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FSX Aero Arctic Milviz Bell 407 Refined Textures
8.33Mb (36 downloads)
This is a fictional livery of the Milviz Bell 407 in Aero Arctic colors. Aero Arctic is or was a helicopter company based in Yellowknife, NWT, Canada.
Required files:
required file
Posted Mar 30, 2024 22:19 by Bruce G Miller
Alpine Helicopters Milviz Bell 407 Textures
10.97Mb (40 downloads)
This is a paint of C-FALF ( actual), OF Alpine Helicopters. --Alpine Helicopters is a pioneering leader in the Canadian rotary wing industry. Commencing operations in Calgary, Alberta in 1961, Alpine has grown to have seven permanent bases located throughout British Columbia and Alberta, from which it operates its fleet of 40 helicopters. Requires the Milviz freeware Bell 407
Required files:
required file
Posted Mar 27, 2024 21:50 by Bruce G Miller
FSX Default Bell 206B Okanagan Helicopters Textures
7.27Mb (61 downloads)
This is a paint Of Okanagan helicopters C-FOKN as it appeared in the 1970's.In the 70's Okanagan was one of the largest global Companies at the time. In the 80's it was absorbed by and became part of Canadian Helicopters...one of the largest helicopter companies operating today. Textures for the default FSX B206B
Posted Feb 24, 2024 17:25 by Bruce G Miller
FSX Default 206B LAPD Textures
8.49Mb (99 downloads)
This paint is based on the actual aircraft Reg N664PD of the LAPD based in Los Angeles, California.I've added my upgraded instument panel to give it a more lived in look. Textures for the default FSX Bell 206B
Posted Feb 21, 2024 00:57 by Bruce G Miller
Dolphin HH-65A Maritim Malaysia
11.88Mb (246 downloads)
Dolphin HH-65A Maritim Malaysia. Original model by Antti Pankkonen.
Posted Dec 16, 2023 20:53 by ABD MU'IZ ABD RHANI
FSX/P3D Aero Arctic Milviz UH1C Redux Textures
10.33Mb (111 downloads)
This is a paint of Aero Arctics Bell 204,C-GEAP, based on the real aircraft and the Milviz UH1C model. I have included my upgraded panel as well.Aero Arctic is a helicpter company based in yellowknife, NWT, Canada.
Required files:
required file
Posted Nov 8, 2023 15:01 by Bruce G Miller
FSXP3D McDermott Aviation Milviz UH1C Redux HD Textures
8.56Mb (69 downloads)
This is a paint based on McDermott Aviation's Bell 204B1,VH-LIY. McDermott Aviation is Australia's largest privately owned helicopter company and are industry leaders in helicopter lifting services, aerial fire fighting, aerial application, and various emergency applications such as Search and Rescue, natural disaster assistance, crew deployment and salvage operations. Paint includes my upgraded instrument panel.
Milviz UH1 Redux (FSX/PdD4+)
Posted Oct 11, 2023 00:09 by Bruce G Miller
FSX/P3D Milviz Bell 407 Reach Air Medical Repaint Pack
67.26Mb (162 downloads)
This is a repaint pack for the now freeware Milviz Bell 407, it works in both FSX and P3D. Total of 7 repaints covering all the Reach birds of the 407 model. N40RX, N41RX, N42RX, N43RX, N45RX, N48RX, and N507MT.
Milviz Bell 407 (FSX/PdD4+)
Posted Oct 4, 2023 02:35 by Delta
FSX/P3D Okanagan Helicopters CF-OKY_Milviz UH1C Redux_HD Textures
9.54Mb (84 downloads)
This is a paint of Okanagan Helicopters bell 204B,CF-OKY (Actual}, as it appeared back in the 70's. Okanagan Helicopters Started in 1947 in Penticton BC, Canada with one 2 seater helicopter, a Bell 47-B3, CF-FZX, and 3 employees. Carl Agar, ex RCAF flight instructor, Alfred “Alf” Stringer, a 25 year old airplane mechanic, ex RCAF, and Arnold “Barney” Bent, ex RCAF flight Instructor, started the Company as a Crop Dusting Operation in Penticton. By Dec 1958 they had 54 helicopters. By the 70's they became one of the worlds largest Companies and operated aound the globe. Repaint of the Milviz UH1.
Milviz UH1 Redux (FSX/PdD4+)
Posted Sep 30, 2023 20:49 by Bruce G Miller
FSX Bell 206B Heli Gotthard
32.49Mb (144 downloads)
Bell 206B repainted as a JetRanger operated by Heli Gotthard helicopter service of Switzerland. File contains default FSX B206B model, repainted by R.E. Wyman.
Posted Sep 12, 2023 17:19 by R.E. Wyman
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