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FS2004/FSX/P3D DXTFixerX Utility v2.3
0.20Mb (1066 downloads)
This tool fixes the stutters and slow texture loading caused by dxt3 and dxt5 textures that are missing an active alpha channel. The bug occurs when developers use Imagetool to convert a 32bit bitmap files with a 100% opaque (white) alpha channel to DXT3 or DXT5. This causes stuttering in FS2004 (FS9). It's not as big of a problem in FSX/P3D as they mainly use DDS compression, but it's still good practice to use DXTFixerX here as well, as 3rd party addons might have these faulty textures anyway. This tool simply and quickly scans your installation and fixes any faulty textures. You can also scan for errors without making any changes to any files. Results of the scan will be viewable in a log file. By Peter Nyman (neumanix).
Posted Mar 1, 2021 01:50 by lastivka
FSX/P3D Gauge-Checker
3.56Mb (628 downloads)
Gauge-Checker is a Windows program that verifies the availability of the Microsoft FSX Flight Simulator "gauges" (for the standard type in SimObjects folder: Airplanes, Rotorcraft, etc.) used in this environment. It search for panel.cfg's files and is able to report the full path where the gauge item is stored along with its duplicates, if found. A list of unused gauges is also reported when the user run the program over all the SimObjects folders. The program doesn't perform any operation on the files.
Posted Sep 1, 2020 01:10 by Vincenzo Mercolino - geniX Software
VFR Circuit Pattern
0.04Mb (370 downloads)
A little Windows program to show the compass heading for each leg of a VFR Pattern. Just enter the runway heading and your get headings for Left & Right patterns.
Posted Aug 13, 2020 07:33 by Graeme Stokes
P3D FSX FS2004 Flight Analyzer Utility V6.19 SHAREWARE
P3D FSX FS2004 Flight Analyzer Utility V6.19 SHAREWARE
3.90Mb (285 downloads)
FSX Flight Analyzer Utility FsQC V6.19 Flight Data Recorder - with Logbook. ----- Now with a graphical Chart from the entire flight. ------ Also Prepar3D, FS2004 and FSX Steam supported. Very easy to use, just make a flight plan in the simulator or in this utility. (But please read the readme.txt file) What this program does: quickly change the settings of P3D/FSX/FS2004, such as time, date, fuel, weight, traffic etc. Start a failure sytem, such as gear, flaps, engine, etc. runway detecting system to see wich runways are in use. Quickly look at Airport Info for all possible info such as: ILS, Radio, RW length, Elevation, etc, etc. This is all fully freeware. Only Limited demo for: The flight analyzing/data recording, Logbook and the PDF Flightreport. Flight analysis start recording at the moment when you begin taxiing. It gives you huge information such as: - takeoff- and landing-weight. - takeoff- and landing-roll in m. and ft. - separate fuel consumption in taxi, climb, cruise and descent. - maximum banking in flight. - which speed you using the flaps and gear. - when autopilot on or off. - vertical speed on touchdown. - reverser set after landing. - wich speed you cancel reverser. - bouncing at landing. - graphical landingchart. - and lots of more. You can better look the example of the pdf document. Requirements: Computer with Windows7 or higher and internet access.(XP also supported look in the help/manual) Flightsimulator P3D FSX or 2004 and FSUIPC installed. Note: requires paid activation for full use of the Flight Analyzer. Register and you have 1 month free. Program fully works without registration at airport Athens and Iraklion (Greece). By Evander Tholen.
Posted Jul 27, 2020 15:42 by Evander Tholen
0.23Mb (669 downloads)
The Updated Magnetic Variation data package provides an updated set of Magdec.bgl files (2020) for FS9, FSX and P3D. New values have been calculated according to the exact WMM2020 mathematical model at epox 1/1/2020. Replacing the default magdec.bgl file with the one provided will result in a better fit between displayed headings and current data. Install instructions are included. by Herve Sors
Posted Apr 6, 2020 00:33 by Alec
0.11Mb (1461 downloads)
Lighting effect for FSX. This ENB gives a smash to your colours, and doesn't effect the FPS in your FSX at all! It makes your FSX look heavenly! Enjoy flying in this ENB! Install Instructions: Copy everything in the file downloaded to your FSX directory
Posted Mar 6, 2020 18:07 by Bill Johnston
446.58Mb (428 downloads)
SHAREWARE: FSTramp 8.12 for P3D, FSX(-SE) and X-Plane 11 (Win) is not an independent application but a plugin with 3D map, flight planner and FMS. The FMS relies on the aircraft's autopilot or the autopilot built into FSTramp and automatically flies from runway to runway. The map shows real elevation data and is independent of the internet. Fully usable freeware for 20 sessions. After that, a license key is required.
Posted Nov 20, 2019 10:03 by Helge Shroder
28.21Mb (1519 downloads)
Detailed user manual included. Contains two functions that are useful for ground-based operations: * Pushback. Allows user to control the pushback tug, and receive visual feedback regarding speed and turn direction. * Taxi AutoThrottle. Works similar to an in-flight autothrottle, but meant for taxiing. No more fiddling with throttle controls to find that sweet spot! Throttle levers are uniformly and smoothly operated. No more fiddling with throttle controls to ensure uniform thrust! Version 1.4 greatly improves the performance of the autothrottle and includes many minor fixes and additions. Please see the user manual for details.
Posted Nov 11, 2019 08:19 by william ruppel
28.04Mb (214 downloads)
Detailed user manual included. For each aircraft control surface selected, AxisViewer will show the position of the joystick axis attached to the control surface, and the actual position of the control surface according to FSX/P3D. The benefits are: * Positive feedback on Control Surface Position. Ever ask yourself "Self, just what is that autopilot/autothrottle doing, anyway?!" * Allow you to manually adjust the Axis Positions to match the Control Surface Positions, so that you don't get a nasty surprise (for example, sudden change in thrust) when the autopilot and/or autothrottle is disengaged. * Verification of joystick functioning and range of motion. * Clear indication of when "dead zones" are entered. You will see the Control Surface Position "snap" to a particular value as the Axis Position approaches the dead zone. Version 1.5 adds minor fixes and transparency. See the user manual for details.
Posted Nov 11, 2019 08:18 by william ruppel
FCA - Flight Connection Analyzer
FCA - Flight Connection Analyzer
1.14Mb (162 downloads)
Flight Connection Analyzer is an easy and comfortable tool to extract and present data like airport visiting frequencies, connected airport pairs, and use of aircraft models and airlines from your flight record, either directly from the FSX logbook or from an external source.
Posted Nov 4, 2019 11:54 by Mario Kassmann
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