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Boeing 737-800 Air Moldova Textures
2.05Mb (800 downloads)
Air Moldova (fictional) textures for the default FSX Boeing 737-800.
Posted Jan 23, 2015 03:12 by Artur
Lufthansa Cargo MD-11
Lufthansa Cargo MD-11
47.70Mb (7999 downloads)
McDonnell-Douglas/Boeing MD-11F Lufthansa Cargo with virtual cockpit and working Honeywell FMC for FSX. Freeware SMS/FS Painter MD-11 model. VC FSX updates by Chris Evans. Textures by Mutas Sibai. Also added a new 2D panel by Philippe Wallaert, with some subtle changes, to better match the VC panel. Compiled for FSX by Dave Rocholl
Posted Jan 22, 2015 14:40 by Dave Rocholl
FSX Boeing 737-800 Siberian S7 Textures (Fixed)
FSX Boeing 737-800 Siberian S7 Textures (Fixed)
1.89Mb (969 downloads)
(Fixed by author. Apologies for the error in the 1st file) Textures for the default FSX B737-800. OJSC Siberia Airlines, operating as S7, is an airline based in Moscow, Russia. S7 Airlines is currently the second largest airline in Russia and the fastest growing. This is your registration VP-BNG.
Posted Jan 21, 2015 06:46 by Juan Villamor
Boeing 787-8 American Airlines Package
Boeing 787-8 American Airlines Package
107.30Mb (10502 downloads)
FSX Boeing 787-8 American Airlines Package with VC for FSX Includes Buses, fuel truck, stairs, cargo and more. Go to VIEWS - INSTRUMENT PANEL - UTIL. The wonderful new Boeing 787-8 from TDS will be enjoyed by many more people who do not know how to install a VC into a FSX native model. So now the 787-8 has the nearest VC I can find -- the 737-800. The layout fof the 787 cockpit is not a million miles away from the advanced 737-800. The VC is the Alejandro Rojas Lucena/FSND fantastic revised Boeing 737-800 VC model. This VC model includes Working wipers (right mouse click on switch) with rain effect. Switches for LCD Screens, EICAS, PFD, MFT. Autobrake switch. Opening pilots window. Cabin Lights switch. Realistic FMC. Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS), More Realistic night VC textures. There are custom Boeing sounds included for that extra realism. I have included the great American textures by Stephen Groom. Model is not modified in any way. VC added and aircraft.cfg edited to allow correct VC views. TDS wonderful native FSX Boeing 787-8 model. See VC docs to get the best out of the VC and FMC. Prepared and assembled for FSX by Chris Evans.
Posted Jan 19, 2015 08:00 by chris evans
FSX CRJ-700 Cityjet Textures
6.26Mb (465 downloads)
Cityjet textures for the default FSX CRJ-700. Airplane fictional registration OO-VLC, nicknamed "City Of Bruges".
Posted Jan 18, 2015 11:15 by Tibo Deprest
 BAe-146-100 Pauknair Textures (fixed)
 BAe-146-100 Pauknair Textures (fixed)
1.42Mb (487 downloads)
Upgrade of a small error in the steering tiller (blue line). Read installation.txt Installation: Unzip the zip to a temporary folder and copy the folder (Texture.pauknair) and the file that contains (Bae146_fuse.bmp) to Fsx Aircraft Most Common folder (c: \ Program Files \ Microsoft Games \ Flight Simulator X \ SimObjects \ Airplanes \ BAe146) or where you have it installed. Restart the simulator and no blue line will look.
Posted Jan 17, 2015 15:30 by Juan Villamor
Boeing 737-8K5 Jetairfly Package
Boeing 737-8K5 Jetairfly Package
30.97Mb (5993 downloads)
This is the Project Opensky Boeing 737-800 of Jetairfly. Painted in the Reg: OO-JEF Nicknamed: Affection. This pack contains: Model, VC, FMC, GPWS, 32bit textures, and alot more. Repainted by: Mees Jansen
Posted Jan 17, 2015 02:01 by Mees Jansen
Boeing 737-8K2 Corendon New Livery Package
Boeing 737-8K2 Corendon New Livery Package
26.73Mb (1702 downloads)
This is the Corendon Airlines Project Opensky Boeing 737-800 model for FSX. This pack includes: VC, FMC, GPWS, 32bit high quality textures, analot of fun ofcourse. The new livery is scheduled in 2015. Repaint by: Mees Jansen.
Posted Jan 16, 2015 16:00 by Mees Jansen
FSX Default Boeing 747-400 Replacement Textures Figuring Typical  Passenger and Cargo Colors for Regions or Countries Worldwide
9.39Mb (536 downloads)
Those textures are a edition of the default FSX Orbit Airlines Boeing 747-400 textures, which makes them representing typical passenger and cargo plane colors for regions or countries worldwide. Featured are 8 regions or countries in the world in terms of a passenger plane and 3 in terms of a cargo. Just fly the world! Need some text editing. Comes with a French readme too
Posted Jan 16, 2015 08:00 by G. Guichard
FSX/FS2004 McDonnell Douglas MD-11F Martinair Cargo PH-MCY
FSX/FS2004 McDonnell Douglas MD-11F Martinair Cargo PH-MCY
43.36Mb (3440 downloads)
This is the SMS Overland MD-11F in Martinair Colors. The pack contains an high quality livery of the PH-MCY of Martinair Cargo, Model, VC, FMC, Smoke Effects trials, and PW Sound. Repainted by: Mees Jansen Also Suitable for FS2004 as well.
Posted Jan 16, 2015 03:54 by Mees Jansen