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Grumman F7F-3 Tanker Package for FS2004
Grumman F7F-3 Tanker Package for FS2004
67.82Mb (2750 downloads)
Grumman F7F-3 Tanker WIP Version for FS2004 by Milton Shupe, Tom Falley, Paul Beaudoin, Richard Murray, Scott Thomas, Mike Wagner (WEP Gauge), and Tanker72 and members of SOH with Sounds made especially for this F7F by Gary Jones. Functional VC model included; Accurate Flight Model by Tom Falley. Functional Wing Fold. SOH Support Forum and contact info in documentation. Tested in FSX as a portover. FSX specific FM.
Posted Jan 25, 2011 19:28 by Milton Shupe
AT-11 KANSAN Paint Kit
72.88Mb (651 downloads)
Painkit for the Beechcraft AT-11 Kansan A multilayered set of PSD files to paint Milton Shupe AT-11 Kansan; brief instructions inside. By Damian Radice.
Posted Jan 23, 2011 16:42 by Milton Shupe
Beech AT-11 KANSAN Package
Beech AT-11 KANSAN Package
78.10Mb (7998 downloads)
The Beechcraft AT-11 for MSFS2004/FS9 ACoF - VERSION 1.1 Models by Milton Shupe, panel and gauges by Scott Thomas, textures by Damian Radice, and Sounds by Gary Jones. Four models and five textures included. Damian's Paint kit and five additional international textures available.
Posted Jan 23, 2011 10:36 by Milton Shupe
AT-11 International Repaints
35.33Mb (616 downloads)
Damian Radice Five Extra International Paints for the Beech AT-11 KANSAN by Milton Shupe All textures are copyright owned by Damian Radice, Milton Shupe, or others as noted in the AT-11 Release Readme.
Posted Jan 23, 2011 10:35 by Milton Shupe
AT-11 KANSAN Replacement DXT3
20.93Mb (668 downloads)
AT-11 KANSAN DXT3 Texture Set WITH NO MIP MAPS Uploaded by Milton Shupe These 10 folders replace the original 5 distributed with the package, and the 5 extra International texture sets available by Damian Radice. The aircraft.cfg distributed in the original download or the AT-11 was setup for all 10 sets. The folders in this set each are 44MB smaller than the original folders for a savings of 440MB.
Posted Jan 23, 2011 09:58 by Milton Shupe
Embraer 120ER Brasilia Package
Embraer 120ER Brasilia Package
12.55Mb (5562 downloads)
The Brasilia went into service in 1985 and is still giving good service across the world a quarter of a century later. It is a twin turbo-prop commuter airliner with accommodation for 30 passengers. Full package for FS2004 with custom panels and VC, full moving parts and air stairs. Realistic and pleasant flight dynamics. The package includes 4 liveries. Sound package by Aaron Swindle. Model by Jean-Pierre Brisard and Bob May - Premier Aircraft Design.
Posted Jan 17, 2011 12:53 by bob.may@premaircraft.com
BN-2 Islander - Anguilla Air Services
6.35Mb (2433 downloads)
This Anguilla Air Services AAC BN2 Islander. Based in the island of Anguilla this airline serves the Northern Islands of The Caribbean. Full model including VC. BN2 Islander model by Marcel Kuhnt.
Posted Jan 15, 2011 09:27 by Kenje Thomas
FS2004 Short S.45 Solent Package ver. 3.0
14.64Mb (3101 downloads)
The Solent was a large and powerful flying boat airliner of 1946 built for BOAC and TEAL (Tasman Empire Airways Ltd). The last Solent was retired in 1960. A Solent 3 of BOAC and Solent 4's of TEAL (early and late) and Aquila Airways included. Version 3 model with much better panel and virtual cockpit. For FS2004, an FSX version is available separately. By Jens B. Kristensen
Posted Jan 5, 2011 14:26 by Jens B. Kristensen
6.78Mb (3810 downloads)
ATEC 122 ZEPHYR. A two-seat, low-wing ultralight, manufactured in the Czech Republic by ATEC v.o.s. The model is created using Gmax, with 2D cockpit, fully clickable virtual cockpit and all moving parts. Works with FS2004 and FSX. Model created by Pavel Karásek.
Posted Jan 3, 2011 05:20 by uploader
FS2004 Handley Page HP81 Hermes Package Ver 2.0
13.37Mb (2130 downloads)
The HP81 Hermes was a British airliner from 1948, used by BOAC for its African routes in the early 1950s, and then by various charter companies for the next 10 years. Five variants are included here: BOAC (early and late), Airwork, Air Safaris and Skyways. Version 2.0 for FS2004, an FSX version is available separately. By Jens B. Kristensen.
Posted Dec 27, 2010 09:05 by Jens B. Kristensen