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FSX Default McDonnell-Douglas MD-83 Delta Airlines Texture
1.23Mb (6318 downloads)
This is another fictional repaint of the FSX AI Default MD-83. I didn't own the textured tail, but the tail was from Fahim Safi, who created the repaint designed for FS2004 only. However, I've made modifications by starting a blank texture from scratch and put his creation onto the blank texture. But at least, I made the Delta Emblem on the fuselage. Splash screen included. Tail repaint by Fahim Safi. Modified for FSX by Victor Vu.
Posted Nov 24, 2008 20:42 by Victor Vu
BAE 146-300QT TNT/Skypac
13.36Mb (47769 downloads)
BAe146-300F Version 6.0 Original model by Jon Murchison.nTNT textures by Jon Murchison. Panel has been changed to work on VAFS. Includes TNT Skin and SkyPac.
Posted Nov 22, 2008 13:09 by MattyFirth
FSX Default Airbus A321 Vietnam Airlines Texture
6.41Mb (2642 downloads)
This is another repaint for the A321. This repaint is dedicated to my family because my family is Vietnamese and so am I. The repaint is in a new livery, and the color for the fuselage, the engines and tail, are realistic. The registration number is VN-A348, and I already put the tail number for realism. Uncheck the "Show Tail Number" because I already inserted the tail number. Splash screen has been included. By Victor Vu.
Posted Nov 21, 2008 16:43 by Victor Vu
Boeing 737-600 Fictional BEA Textures
3.00Mb (1339 downloads)
FSX Boeing 737-600 Fictional BEA Textures only. BEA (British European Airways) was the British state owned airline in the 1960's and became British Airways. Requires the Project Opensky Boeing 737-600.
Required files:
required file
Posted Nov 21, 2008 05:14 by Colin Lowe
Gulfstream 100 United States Air Force
25.19Mb (6725 downloads)
Gulfstream 100 USAF. This is Peter Brun/Lider Designs Gulfstream 100 Modified for Flight Simulator X Perhaps one of the most important yet under-recognized aircraft in the United States Air Force inventory is the Gulfstream Jet that ferry key personnel and high-ranking members of the U.S. government. The Gulfstream has proven to be fast and efficient transport for industry and well financed individuals that have both the need and the resources to get where they need to be quickly and in luxury. Textures and Updates by Mark Rooks of RSDG Aircraft
Posted Nov 18, 2008 05:05 by Mark Rooks
FSX EgyptAir Texture Package for A321 and 737-800
FSX EgyptAir Texture Package for A321 and 737-800
14.19Mb (4296 downloads)
This is the EgyptAir Texture Pack for the FSX Default Airbus A321 and Boeing 737-800. The pack includes a texture in each plane. Splash screen included. The A321 may look slightly different, but the 737-800 may look just fine. By Victor Vu
Posted Nov 15, 2008 08:19 by Victor Vu
Gulfstream 100
21.15Mb (6521 downloads)
This is Peter Brun/Lider Designs Gulfstream 100 Modified for Flight Simulator X. This business jet the smallest of the Gulfstreams This G1 sports a Red and Gold paint scheme Updates by Mark Rooks of RSDG Aircraft
Posted Nov 15, 2008 06:49 by Mark Rooks
Boeing 747-400 'Freedom' Textures
Boeing 747-400 'Freedom' Textures
5.59Mb (3684 downloads)
Boeing 747-400 'Freedom' Textures (fixed) in memory of those that lost their lives on September 11, 2001. Textures for the default 747-400. Repaint by Earl Triplet
Posted Nov 13, 2008 15:07 by Earl Triplett
Pacific Sun Airways Boeing 737-200
8.13Mb (10527 downloads)
FSX Pacific Sun Airways Boeing 737-200 Advanced Paint by Alexander Ho. Model: TinMouse Version II Pacific Sun Airways started flying the virtual skys with its first Boeing 727-200 for FS95 in 1997. The airline was purchased by Celtic World Airlines in 2000, and continues to serve as a Celtic World group airline. There have been several start ups using the Pacific Sun name, but we are the original!
Posted Nov 13, 2008 07:21 by Alexander Ho
FS2004/FSX Singapore Airlines Star Alliance Boeing 777-200ER
FS2004/FSX Singapore Airlines Star Alliance Boeing 777-200ER
17.19Mb (12926 downloads)
FS2004/FSX Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-200ER RR in Star Alliance livery, registration 9V-SRE. Model by Project Open Sky. Repaint by Pablo Romero.
Posted Nov 12, 2008 04:09 by Pablo Romero