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106.13Mb (245 downloads)
LONG AWAITED IL-8 WITH NIGHT COCKPIT WINDOW TRANSPARENCY FIX Fixes to Edgar Guinart’s port from the original Russian model included the following: - Making the plane flyable at night from the 3D panel - Adding VOR controls from Edgar Guinart’s ALBA IL-18X model - Fixing the broken VOR OBS control, now both course and direction indication works - Installing a more authentic autopilot panel (from AN12). The original autopilot is kept in one of the unused windows If someone prefers to install that one, even though its rather flaky and lacks full functionality. - Adding the engine start 2D panel from Edgar Guinart’s ALBA IL-18 model - Fixing the stuck mouse acceleration issue caused by one of the BI panel switches which made 1 degree increments impossible. To get times 10 click acceleration now use right mouse key clicks on the VOR and Autopilot panels. - Aligning engine smoke with the engine exhausts - Moving the Pilot panel to its traditional place. Use the standard F10 and F9 keys to select the 2D/3D cockpit views Read the included Word Doc please.
Posted Feb 24, 2024 20:12 by Arpad Polan
FSX Default Bell 206B Okanagan Helicopters Textures
7.27Mb (61 downloads)
This is a paint Of Okanagan helicopters C-FOKN as it appeared in the 1970's.In the 70's Okanagan was one of the largest global Companies at the time. In the 80's it was absorbed by and became part of Canadian Helicopters...one of the largest helicopter companies operating today. Textures for the default FSX B206B
Posted Feb 24, 2024 17:25 by Bruce G Miller
Airbus A319-100 Qantaslink
73.43Mb (318 downloads)
Airbus A319-100 Qantaslink. Model by Project Airbus. Included the default Airbus A320 VC updated by Collin MacKenzie. Textures by Peter M.
Posted Feb 23, 2024 08:44 by uploader
6.48Mb (111 downloads)
FSX AirJapan Boeing 787-8 AGS-5G. Night lights reflection on the ground has been added to my moving vehicle headlights and red brake lights in this AGS 5th generation update (Animated Ground Servicing). N.B. Aircraft Taxi Lights must be "on" to see the effect. Aircraft, panel, ground animations, night effect and paint by Camil Valiquette. ( CamSim )
Posted Feb 22, 2024 17:52 by Camil Valiquette
FSX/P3D Airbus A300-B4F KUZU Cargo livery (TC-KZY)
41.96Mb (116 downloads)
FSX/P3D Airbus A300-B4F KUZU Cargo livery (TC-KZY). Model, virtual cockpit and gauges by Thomas Ruth. Kuzu Airlines Cargo, went a Turkish cargo airline (at present ULS Cargo) headquartered in Istanbul. It operates international freight services only with A310. Full pack with model and livery. Repaint by Norberto Febles.
Posted Feb 22, 2024 16:49 by Norberto Febles
FSX Piper Cherokee Classic Repaints
21.50Mb (199 downloads)
Four repaints of the Piper PA-140 including the Cherokee 2K2X model assembled by Ronald Prindle from the original by Rien Cornelissen and other contributors for flight in FSX. In addition to the repaints, I added landing touchdown effects, made the autopilot visible on the panel at startup, and increased engine power from 150hp to 160hp to make the airplane just a few knots faster in cruise (but don't expect miracles). Repaints by R.E. Wyman.
Posted Feb 21, 2024 05:40 by R.E. Wyman
FSX Default 206B LAPD Textures
8.49Mb (99 downloads)
This paint is based on the actual aircraft Reg N664PD of the LAPD based in Los Angeles, California.I've added my upgraded instument panel to give it a more lived in look. Textures for the default FSX Bell 206B
Posted Feb 21, 2024 00:57 by Bruce G Miller
203.61Mb (269 downloads)
Here comes my current project after a long construction period with lots of details for the FSX (Please test P3d yourself) EDDM-Munich after the renovation with the new terminal currently 2024 and current buildings................. So enjoy the many details and start or land in Munich...... Downloads will be available soon on Simvation.com, Avsim or Flightsim. Jamaica's FSX channel wishes you a lot of fun... and of course freeware like all my airports................ Installation: Copy the EDDM-Munich Scenery folder into the FSX addon folder, the FSX start go to settings, scenery library, add area, press OK, the same applies to the EZ Object Library folder + the 3DPeople_Lib folder if you haven't activated it yet. This means you can see extra buildings, people and lots of details. Find out more about it on my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7vHXQMa3hhU2iGtODXlkHw/ videos Support: Questions and help on my YouTube channel or by email to jam_aika@hotmail.de And now have fun in Munich Jamaica
Posted Feb 19, 2024 12:06 by Wagner Ewald alias Jamaika
FSX Airbus A318neo British Airways package
145.40Mb (399 downloads)
FSX Airbus A318neo British Airways package. First of all, I'll address the elephant in the room. No, the A318neo doesn't exist. However, some airlines have shown an interest in a re-engined A318. Not only would this complete the A320neo family; it would also result in reduced training costs for airlines, greater passenger comfort, and more spaces on routes between smaller airports. I decided to use the British Airways livery for the first ever A318neo, as they were one of the A318's most famous operators, flying it from London City Airport to New York. Model by Project Airbus with NEO engine mod by Dbob using Bret Herman's PW engine model. Updated VC by Speedbird77 with built in FMC by Garret Smith. PW1100G sounds included. Textured, packaged and produced by Dbob.
Posted Feb 18, 2024 19:33 by Dbob
FSX Airbus A321-271NY XLR airBaltic package
149.92Mb (256 downloads)
FSX Airbus A321-271NY XLR airBaltic package. airBaltic is Latvia's flag carrier , based at Riga International Airport (EVRA). Their fleet currently consists of 47 A220-300s. The airline's CEO has expressed an interest in the XLR, claiming that it will allow the airline to fly transatlantic routes from the Baltic states, using a similar cabin configuration to jetBlue. Model by Project Airbus with NEO engine mod by Bret Herman. Updated VC by Speedbird77 with built in FMC by Garret Smith. PW1100G sounds included. Textured by Dbob. Already includes the model fix. This aircraft also has an Increased fuel capacity to represent the Forward Additional Centre Tank, increased MTOW and Max Gross Weight for the new fuel tank, increased thrust for the PW1100G engines, and a higher bypass ratio for more realistic fuel efficiency.
Posted Feb 18, 2024 14:08 by Dbob
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