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                  - FS2K4 FS Real Time v1.77
4.80Mb (5961 downloads)
FS98 - FS2K4 FS Real Time v1.77 is made to keep Flight Simulator's UTC (Zulu/GMT) time and date in sync with the Real World. It can maintain either the current Real Time, or an offset (+/-) so you can fly at any variation from Real Time. This package also includes Dennis Thompson's World Time Zones v3.0 which eliminate many of the time zone errors that shipped with recent versions of Flight Simulator. FS Real Time by Joshua Robertson. 4.9MB
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:24 by archive
                  - Fuel Planner V1.0
0.19Mb (5910 downloads)
FS98-FS2000-FS2002-FS2004 - Fuel Planner V1.0 This programm will calculate fuel for differents aircrafts. Uses Microsoft Excel. 195K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:24 by archive
                  Flips version 1.1
1.00Mb (7058 downloads)
FS2004 Flips version 1.1. Flips is a small utility to view FS9 flightplans in Google Earth. View your entire flightplan in 3D and make sure your chosen waypoints don't let you miss exiting landmarks along your flight. Version 1.1 now is capable of reading those 3 variations and I hope it will solve the trouble that you may have had with reading your flightplans. Especially those flightplans were difficult to load that had been directly edited in FS9. Michael Rook. 1MB
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:24 by archive
FS2004 dlgsplash Maker.
0.94Mb (3284 downloads)
FS2004 dlgsplash Maker. Editable template. You can now make your own Splash Screen. Easy! Provided you have a paint program that can edit a png. By FlamingBlue Studio
Posted Jun 7, 2008 11:03 by archive
FS2000-FS2004 Descent Calculator Version 2
1.49Mb (9883 downloads)
FS2000-FS2004 Descent Calculator Version 2 Simple calculator to find the rate of decent to a to start descending. By Shayne Bouda. 1.5MB
Posted May 29, 2008 03:38 by archive
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