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FSX                   Adventure flight Lost DC3.
0.81Mb (1636 downloads)
FSX Adventure flight Lost DC3. After 55 years, experienced Bush pilots are required by the Bolivian AF to help find a DC-3 lost in a storm over the Andes 55 years ago!!!!.....The pay is juicy but the danger is as great as putting your head in the guillotine. Many pilots from all over the globe have arrived in Cochabamba to meet the challenge. Seņorita Lt. Hilda Baroon is the guide. Much secrecy has gathered around this operation and a newspaper is suggesting that the plane was carrying some WW2 secret weapon. Are you participating? or will you wait and see other pilot find the plane and collect the boot??? Besides Christmas is near and all pilots buy presents!!!!the Muula$$$ will be welcomed...... Gera Godoy C. 835K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:19 by archive
FSX                   Adventure Panama HiJack
0.59Mb (2070 downloads)
FSX Adventure Panama HiJack. The routine Tourist flight bewteen Panama City and David is taken over by Booze Pirates. The flight is diverted to an island, later to a lonesome road and finally you will be surprised by a quick turn of events. You fly for this company Captain, its gonna be your Flight!!what a day!!A FSAdventureSky Flight Gera Godoy C. 605K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:19 by archive
FSX                   Mission: You and the River Adventure flight
0.08Mb (1291 downloads)
FSX Mission: You and the River Adventure flight.....Aafke Gruttzen, a Dutch pilot, has been flying the Usumasinta River for over 42 years. This natural border between Mexico and Guatemala is a long river which moves thousands of tons of water irrigating many kilometers in the Lacandon jungles of both countries. Aafke flies from Tenosique in Mexico to the Oil Refinary deep in the river basin of Guatemala. All Mail and general merchandise travels in either his old 140 or DH2. Today, his last day on route, is sad and rainy. You will start flying the route after tomorrow when he retires to Burgerbrug in his native Holland. Follow the river and you might be here for 42 more years like he did.Gera Godoy C. 85K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:19 by archive
FSX                   Space Shuttle & Mission.
5.23Mb (29533 downloads)
FSX Space Shuttle & Mission. You will have no control over the Launch..(Houston) does just go along for the ride.. but once at 800,000 ft you will be given info as to if you wish to take control or continue the ride.. There are no REwards in this mission.. it is just a space ride..and it took the FSX missions tool to make it work. Ron Jeffers. 5.3MB
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:19 by archive
FSX                   Adventure flight in the Italian Alps
0.46Mb (2037 downloads)
FSX Adventure flight in the Italian Alps. Luckily you arrived with your pilot buddy in Aosta this morning. Two mountaineers have had an accident in a nearby lake and your amphibian is perfect for the SAR job. You volunteer for the task even though the weather is deteriorating fast. The Italian alps are no horseplay so use your immagination, wits and valour to save the two intrepids who should have stayed home....... Gera Godoy C. 468K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:19 by archive
FSX                   Adventure Flight along the Southern Mountains and lakes of CHILE
0.78Mb (2165 downloads)
FSX Adventure Flight along the Southern Mountains and lakes of CHILE. Land of great sights, dangerous approaches and changing weather. Take your passengers to their jobs, honeymooners to their moon, farmers to their lands, explorers to strange rock formations, a glider instructor to his field and a Mountain Policeman to his post. Do it safely and on time....a relaxing flight? way!!!! Gera Godoy C. 796K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:19 by archive
FSX                   Adventure - When The Land Trembles
0.45Mb (1707 downloads)
FSX Adventure - When The Land Trembles ....At 8:46 A.M. a 6.2 Earthquake hit the western mountains of Guatemala, Central America. Two Flight Routes have been set up by the Civil Defence and SAR authorities. They use two airports to reconnoiter their respective areas. It has been reported that two mines in the western Pine Mountains have been heavely hit and in Mine 1( Socrates Fer Coal Ltd ) there are some wounded miners which must be picked up. You can choose Red flight, where you will use a fair transport since you must pick up the wounded or Blue flight which is a " reconnaissance" flight out to a lake area and access the damage as well as land and bring radio communications equipment to the communities. Either way, this is dangerous stuff ( Two in One for everyone!)-----are your wits ready for such flying tasks????? Gera Godoy C. 460K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:19 by archive
FSX                   Adventure - OPERATION PAMPA-4.
0.43Mb (1482 downloads)
FSX Adventure - OPERATION PAMPA-4. Capt James Doolarge has gathered a special group to fly a lonesome B-26 in a very dangerous Operation down in Argentina...WW2 Boils far away!!!! It has been reported that German scientists (Nazis) have built since 1938 several mysterious Instalations in the Republic of Argentina. Now there are confirmed reports that these plants are probably producing "Hard Water" which is needed for Atomic experiments. A well known Doctor has all the needed details and is willing to pin point where those installations are..... . FSAdventureSky Gera Godoy C . 439K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:19 by archive
FSX                   Adventure - "Find the Lady" Adventure in Guatemala
0.17Mb (1472 downloads)
FSX Adventure - "Find the Lady" Adventure in Guatemala. Last night you had dinner with Ivana Ifrosky, the Russian woman aviator, flying America in her Helio in the Rizzo Hotel in Puerto Barrios, the NorthEstern Port of Guatemala. This morning you waved good-by to the beautiful lady as she took off for Coban. You are now flying the same route, in your bush plane, taking some dried fish, two barrels of corn oil and some dog feed. Only half an hour after take off you receive the horrible news that Ivana has been overdue in her landing ETA to Coban. Two helicopters are already searching the area. She was heard making a Mayday several hours ago. You call the SAR authorities in Bananera and since you have full tanks they accept your offer to search the route...........and relay to you to search around your flight route. You are free to fly parallel to the flight plan 10 to 20 miles off the sides of the plan until you arrive in Coban..........You now concentrate on searching for the lost woman...If you find her you are authorized to land and pick her up. FSAdventureSky Gera Godoy C . 176K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:19 by archive
FSX                   Adventure - Road to KAMURA-TUK....FINAL EPISODE?
0.29Mb (1121 downloads)
FSX Adventure - Road to KAMURA-TUK....FINAL EPISODE? Mickey and you are asked to fly to Bolivia and find the " Last Strange Machine" you both get a EUR/ 55,000.00 cash bundle for the service. The camp is marked by a Hot Air Balloon and the search site is emmanating strange lights. You will again fly the Autogyro in the search....The long legged lady will be there also....You lucky pilot!!!! FSAdventureSky Gera Godoy C . 300K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:19 by archive