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FSX/P3D Nemeth/Milviz CH-47 Texture and Firefighting Textures/Asset Pack
47.26Mb (148 downloads)
This package is for use with the payware Nemeth/MilViz CH-47D. The pack includes 8 firefighting liveries as well as 4 internal tank/snorkel options and a 2,000 gallon bambi bucket assets for attachment using Lorby's FireFighterX application. The CH-47 Chinook, or Boeing 234 has been used in aerial firefighting for decades. However, recently surplus airframes are being retrofitted with internal tank systems similar to those found in fixed wing counterparts. Eliminating some of the hazards/restrictions associated with the use of bambi buckets. In addition, most of the internal tanking systems range from 2,500-3,000 US gallons of water or retardant. Greatly increasing the amount that can be dropped by these large helicopters. This package includes liveries for the following operators; Billings Flying Service, California Army National Guard, Columbia Helicopters, Coulson-Unical, Helimax Aviation, and Helifor. Repaints are compatible in both FSX and P3D, but the tank and bucket assets are only compatible in P3Dv4+. Lorby SI FireFighterX and Nemeth CH-47 are required to use the contents of this download. Repaints and firefighting assets by Nicholas Mitchell.
Posted May 26, 2022 02:41 by Nicholas Mitchell
Skysim  Douglas DC-9-30 Tarom ClassicTextures
13.77Mb (25 downloads)
P3D/FSX SkySim Douglas DC-9-30 in Tarom Classic livery. Texture only for the payware SkySim model. Repaint by Sergey Gleba aka serg09. Description and instruction in the archive. Link to my products on SimMarket: http://secure.simmarket.com/paintsim.mhtml
Required files:
required file
Posted Apr 28, 2022 13:42 by Sergey Gleba aka serg09
FSX/P3D QW RJ85 Firefighting Repaint & Tank Pack
396.76Mb (246 downloads)
This is a unique addon package for the payware Quality Wings RJ85 for either FSX or P3D. However, those with P3D will benefit more from this package. The QW Ultimate 146 Collection and Lorby's FireFighterX are required for the entirety of this pack to function. The package includes 12, 4K liveries for Australia, Canada, and US operators of the RJ85. Not only that, but we have put together a tank attachment to be used with Lorby's FireFighterX to complete the correct configuration of the firefighting RJs. The RJ85 like the other 146 platforms used in aerial firefighting are capable of carrying up to 3,000 US gallons or over 11,300L of fire retardant. The unique conformal style retardant tank used on the RJ have given it the "pregnant" 146 look that makes it stand out from the other 146 platforms in the industry. The tank is only compatible in P3D, due to FSX limitations. However, the liveries are compatible in FSX as well as P3D. The tank has been included with a blank texture as well to allow it to be attached/repainted to other versions of the 146/RJ that are not the QW product. However, this also does not guarantee a perfect fit, as the QW product was the base for the tank. But is theoretically possible, despite being untested on other versions. Tank was tested in P3Dv4 and textures tested in FSX and P3Dv4. Pack and repaints by Nicholas Mitchell, RJ85 Tank Model by Jeremy Ulloa.
Posted Mar 26, 2022 15:42 by Nicholas Mitchell
Carenado Dornier228 Scotland Airways Scair Textures
29.60Mb (87 downloads)
Fictional textures for the payware model Carenado Dornier DO228. Scair, Scotland Airways.
Posted Mar 21, 2022 03:55 by JALopezR
Just Flight Mosquito RB299 G-ASKH Textures
8.97Mb (38 downloads)
Repaint for the payware JustFlight DH98 Mosquito FB MkVI. RB299 (G-ASKH) in its final livery
Posted Mar 6, 2022 06:37 by Ash Oxley
FSX/P3D QW BAe-146-200 Airspray Texture
42.58Mb (183 downloads)
The BAe-146 has become the icon for the next generation of aerial firefighting aircraft. Currently 4 companies operate the BAe-146 and RJ85 platform. Conair, Airspray, AeroFlite, and Neptune Aviation. Airspray is the newest company to begin operating the 146. Airspray currently has a single converted BAe-146-200 with more slated for conversion. T-170 is that first aircraft operated by Airspray's US side of it's operation. All versions of the BAe-146 and RJ85 are capable of carrying up to 3,000 US Gallons or 27,000LBS of fire retardant. This repaint is specifically for the payware Quality Wings BAe-146 Package for FSX/P3D. Repaint by Nicholas Mitchell.
Posted Mar 4, 2022 23:25 by Nicholas Mitchell
21.28Mb (69 downloads)
1st Austrian Embraer 195 with latest livery. Textures for FeelThere Embraer 195 V3 (payware!) Austrian Airlines (2022) OE-LWD "Central Europe" Embraer ERJ-195LR (Embraer 190-200-LR)
Posted Mar 2, 2022 08:31 by Sebastian Gutmann
TruNorthSim Feelthere EJets Lighting Mod V2
13.54Mb (36 downloads)
The purpose of this mod is to fix several issues with the Feelthere EJets aircraft night lighting. It was created using the original EJets, not V3. This mod REPLACES my original TruNorth Simulations Feelthere EJets Lighting Mod previously found here on Simviation. -----Changes and Fixes ----- 1. Adjusted the landing lights on the aircraft models' wings, so that they no longer shine into the cockpit at night 2. Included a new beacon light effect that doesn't blink into the cockpit 3. Changed the line in each of the aircraft's configs that specifies which beacon light effect to use from fx_beaconb and fx_beaconh to fx_usethisbeacon 4. Changed the night textures of the external models of the E175, E190, and E195 to match the green glow of the E170 5. Fixed the night textures of all exernal models so that the rear passenger door handle and edges do not light up at night 6. Fixed the night textures of the E175 and E190 external models so that they light up at night when the panel light switch is on 7. Adjusted the emmisive mode of textures to display correctly in P3Dv4 8. Made changes in all aircraft.cfgs to moved the strobe lights to solve unrealistic clipping 9. Made changes to several night textures on the E195's external model to fix ugly squares, lines, and pixels from displaying all over the livery and around the windows at night. *With the fix applied, the cockpit no longer illuminates unrealistically, so long as the taxi lights are NOT turned on when the landing gear is in the raised position! BE SURE TO TURN THE TAXI LIGHTS OFF BEFORE TAKEOFF! Don't forget to visit my Facebook @TruNorthSim to leave a comment or request support!
Posted Oct 26, 2021 01:00 by TruNorthSim
Sibwings Antonov An-2 Acliva Air Textures
Sibwings Antonov An-2 Acliva Air Textures
24.08Mb (89 downloads)
FSX/P3D textures only for the payware SibWings Antonov An-2 in Acliva Air livery. Repaint by Sergey Gleba aka serg09. Link to my products on SimMarket: http://secure.simmarket.com/paintsim.mhtml
Posted Oct 20, 2021 13:10 by Sergey Gleba aka serg09
10.09Mb (142 downloads)
The Spanish air force received its first Pilatus PC21 in 2021. This fictional livery represents the PC21 with the colors of the Air Force of the Spanish Republic. Textures only for the payware Iris PC21
Posted Oct 20, 2021 03:14 by JALopezR
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