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FS2002/2004 Dixair textures for default Boeing 737-400
FS2002/2004 Dixair textures for default Boeing 737-400
0.98Mb (412 downloads)
A subsidiary of Corsair Airways, Dixair is a budget carrier primarily serving the deep south although it does offer some limited routes up north. Repaint by Don Brynelsen using a paintkit from here on SimV.
Posted Aug 15, 2011 12:54 by Don Brynelsen
Bombardier Learjet 45 N10JY Textures
1.74Mb (785 downloads)
This repaint has a blue-green stripe over a small red one with a small tan stripe over the other two. For the default Bombardier Learjet 45. Thanks to jrbirdman for testing the aircraft.
Posted Aug 7, 2011 19:14 by Club508
FS2004 World Travel Textures
FS2004 World Travel Textures
10.91Mb (333 downloads)
Textures for seven of the default aircraft with a texture slightly altered to make a texture of Microsoft's fictional default "World Travel" airline.
Posted Aug 7, 2011 19:08 by Club508
Fokker 100 Package
Fokker 100 Package
7.97Mb (10249 downloads)
The Fokker 100 is a 107 seat, twin jet, regional airliner which first went into airline operation in 1988 and is still in service all over the world. The Fokker 100 is a good design, popular with passengers and airlines, but was not a great commercial success for Fokker due to high production costs and increasing competition in the regional airliner market from the likes of Bombardier and Embraer. Production ceased in 1997 after 283 had been delivered. Full package for FS2004, with custom panel and VC 3D passenger cabin, animated airstair and cargo doors, airbrakes and reverse thrust. Kneeboard check and ref lists included. Four liveries. Realistic performance and pleasant hand flying qualities. By Jean-Pierre Brisard and Bob May - Premier Aircraft Design More liveries and paint kit available on the PAD web site.
Posted Aug 5, 2011 07:13 by Bob May (PAD)
Boeing 747-400 V4 Korean Air
18.27Mb (4283 downloads)
Posky Boeing 747-400 v4 for FS2004. A repaint of the posky 747-400 v4 in Korean Air main livery by Xudeva Irribarra
Posted Aug 3, 2011 11:45 by michael litze (uploader)
Embraer Phenom 100
2.35Mb (3247 downloads)
FS2004 N784JP, Embraer Phenom 100 by CamSim, including exterior Animated Ground Servicing (AGS) and special interior animations and configuration: 4 passengers in seating position and 1 passenger who will stand up and walk back and forth in the cabin and return to is "seating position", plus pilot and co-pilot moving arms. For these animations press (Shift+E+2). Model design and paint: Camil Valiquette
Posted Aug 3, 2011 11:34 by Camil Valiquette
FSX/FS2004 BAC 1-11-200 with Hush Kits Engine smoke coordinates
0.06Mb (666 downloads)
FSX BAC 1-11-200 with hush kits engine smoke coordinates for the freeware FS2004 BAC 1-11-200 with hush kits by David Maltby, which you must have previously installed in FSX, and which is available at ( Easy installation. By Tom Tiedman
Posted Aug 1, 2011 03:02 by Tom Tiedman
Korean Air, CSeries CS300 V2
5.72Mb (1450 downloads)
FS2004 Korean Air, CSeries CS300 V2. Version 2 includes aircraft design improvements. This CamSim Version 2 is also includes four aircrafts with different new Animated Ground Servicing (AGS). Model design and paint by Camil Valiquett
Posted Jul 24, 2011 06:12 by Camil Valiquette
British Airways "United Kingdom" Boeing 747-436
19.83Mb (6716 downloads)
Posky 747-400 v4 for fs2004 FS2004 British Airways "United Kingdom" Boeing 747-436. A repaint for the Project Open Sky B747-400 v4. Painted with the British Airways 2001 standard livery. By Xudeva Irribarra.Model included
Posted Jul 24, 2011 05:49 by michael
Finnair nc Airbus A350-900 XWB V2
5.63Mb (1832 downloads)
FS2004 Finnair nc Airbus A350-900 XWB V2. Versions 2 is an all new version of the A350-900 seen at the Paris Air Show 2009, with a new nose, new cockpit windows, new wings and winglets. This CamSim Version 2 is also includes three aircraft with different updated new Animated Ground Servicing (AGS) including a new Belt Loader. Model design and paint by: Camil Valiquette
Posted Jul 17, 2011 06:42 by Camil Valiquette