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0.01Mb (1886 downloads)
My first experience (V.0) with scenery created in ADE for FSX. Previously I worked with " Airport for Windows " for FS98 and FS 2004 those who were never shared.In this opportunity I want to share this experience with the fanatics of Flight Simulator. Adds runways not included in FSX and upgrade existing others runways in FSX of Chile.I wait they be useful. SCTB (Eulogio Sánchez,SCEK Chépica, SCMN Paine-Mansel,SCPM Pichilemu,SCSD San Fernando. SCUZ (Santa Cruz-Aerosantacruz)
Posted Jun 27, 2008 16:51 by archive
FSX Napa County Airport (KAPC)
0.29Mb (3212 downloads)
This is a scenery update for Napa County airport in Northern California. Taxiways, runways, and parking were all updated using real satellite images from Google Earth for almost complete accuracy. Some objects from the default FSX scenery libraries were updated. View Readme file for installation and notes. Compiled using Airport Design Editor. By Phillip Coyle.
Posted Jun 27, 2008 14:12 by archive
3.43Mb (2398 downloads)
FSX Snow Dog Tours, Part V “The North Pole”. After installation, (6) six “Ice Stations” will be added to your scenery. From Wiley Post - Will Rogers use you GPS and fly to the following…. a. Ice Station Kilo (VOR: NP1) b. Ice Station Lima (VOR: NP2) c. Ice Station Mike (VOR: NP3) d. Ice Station Romeo (VOR: NP4) e. Ice Station Tango (VOR: NP5) f. The North Pole (VOR: NP6). FLIGHTS - Didn’t do them this time….needed the space. You should be able to find each of the sceneries with the information provided above! Chris “MoCat” Carel
Posted Jun 27, 2008 11:32 by archive
FSX Shelter Cove Airport (0Q5)
0.28Mb (3023 downloads)
This updates the Shelter Cove airport in Northern California. This airport is situated directly off the beautiful California coastline. Real satellite images were used from Google Earth for accuracy. Objects from the default FSX scenery libraries were added. This includes the historic lighthouse of Shelter Cove. View Readme file for installation and notes. Compiled using Airport Design Editor. By Phillip Coyle.
Posted Jun 25, 2008 15:56 by archive
                  Airport Ground Texture Upgrade
1.77Mb (13555 downloads)
FSX Airport Ground Texture Upgrade.These new textures enhance your default airport ground textures. The package contains all new highly detailed taxiway textures, ground textures and all new taxiway line textures. The new ground textures give a more realistic illusion of rocks, grass, etc. Autogen as well as taxiways, will now look more realistic since they are no longer over a low resolution file. By Gamalier Padilla. 1.8MB
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:16 by archive
                  Italy Regions Ground Textures Fix.
0.19Mb (5199 downloads)
FSX Italy Regions Ground Textures Fix. Scenery modifying the regions for Italy and nearby countries. This scenery corrects the FSX bug, and Italy is no more a desert country. Frame rate very friendly. By Francesco Mandelli. 193K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:16 by archive
                  Lost Angeles South East Scenery Package.
60.67Mb (7757 downloads)
FSX/FS2004 Lost Angeles South East Scenery Package. This is the fourth and final part of my LA-basin sceneries. It works equally well in FS2004 and FSX. This package covers the area east of my Southern Los Angeles Scenery, containing the airports Los Alamitos (SLI), John Wayne (SNA) and the beautiful coast along Huntington-, Newport- and Laguna Beach. Together with the other three volumes you get full coverage of the LA-basin. The scenery in standard FS2004-resolution of 4.7m/pixel. Gottfried Razek/ 62.1MB
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:16 by archive
                  KMHV Mojave Airport v2.0.
0.37Mb (3367 downloads)
FSX/FS2004 KMHV Mojave Airport v2.0. This remote former World War II desert airfield has developed some very interesting and unusual features. It is a center for civilian aviation R&D, a major aircraft storage and scrap yard (possibly the largest nonmilitary graveyard in the country), a busy film site, and is the home of the National Test Pilot School, the largest civilian test pilot school in the world. Also located here is Burt Rutan's Scaled Composites company, where many innovative aircraft designs have been conceived and constructed. Mojave Airport is also where many commercial carriers store surplus or otherwise in- limbo airliners. There are currently around 90 airplanes waiting to be sold, repaired or reused here, including several 747s. This file has been designed to work on both FS2004 and FS-X platforms.. 378K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:16 by archive
                  Resized/Reworded Autogen Textures.
7.43Mb (6152 downloads)
FSX Resized/Reworded Autogen Textures. I have resized and reworded all the files included in this zip file mainly because I was unable to fly using any "Autogen" what so ever. As a result of the work I have done on these files I can now use my Autogen which I have set at 60% and have also gained 6fps on my Test Computer. Ian Thatcher. 7.6MB
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:16 by archive
FSX                   Canary Islands.
31.44Mb (10983 downloads)
FSX Canary Islands. Version 1 Scenario for FsX Scenery VFR and IFR that it highlights the physical details of the islands Practically to 100%, adapted to FsX. The islands include (from largest to smallest): Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro, La Graciosa, Alegranza, Isla de Lobos, Montaña Clara, Roque del Este and Roque del Oeste. Toni Agramont. 32.2MB
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:16 by archive