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Airbus A320-200 Air Berlin NC
Airbus A320-200 Air Berlin NC
31.98Mb (3403 downloads)
Airbus A320-200 Air Berlin Merged BER ETH livery. Repaint by Mathieu Vos.
Posted May 8, 2014 03:11 by Denis Meyer
Emirates B777-200LR Black Livery
15.37Mb (1690 downloads)
FS2004 Emirates B777-200LR Black Livery, Model features include fully animated control surfaces, fully independent suspension, main gear steering, trim animation, opening passenger doors, opening cargo doors, dynamic flexing wings, animated tilting bogies, rolling wheels, animated thrust reversers, fully reflective textures (each part has different degree of reflection based on material), accurate flight dynamics (accurate FDE with full profiles for wheels, tires, struts, leading/trialing struts, engine types; tested by real pilots), newly re-defined individual part damage profiles, accurate spoiler animation, detailed textures, full night lighting, visible landing lights from the cockpit, reflective cockpit windows, crash effects, transparent nav light lenses, newly re-defined individual part damage profiles. Model, dynamics by Project Open Sky, repaint by Aziz Polash.
Posted Apr 29, 2014 06:56 by chris E
Boeing 737-900ER Lion Air 50th Aircraft
6.93Mb (1567 downloads)
Boeing 737-900ER Lion Air 50th Aircraft. Model by Project Opensky.
Posted Apr 25, 2014 09:10 by chris E
TDS Boeing 737-700 'Go' Textures Pack
TDS Boeing 737-700 'Go' Textures Pack
132.27Mb (423 downloads)
TDS Boeing 737-700 Go textures pack. This Package contains 16 different liveries for the TDS Boeing 737-700. Liveries are based on 737-300. Model not included! Repaints made for FS2004 (not tested in FSX). Liveries painted by Pascal Disch, Model design by Hiroshi Igami. Flight dynamics design by Nick Wilkinson and David Biggar. Paint Kit by Kyle Schurb.
Required files:
required file
Posted Apr 23, 2014 11:27 by chris E
FS2004 Tarom Ilyushin IL-62/M Textures
FS2004 Tarom Ilyushin IL-62/M Textures
4.87Mb (538 downloads)
FS2004 Tarom Ilyushin IL-62/M. First two Il-62s were delivered to Tarom in April 1973 (YR-IRA and YR-IRB) and the third in April 1975 (YR-IRC). Subsequently received two "Il-62 M" (in September 1977 - YR-IRD, in December 1978 - YR-IRE). Used on middle, long-hauls for about 20 years were withdrawn in the mid 90s. Unfortunately, some Tarom Il-62s were scrapped and other sold. TCAI Ilyushin IL-62 /M basepacks are available separately. Textures by Patrick-George Mititeanu.
Required files:
required file
Posted Apr 13, 2014 01:16 by Patrick-George Mititeanu
Airbus A320 Croatia Airlines
Airbus A320 Croatia Airlines
7.34Mb (1164 downloads)
Project Airbus A320 Repaint by Filip Bastalic REGISTRATION: 9A-CTK (Split)
Posted Apr 10, 2014 15:07 by Filip
FS2004/FSX Tam One World Airbus A320 Textures
FS2004/FSX Tam One World Airbus A320 Textures
11.03Mb (1017 downloads)
Tam is a Brazilian airline, the largest in Latin America and one of the 20 largest world. Is a leader in passengers carried across the southern hemisphere. TAM One World photoreal textures in 32 bit format for the freeware Project Airbus A320 v2.1 (model not included). Repaint by: Manuel Jose Larrahondo Burgos, Contact Ground. Happy flights.
Posted Apr 6, 2014 16:19 by Manuel Jose Larrahondo Burgos
Lufthansa Cargo Boeing 777-FBT (D-ALFA)
13.24Mb (3993 downloads)
Lufthansa Cargo Boeing 777-FBT (D-ALFA). Lufthansa Cargo livery painted on SkySpirit2012 Boeing 777-200 Freighter aircraft. The textures are saved in 32bit format for quality graphics. Its features are opening doors & cargo doors, detailed textures, accurate paint, dynamic shine & effects, dynamic flexing wings that respond to turbulence, fully independent suspension, trim animation, gear steering, accurate flight dynamics, spoiler animation, reflective cockpit windows, crash effects, animated tilting bogies, full night lighting, ground service vehicles when cargo door open, transparent navigation light lenses and many more. Abdullah Rahman
Posted Apr 6, 2014 02:33 by chris E
Boeing 777-300ER Cathay Pacific
10.81Mb (1501 downloads)
This is repaint for the Project Open Sky Boeing 777-300ER with the Cathay Pacific Airways livery, textures and model included. Juan Rodriguez
Posted Apr 4, 2014 06:04 by chris E
Boeing 767-300ER Arkefly
11.71Mb (901 downloads)
SkySpirit2010 Boeing 767-300ER Arkefly. Model by Skyspirit. Textures by Stephan Bree.
Posted Apr 3, 2014 10:05 by chris E