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FSX/Accel/FS2004/P3d.V3 AI-Fleet Oiler Caliente With Refuel tube
FSX/Accel/FS2004/P3d.V3 AI-Fleet Oiler Caliente With Refuel tube
6.65Mb (504 downloads)
FSX/Accel/FS2004/P3d.V3 AI-Fleet oiler USS Caliente AO53. This vessel is a tanker of the US Navy, based on the cimarron-class from 1939. It has the original length of 169 m whilst the USS Mispillion (available from Earl Watkins) and seven more other ships became "jumboized" between 1964 and 67 with an extended length of 30 m and almost double capacity. USS Caliente served until 1973. My ai-ships are reworked models from Earl Watkins, one is ready to supply another vessel with a fueltube ready for refueling. This ai-vessels are supposed to be used with the great tool "Aicarriers2.zip" from Lamont Clark. Since my navbridge I use personaly is a copyrighted 360 degree look around panel I can not provide my pilotable version to the public, sorry! Original Mispillion (MDL & textures) by Earl Watkins, reworked and shortend by Erwin Welker.
Posted Jul 9, 2018 05:01 by Erwin Welker
Approach Callouts for FSX and P3D
1.72Mb (1080 downloads)
Approach CallOuts consists of two Lua scripts and a sound folder with wav files that work together to provide altitude, gear and flap settings, and approach minimums (Decision Height) audio callouts on an approach to landing. The altitude callouts are at Radio Altimeter (RA) heights of 2000, 1000, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100, 50, 40, 30, 20, and 10 ft. At 800ft RA (a user settable value) you get a callout of current flap and gear positions. There is no gear callout if the aircraft has a fixed gear. The minimums callout may be based on a RA or BARO (MSL) altitude. A registered (payware) copy of FSUIPC is required to execute the Lua scripts.
Posted Feb 16, 2018 18:47 by Al Klayton
P3d Upgrade Package For Eleven Pilotable Passenger Ships
P3d Upgrade Package For Eleven Pilotable Passenger Ships
89.93Mb (428 downloads)
P3d upgrade package for eleven of the best pilotable passenger ships, originally proposed for FS2004 or FSX. Tested in P3d 3.5.5 only! The upgrade consist of new panel- effect- and camera configuration for compatibility to P3d 3.5. Some of the ships has original virtual nav bridges, some FSX native Interior nav bridges and one is without a virtual nav bridg. Seven of the ships are completly included, the other four has to be downloaded from original source due to copyrights but I include my upgrades. Filenames and links are included. You can find all at Flightsim.com, Simviation.com or fs-shipyards.org. This ships are prepared for P3d: Wappen von Hamburg, MS Artania, Disney Magic, Le France, QueenMary2, Freedom of the Seas, Rhapsody of the Seas, MS Funchal, MS Deutschland, Costa Favalosa, Le Boreal and MSC Sinfonia. All ships has up to thirty decks- extra external- and virtual nav-bridge views. Models by Mitsuya Hamaguchi, Henrik Nielsen, Fausto Yturria and Erwin Welker. Sound and Effects by different authors. 2D Panels, effect- and camera configuration by Erwin Welker.
