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2.58Mb (9903 downloads)
FS2004 Traffic changer v 721. A tool to simplify AI for FS2004. Easily make flight plans, compile BGL files and place the final plans into FS9 using a "group" concept. This is ideal for managing fleets of AI aircraft or for users wanting to easily change AI traffic at a single airport. It installs with 59 default AI aircraft, a sample flight plan and 5,500 common airports to make it very easy to get started. By Jeff Bobicki 3MB
Posted Oct 17, 2009 05:55 by archive
0.29Mb (3107 downloads)
FS2004 Recorder Module version 1.2. This module can record flights, save them to files and play them back like the FS instant replay and flight video recorder, but with a lot more features. THIS VERSION ONLY WORKS WITH FS2004 AND WAS ONLY TESTED WITH THE 9.1 UPDATE INSTALLED! The module does NOT record video files (like .avi), it records data like aircraft postition, speed, etc, so the recordings can only be played inside FS. This has the advantage, that you can watch your recordings from different views. List of main features: - recording flights of unlimited length - replay the last minutes, even if no recording was started - jumping/searching forward/backward during playback - playback control via keyboard or control window - stop playback at any position to continue manually - loop part of a recording - change playback speed - custom keyboard controls - recorded data is customizableMatthias Neusinger. 296K
Posted Oct 17, 2009 05:55 by archive
                  Route Editor V2.
0.11Mb (6765 downloads)
FS2004 Route Editor V2. This is an updated version of my Route Editor program, following requests from other users. This program enables you to edit a FS2004 GPS Route file ('.PLN'). You can edit existing PLN files or create your own from new. The previous version only edited 'VFR Direct GPS' routes. This program now saves Routes as either VFR or IFR and you are able to select Routing as Direct GPS Low Altitude Airways High Altitude Airways VOR to VOR. Created by Jim Cooper (Simshed) 111K
Posted Oct 17, 2009 05:55 by archive
0.71Mb (20815 downloads)
FS2004 Flight1 View Module (F1_view.dll) The F1_View module is a very basic freeware tool that implements mouse-based zooming, panning, and eyepoint adjustments, including the ability to move your eyepoint beyond the limits imposed by Flight Simulator (this feature is good to stroll about virtual cabins of larger aircraft). This module requires a wheel-mouse (a center wheel that also acts as a center mouse button). By Flight One Software. 726K
Posted Oct 17, 2009 05:55 by archive
                  ChartMap V3.
2.91Mb (21364 downloads)
FS2004 ChartMap V3. ChartMap Version3.0 is a ‘stand-alone’ Windows utility for Flight Simulators allowing a number of airport charts to be stored and available on screen whilst still flying. The use of the program is very simple and intuitive. You insert only the airport name and the program will show all the data stored. The program can create new airport charts and it is possible to print all procedure charts. The official language is Italian and English. Carlo Chiappisi. 3MB
Posted Oct 17, 2009 05:55 by archive
                    Radio Range System
18.87Mb (2059 downloads)
FS2004 Radio Range System A bona fide Radio Range System simulating a robust navigation technique of the 1940s which lasted until the advent of the VOR. Uses Morse Code A and N audio signals to determine course. Nearly a year in development, this package includes a standalone DC-3 (based on the default) with three panels, new gauges and greatly improved flight dynamics; scenery for 118 Radio Range stations of Eastern US and SE Canada (from 1944 sectional charts) with approach plates for each; and a comprehensive instruction manual. All necessary system, program and sound files are included. Future enhancements will add Western US and Canadian stations. By Dave Bitzer, Alex Nicolson, Norman Hancock, Allan Greene and Charles Wood. 19.3MB FS2004 Radio Range V3.1 Upgrade. Many have asked to fly the Radio Range using only Morse sounds, as intended when invented. Now fly with or without an ADF gauge. Some files also corrected in this upgrade. Install RR_03.zip by Dave Bitzer, Alex Nicolson, Norman Hancock and Allan Greene before this upgrade. Radio Range Forum is at http://dcascreenshots.net/rr/index.php. 695K
Posted Oct 17, 2009 05:55 by archive
                  2006 v 6.01
4.48Mb (5786 downloads)
Splasher 2006 v 6.01 : Allows you to change splash screens on 3 of Microsofts Flight Simulator versions. FS2004, FS2002, and FS2000. Designed for Windows XP with Microsofts DOT NET 2.0 runtimes installed. Created with Visual Studio .Net 2005 by: Christenson Software. 4.6MB
Posted Oct 17, 2009 05:55 by archive
                  FS Weather Engine 1.0
2.21Mb (16331 downloads)
FS2004 FS Weather Engine 1.0 With this program it is possible to generate additional weather themes for the FS2004. These can be selected in the corresponding menu of the FS2004. Gunnar Daehling. 2.2MB
Posted Oct 17, 2009 05:55 by archive
Random 'Go to Airport' Generator
0.25Mb (2315 downloads)
This program was designed with ease of use in mind for selecting a random airport to begin flying in FS2004. The program will display the airport ICAO code then co-ordinates. I am a 15 year old aviation enthusiast that loves flying and ATC, but hate having to choose an airport to depart from and arrive at, or to control. This program has now removed this to make my flight more random with less decisions to make. I also like to explore areas I haven't been before, again this selects a random airport, from thousands of different ones, so exploring is inevitable. The only installation required is to copy the Airports.txt file to the route of your hard drive C: or D: (for more drives e-mail me as above), then run the respective program for that drive from any folder you wish. Airports.txt: This file was collected from my FS2004 and contains every airport in it. Currently the program selects a line at random and displays it, whether a large international airport or small grass field. You could edit the file just to contain your favourite airports and it will NOT affect the running of the program as long as the file remains as Airports.txt. I am hoping in future versions to allow you to select a type of airfield, i.e. large, medium or small or select from runway length, though this will take a while to produce, if ever. Alexander Aschacher
Posted Sep 28, 2009 18:42 by Alexander Aschacher
Flight One View
0.71Mb (19734 downloads)
A freeware release from Flight One. Flight One View allows you to move around the cabin/cockpit of your aircraft with simple scrolls of your mouse! you may also be able to zoom in by scrolling up or down on your mouse in spot view.
Posted Mar 17, 2009 22:39 by Kyle douglas
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