for Schorch00's Q400-AT package for FSX and P3D. Liveries that were redone are: AeroFlite 180 Conair 141 Conair 390 Conair 540 Conair 541 Conair 542 Conair 543 Conair 544 Liveries that I added are: AeroFlite 181 AeroFlite 182 Conair 390 Conair 545 Conair 546 Conair 547 Conair 548 Conair 549 Conair 550 The tank textures were also redone. Scorch00: https://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/member.php/149122-Scorch00
Required files:
required file
Posted Jul 20, 2024 02:44 by groovyy
Premier Aircraft Design C295 Update
42.67Mb (245 downloads)
This is an update for FSX of the Premier Aircraft Design CASA C-295. I have redone the 2D panel using a picture of the VC; I have added the scrape points and the rest of the wheels; changed the HUD; and updated the flight dynamics.
Posted Jul 17, 2024 02:04 by Bob Chicilo
Beech King Air 350 Repaint pack
104.49Mb (255 downloads)
I've spent countless hours- close to about 4 months digging for these paints and they work on the Default FSX King Air 350, full model included. Credit goes out to all individuals who made these works of art
Posted Jul 15, 2024 05:34 by Adriana Walters
FSX/P3D AT-11 and D18 Mosquito Control Upgrade
28.96Mb (155 downloads)
This set of Beechcraft depicts N4001A, an AT-11, and N5552A, a JRB-1. They are outfitted for mosquito control and fly out of Chorman Airport D74. This file provides detailed modified models and textures, focusing on mosquito control missions' unique features and equipment. Please note, that this is an upgrade only and does not include the full original aircraft package by Milton Shupe for either the AT-11 or Beech D18. N5552A was made by Ryan Varjassy and updated by myself, along with my modified model versions of each aircraft. I believe this set will be able to go into any Milton Shupe version of the AT-11 or D18 folder so long as there is the respected panel, sound, and texture folder as well as aircraft.cfg. By Eliijah “Eli” Johnson.
Posted Jul 13, 2024 22:43 by Eliijah "Eli" Johnson
FSX/P3D Grumman G-164A Early Ag-Cat
75.65Mb (276 downloads)
This set of aircraft and repaints represents the Grumman G164A Early Ag-Cat Models that were originally produced from 1958 through to the 2000s and are still in wide use today. Original aircraft by Marcel Du Plessis, updated by ER Ag Simulations - Ryan Varjassy and myself, Eliijah “Eli” Johnson.
Posted Jul 13, 2024 21:50 by Eliijah “Eli” Johnson
Rockwell International TC-690A/B Paint pack
99.24Mb (149 downloads)
This pack has some rare finds like the Venezuelan civil commanders I found on a deep dive looking for paints.
Required files:
required file
Posted Jul 13, 2024 19:07 by Adriana Friesen
Conair CV-580 fleet and fictional Buffalo repaint
145.70Mb (112 downloads)
Conair CV-580 fleet includes all the Convair's operated by Conair aviation and a fictional Buffalo airways tanker version. This Pack is dedicated to Captain Tim Whiting and First Officer Brian Tilley.
Posted Jul 13, 2024 01:03 by Adriana Friesen
ATR 72-600 Avooma Airlines Package
49.46Mb (101 downloads)
Avooma Airlines is currently no more than a concept airline. However, Avooma could have its maiden flight sooner than most may think, as it has already purchased flybe's 3rd attempt at a relaunch. Avooma plans to start with a fleet of ATR 72-600s. Ex payware model by VirtualCol with textures by Dbob.
Posted Jul 10, 2024 16:47 by Dbob
Conair CS2F Firecat
Conair CS2F Firecat
240.09Mb (123 downloads)
The Conair Firecat is a fire-fighting aircraft developed in Canada in the 1970s by modifying military surplus Grumman S-2 Trackers. The modifications were developed by the maintenance arm of the Conair Group, which became a separate company called Cascade Aerospace. The liveries are credited to https://flightsim.to/profile/groovyy. The Saskatchewan Firecats work with Milton Shupes Calfire S2ACDF(link: https://simviation.com/1/search?submit=1&keywords=s2acdffsx&x=18&y=3&message=saved) , the Conair ones work with the SOH S2AL (link below).
Required files:
required file
Posted Jul 2, 2024 08:52 by Adriana Friesen
FSX DASH-8 Q400 Air Greenland package
61.56Mb (169 downloads)
FSX DASH-8 Q400 Air Greenland package. This is a fictional livery that was requested by wtomp. The package contains the complete Q400 and repaint pre-installed, and can be installed by dragging the folder into airplanes. Model by Dreamwings. Assembled and textured for FSX by dbob.
Posted Jul 1, 2024 22:56 by Dbob
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