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233.54Mb (59 downloads)
Here you have first pack of 33 textures for FSX-P3D EA-18G. You need the payware model by DC Designs. In this pack: NSAWC VAQ-129 VAQ-130 VAQ-131 VAQ-132 VAQ-133 VAQ-134 VAQ-135
Posted Jun 26, 2022 01:40 by Antonio Diaz
269.81Mb (65 downloads)
Here you have second pack of 36 textures for FSX-P3D F-18F. You need the payware model by DC Designs. In this pack: VFA-103 VFA-106 VFA-122 VFA-154 VFA-211 VFA-213 VX-9 VX-23 VX-31
Posted Jun 26, 2022 01:40 by Antonio Diaz
244.46Mb (60 downloads)
Here you have first pack of 28 textures for FSX-P3D F-18F. You need the payware model by DC Designs. In this pack: VFA-2 VFA-11 VFA-22 VFA-32 VFA-41 VFA-94 VFA-102
Posted Jun 26, 2022 01:39 by Antonio Diaz
Justflight DC-8-53 Air Afrique textures
31.43Mb (53 downloads)
Just Flight DC8-53 in Air Afrique livery. For P3D V4 & V5. Not tested in FSX.
Posted Jun 24, 2022 07:26 by Norberto Febles
Cera Sim Bell 212 Forest Service Textures Pack
24.97Mb (93 downloads)
Small repaint pack I did for a few birds under contract with the Feds. You need the payware Cerasim Bell 212 in order for these to work. These will pair nicely with the helibases I have and am planning to release. Bald Mountain 517 Big Hill 516 Sierra 520 Arroyo Grande 527 Fresno County Fire Alaskan Forestry Sycuan Fire Dept on loan from USFS
Posted Jun 21, 2022 09:52 by Delta
Aerosoft OV-10 Cal Fire AA430 Fresno Textures
8.13Mb (62 downloads)
FSX/P3D textures for the Aerosoft OV-10 in the new AA430 Fresno Air Attack.
Posted Jun 17, 2022 16:22 by Delta
Flysimware Super Huey Cal Fire Repaints
Flysimware Super Huey Cal Fire Repaints
17.80Mb (88 downloads)
This is a repaint pack for the flysimware Super Huey. It covers the entire fleet. You will need the base payware Super Huey. Some have tanks, some use buckets. I tried to go by what I saw online. Also some have the bear tail and some have the California republic, depending which actually have them or not.
Posted Jun 15, 2022 02:27 by Delta
Nemeth EC135 PHI MED 4-1 Textures
Nemeth EC135 PHI MED 4-1 Textures
28.58Mb (61 downloads)
PHI repaint for the Nemeth payware EC135. This helicopter is based out of Modesto California and does medical transports.
Posted Jun 15, 2022 01:15 by Delta
Caranado  ATR 72-600 SKY Express (SX-FIT) textures
16.50Mb (33 downloads)
SKY Express (new) ATR 72-600 textures for payware Carenado A72 Series FSX/P3D.
Posted Jun 12, 2022 13:44 by Sebastian Gutmann
FSX/P3D Nemeth/Milviz CH-47 Texture and Firefighting Textures/Asset Pack
47.26Mb (257 downloads)
This package is for use with the payware Nemeth/MilViz CH-47D. The pack includes 8 firefighting liveries as well as 4 internal tank/snorkel options and a 2,000 gallon bambi bucket assets for attachment using Lorby's FireFighterX application. The CH-47 Chinook, or Boeing 234 has been used in aerial firefighting for decades. However, recently surplus airframes are being retrofitted with internal tank systems similar to those found in fixed wing counterparts. Eliminating some of the hazards/restrictions associated with the use of bambi buckets. In addition, most of the internal tanking systems range from 2,500-3,000 US gallons of water or retardant. Greatly increasing the amount that can be dropped by these large helicopters. This package includes liveries for the following operators; Billings Flying Service, California Army National Guard, Columbia Helicopters, Coulson-Unical, Helimax Aviation, and Helifor. Repaints are compatible in both FSX and P3D, but the tank and bucket assets are only compatible in P3Dv4+. Lorby SI FireFighterX and Nemeth CH-47 are required to use the contents of this download. Repaints and firefighting assets by Nicholas Mitchell.
Posted May 26, 2022 02:41 by Nicholas Mitchell
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