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Alf's UK Airfields Volume 15
Alf's UK Airfields Volume 15
8.57Mb (2826 downloads)
FSX Alf's UK Airfields Volume 15. Upgrades many small UK airfields whose default versions have little or no detail. Based on Google Earth and airport guides. This volume includes Eggesford X2EG, Eshott EG18, Swansea EGFH. By Alf Denham.
Posted Feb 25, 2009 04:54 by Alf Denham
McDill AFB (KMCF), Tampa, Florida (FL)
0.11Mb (4627 downloads)
FSX McDill AFB (KMCF), Tampa, Florida (FL). Taxiways and aprons have been relocated according to Google Earth, and some buildings have been changed, taxiway designations corrected, parking added, connecting roads added, landclass and boundary fences around the airfield changed and some library objects placed (including B52s on the ramp). By Art Poole.
Posted Feb 25, 2009 03:29 by Art Poole
FSX Louisville PhotoReal Scenery Section P Update
23.12Mb (1022 downloads)
FSX Louisville PhotoReal Scenery Section P Update This contains a missing file from the high resolution, 1Meter/Pixel, terrain scenery for Louisville, Ky, section, P, which features the Floyd Knobs West of Rubber Town. Please add this file following a previous install of LouX1MP. By Jim Jones.
Required files:
required file
Posted Feb 19, 2009 16:06 by Jim Jones
Chile V.4a
0.02Mb (1016 downloads)
Upgrade Chile V.4 It includes new runway and upgrade to others (SCUN, SCVK. SCTL).It solves problem caused by SHLP in SCTB.
Posted Feb 17, 2009 21:55 by Juan Lucero
Istanbul Hezarfen Airfield LTBW Scenery.
Istanbul Hezarfen Airfield LTBW Scenery.
26.61Mb (2910 downloads)
Istanbul Hezarfen Airfield LTBW Scenery. A detailed re-creation of the Istanbul Hezarfen airfield and surroundings, for FSX (SP2). Hezarfen Airfiled is the main light GA airfield of Istanbul and is a nice start location VRF flights and flight lessons. This is a detailed scenery and it has 50cm resolution photoreal texture components, so you have to adjust your scenery and autogen settings to at least DENSE , and texture resolution settings to 30cm (or 7cm) to see the scenery in full detail. Sunay KILIC
Posted Feb 16, 2009 13:16 by Sunay KILIC
RAF Ascension Island Airport Upgrade
1.51Mb (1135 downloads)
FHAW- RAF Ascension Island Airport Upgrade. Terminal building Airport vehicles Changed one gate to heavy and one to medium. I've added a concrete section to the apron. I've made the runway the correct length by adding 9 feet. I've put in a smaller tower. I've added a windsock.
Posted Feb 16, 2009 13:02 by James Parkes
1.13Mb (4417 downloads)
Stock airports updated are: (ICAO-L23 Pahute Mesa Army Test Facility Nevada.) (ICAO-BYS Fort Irwin AAF Armory California.) (ICAO-0CL8 Tera bone yard California.) (ICAO-TNX Tonopah Missile Test Range(noflyzone) Nevada.) Nav. aids are in the simulators map.
Posted Feb 14, 2009 19:16 by Thunder
FS9/FSX Heinz Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated HQ Scenery
0.16Mb (860 downloads)
This is my first scenery built on my add-on career. The Heinz Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated Building is a fictional building, based on the Disney Channel Original Series, "Phineas and Ferb." The building is located in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, St. Louis, Tokyo, London, and Paris. By Victor Vu.
Posted Feb 13, 2009 18:58 by Victor Vu
Louisville PhotoReal Scenery Section FF
76.00Mb (1040 downloads)
FSX Louisville PhotoReal Scenery This is high resolution, 1Meter/Pixel, terrain scenery for Louisville, Ky. This section, FF, features the East Center edge of the scenery. This photoscenery is for DAY USE ONLY and will work for any season, but shows only the USGS aerial photo data taken in April 2002. The default FSX mesh works well with this photoscenery and no additional mesh for the area needs to be purchased. This scenery was designed to work with an earlier release of FSX 3D scenery available on this site named LouFX0R and LouFX1R. By Jim Jones.
Posted Feb 13, 2009 13:33 by Jim Jones
AI-Traffic F/A 18 "staffel 17" Swiss Air Force
33.78Mb (4555 downloads)
You will see the "Staffel 17" of the Swiss Air Force on your FSX-Sky? No problem! Download this file (and the Airport LSMP Payerne above) and follow the instructions in the readme file, and you have 11 F/A 18 of the Swiss Air Force on your sky! They fly every day at 12:30 (GMZ) on Payerne to Zürich and back!
Posted Feb 13, 2009 08:36 by Nils Stampfli