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Empire  Sky Zeppelin Sky Base
Empire  Sky Zeppelin Sky Base
11.50Mb (921 downloads)
Be the envy of every 1930`s super villain on the block with your very own 12000 ft long Zeppelin Skybase. Art Deco design elements, an airport large enough for a wing of B-36`s, and a stol-port on top. Ran out of steam on this one, but it`s still lots of fun, looks great in a sky full of cumulus cloud. animated 200 ft contra props, night mapped. For use with AICarriers2.
Posted Jan 27, 2016 02:26 by LLS
Hungus mecha transporter FSX
1.33Mb (388 downloads)
This is a basic giant mecha-battletech type thing, hard deck, helio pad, hangar bay and ramp. Something to bomb from orbit, or to schlep a spaceship or a mecha. Threw out my source files accidentally, so never really get to finish it. More fun FSX AI Carriers2 toys.
Posted Jan 27, 2016 02:07 by LLS
FSX SH-2 and SH-3 plane guards
FSX SH-2 and SH-3 plane guards
4.20Mb (572 downloads)
AICarriers2 planeguards, SH-3 Seaking, Sh-2C and SH-2F Seasprites, animated rotors, textures mapped and at a suitable rez for re-painting. A bit better than total crapolla, but the price is right, and they look all right on station.
Posted Jan 27, 2016 02:02 by LLS
FSX Submarines Agosta and Daphne classes
FSX Submarines Agosta and Daphne classes
2.07Mb (397 downloads)
Marine Nationale SSK's of the Agosta and Daphne classes, for AI Carriers2 or similar. These models are pretty simple, and may be converted to scenery or whatnot
Posted Jan 27, 2016 01:55 by LLS
Sov Subs Xray-II, Echo II November
Sov Subs Xray-II, Echo II November
6.07Mb (550 downloads)
Wacky fsx stuff - I whacked together a soviet-style submarine aircraft carrier for the Native Yak-36 and -38, available at sim out house. Hard deck and hangar, also included, a redone EchoII SSGN-also hard deck, and a overhauled November SSN. For AICarriers2, or whatnot.
Posted Jan 27, 2016 01:51 by LLS
FSX USS SSBN-598 George Washington
3.33Mb (522 downloads)
USS SSBN-598 George Washington, the first modern SSBN. For AI Carriers2, or conversion for use in scenery or what not. Cleaning old files from HD!
Posted Jan 27, 2016 01:35 by LLS
FSX Bomb, Atomic, Mk-4, Mod0
0.15Mb (1007 downloads)
A drop-able object for FSX, modeled specifically for the new Virtavia AJ-2 Savage. The Mk-4 was the first production nuclear weapon, arming the P2V-3, AJ, B-29, B-45, B-50, and other bombers during the post-war period. Utilizing the 64 point implosion geometry and physics package of the Y-1563 Mk-3 Fatman, the Mk-4 used ruggedized electronics, improved radar fuses, and a mechanical IFIE arm and safeing system. The bomb case was significantly improved over the miserable ballistic qualities of the Mk-1 and -2 bombs, improving accuracy. default conventional effect, Airforce and Navy versions. Use only as directed, aim away from face, Try not to blow up the world.
Posted Jan 27, 2016 01:25 by LLS
2001, a Space Odyssey Orion clipper orbital version
2001, a Space Odyssey Orion clipper orbital version
25.18Mb (1375 downloads)
This is a 'space mod' adding some heat to Piglets Orion, a first stage F-1 flyback booster and droptanks to Mr. Conrad's Orion Clipper nuclear spaceplane. 3 variants, vertical launched flyback booster, with and with out external reaction mass tanks, and a HOTOL version with the 'overburger' drop-tanks, some new military and civil skins.
Posted Jan 26, 2016 01:30 by LLS
FSX native Martin X-24A/C/Titan IIIC- Liftingbody
FSX native Martin X-24A/C/Titan IIIC- Liftingbody
49.00Mb (1784 downloads)
Piglet's X-24 in FSX native format, with some heat! X-24A version and X-24C orbital version. Orbital version in 4 versions, Heavy Titan IIIC, LEO Titan III, sub-orbital Titan III/Centaur, and orbital with OMS. Model also has a animated drag chute added on all versions. Includes some AIcarriers2 toys, a Titan instant launch complex so you are not tied to Canaveral or Vandenberg, a 'Blue Nerva' military spacecraft orbital 'mothership'. See readme file. X-24, by Tim Conrad. space gauge by Rob Barendregt. TitanIII/IIIC/suborbital Titan-Centaur, Centaur OMS and incidental AI models, FSX conversion and mods by Y.T. Based on various drawings and a Bob McCall painting for the proposed orbital X-24C/D. The airforce had planed for this craft to replace the X-20 Dynasoar. AICarriers2 and the railway Valley scenery package highly recommended. See readme files for instructions, please! You don't want to go dumb around RFNA and Aerozine50!
Posted Jan 25, 2016 02:48 by LLS
FSX Ship Of The Line HMS Victory
FSX Ship Of The Line HMS Victory
15.49Mb (1110 downloads)
FSX package with Admiral Nelson's flagship HMS Victory in the configuration and in the colors of the Battle of Cape Trafalgar in 1805. This famous ship can be visited in Portsmouth/Great Britain. The package provides one pilotable version with default sails, one with twelve additional stunsails and an ai-version, supposed to be used with the great tool "ai-carriers2" or for ai-traffic. The pilotable boat has thirtyeight animated guns, a royal Navy crew and is almost complete rigged with hundreds of ropes. Twentyseven cameras let you explore the whole ship: The deck, below the decks and you can enjoy the sailors views from high above in the masts. FSDS 3.5 model and configuration made by Erwin Welker
Posted Jan 18, 2016 07:54 by Erwin Welker