Posted Jan 3, 2018 03:41 by Erwin Welker
FSX/P3D McCoy Ground Landing Effect v4.1B
FSX/P3D McCoy Ground Landing Effect v4.1B
121.14Mb (2739 downloads)
McCoy Ground Landing Effect v4.1B for both FSX & P3D v4.1. This package replaces six effects, Dirt, Touchdown, WheelWetSpray, WheelSnowSpray, WetEngineWash & SnowEngineWash. Five levels of intensity are offered for the first four effects, the last two EngineWash effects come in one, two & four engine adjustable configurations for both jet & propeller aircraft. Improvements include wind effect for secondary snow & rain mist, thrust EnginWash effects for dirt, softened dust & mist effects with lenghtened lifespans, reworked vortex effects, engine & emitter numbers are now the same, simplified instructions, corrected typos in v4.1 & six more pre-sets have been added. I'm now including pre-sets for the 737, 747, 777, 787, A380, Baron 58, DCH-6, F-16, F-35A, KingAir 350, L-049, Lear 45 and the Skyhawk 172. Single engine aircrafts should work well with out any adjustments. Wheel Effects have been re-positioned, Blast & some Wheel Effects have been adjusted for color, size, density & speed. These effects can be used in any combination so every aircraft can be easily dialed-in. By Vince McCoy, Copyright 2017 all rights reserved. Previous versions 14632 downloads
Posted Dec 18, 2017 18:29 by Vince McCoy
	Implementing Prepar3D SIDS and STARS V1.4
	Implementing Prepar3D SIDS and STARS V1.4
130.86Mb (250 downloads)
This ZIP-file contains all Information and Examples for creating Standard Instrument Departures (SIDS) and Standard Arrival Routes (STARS) for Lockheed Martin Prepard3D begining from Version 1.2, Version 2 and Version 3. This Capability has been implemented with Version 1.2 but is hardly known by the Flight Simmer Community. This is just a very basic paper on that subject with simple samples. Learn how to create SIDs and STARs with Prepar3D On-board-Tools. Works also with 3rd Party-Addon-Sceneries, find out how! Includes real (!) working Samples for some Alaskan Airports: PACV, PAFA, PAFE, PAGS, PAHO, PAJN, PAKT, PAKW, PAPG, PASI, PAVD, PAWD, PAWG, PAYA. Includes now Approaches for PAVD and PAWD! Get to know that Airport Design Editor can also be used to Design STARs and SIDs! Compiled and prepared by Conrad F. Staeheli
Posted Nov 26, 2017 11:08 by uploader
Project Airbus A321 Hotfix v20170922
Project Airbus A321 Hotfix v20170922
0.01Mb (215 downloads)
This hotfix is only for the Project Opensky A321 if you installed my recent Airbus Megapack Modified Configs v20170921 for FSX/P3Dv4. This hotfix addresses the NAV/GPS button not working correctly on the dash.
Posted Sep 22, 2017 08:29 by JackRiordan
Project Airbus A320 Family Megapack Modified Configs v20170921 FSX/P3Dv4
0.27Mb (415 downloads)
This package contains ALL of my updated Aircraft and Panel config files for the A318, A319, A320CFM, A320IAE, and A321 included in the Airbus A320 Family Megapack by Project Airbus. I rewrote these files to fix various issues that my VA members and I found when flying them. The Morse code sound now works properly. A321 deicing is working again. I have also integrated a few addons into the Panel config as well, including the freeware Flightdeck SFX Panel, the payware EasyFMC, and the payware REX Advantage Radar. You must have legit versions of the payware installed to see those popup panels. No aircraft are included. This is just the config files. Installation instructions are in the README. Change notes are in the config files. This download replaces ALL previous config packages uploaded by me. FSX and P3Dv4 compatible. Enjoy!
Required files:
required file
Posted Sep 21, 2017 21:48 by JackRiordan
GPWS folder
0.19Mb (1270 downloads)
GPWS is an option in my of my uploads but sometimes missed out of the file. This should be unzipped and the GPWS FOLDER placed in the MAIN SOUNDS folder in FSX or P3D
Posted Sep 8, 2017 07:08 by chris evans
McCoy Water Landing Effect v4
McCoy Water Landing Effect v4
99.37Mb (1166 downloads)
McCoy Water Landing Effect v4 for both FSX & P3D v4. These effects are individually assigned to a specific aircraft or boat overriding both FSX & P3D's default wake. Five effects of various sizes are included. Visually v4 looks a lot like v3.2 but some improvements have been made such as a compatibility fix of surface decals and airborne particles when subjected to wind, re-direction and velocity adjustments of the splash effect, a greatly simplified installation for P3D v4 and the first update for FSX since v2.0. A short video is included to demonstrate each size. Although intended for aircraft these effects can be used on boats 38 feet or smaller. Sound file included by Vince McCoy.
Posted Sep 1, 2017 18:18 by Vince McCoy
McCoy Helicopter Landing Effect v4
91.43Mb (956 downloads)
McCoy Helicopter Landing Effect v4 for both FSX & P3D v4. This package replaces the default rotor-wash effect for dirt and water, five sets of various sizes are included and can be used in any combination. These effects are individually assigned to a specific helicopter overriding both FSX & P3D's default effects. These effects will not detach and lift off the surface when the aircraft climes above a specific height. Some improvements over v3.4b include the removal of two emitters for better frame rates, adjustments that remove the wind effect appearing in waves, a simplified installation and all emitters have had their scale, velocity, density, offsets and colors adjusted for a more realistic appearance by Vince McCoy, 04/04/2017.
Posted Aug 12, 2017 03:53 by Vince McCoy
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