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KGFL - Glens Falls, NY, ver 2
KGFL - Glens Falls, NY, ver 2
56.91Mb (2068 downloads)
KGFL - Glens Falls, Floyd Bennett Memorial v2.0, located in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate NY USA, this facility is owned by Warren County and run by RichAir. Although it has a 5000 ft main rwy, KGFL is a Non-controlled airfield catering to small engine a/c up to a few private jet daily traffic serving 'The Northcountry' New York. KGFL recently received several upgrades including 4 new GA hangars large enough to accommodate the needs of business jets. All Objects fully designed and completely redone in GMAX using high resolution custom photo-real 32bit textures. Optional DTX textures included. Also includes new AFCAD file, more accurate airport grounds perimeter, satellite photo-real grounds, custom taxiways, taxi-signs and taxi lights, area roads, animated hangar doors, and near area landclass. No AI traffic tracks included with this release, but afcad designed to support several AI. Rwy12 objects required for a few static a/c and parking lot light poles.
Posted Sep 6, 2009 21:29 by EdGeneer Cox
Stretto di Messina (fixed)
0.00Mb (1017 downloads)
Fictional runway between Italy and Sicily. Updated I set an heliport and width the runway, fix the lights of the runway, tower view, departure and arrive set also... The idea is an elevated runway and taxiway, so the ships and boat can go under the runway and taxiway. Have fun!!!
Posted Sep 6, 2009 19:26 by Alberto Thomas / Costa Rica
Isla de Aves - Venezuela
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Isla de Aves in the caribbean of Venezuela. This island is totally cover by water in the high tide, in the low tide, is full of live, plants and birds. Fictional runway. Water runway.
Posted Sep 4, 2009 19:19 by Alberto Thomas
Heliport of Ceuta, Spain
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Heliport of Ceuta GECE Ceuta is an autonomous city of Spain located on the North African side of the Strait of Gibraltar, on the Mediterranean The runway was made with correct length. Short runway for light aircraft and helicopters.
Posted Aug 29, 2009 13:28 by Alberto Thomas / Costa Rica
0.00Mb (354 downloads)
Since FS9 was released, taxiways at KOXC where added and the runway extended, this AFCAD file contains the taxiways missing from KOXC and extends the runway.
Posted Aug 25, 2009 15:55 by Brendan Samson
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Andorra Heliport, in Andorra La Vella
Posted Aug 25, 2009 14:38 by Alberto Thomas / Costa Rica
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Liechtenstein / Balzers Heliport
Posted Aug 25, 2009 14:04 by Alberto Thomas / Costa Rica
0.00Mb (500 downloads)
Likoma Airport, Likoma Island, Malawi, Africa FWLK
Posted Aug 20, 2009 19:58 by Alberto Thomas
Boston Logan International Airport
Boston Logan International Airport
8.63Mb (7186 downloads)
Real scenery taken by google earth.Afcad file and paint by repaintings masw.It may work in FSX and in FS2002
Posted Aug 9, 2009 19:31 by REPAINTINGS MASW
Rangiora Aerodrome, New Zealand. NZRT. ( to fit the Christchurch / Canterbury Photoreal Scenery)
Rangiora Aerodrome, New Zealand. NZRT. ( to fit the Christchurch / Canterbury Photoreal Scenery)
1.76Mb (1348 downloads)
Welcome to Rangiora, owned and operated by the Waimakariri District Council. The airfield is located 3 nautical miles West-North-West of the town of Rangiora, in the Canterbury region of the South Island of New Zealand. Also contained is a small bonus scenery of NZSW Swannanoa Airfield. Requires some EZ Scenery Object Sets ( see INSTALL instructions for details).
Posted Aug 6, 2009 19:39 by Lawrie Roache