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FS2004/2002 F-101 Voodoo Photorealistic Panel
1.53Mb (847 downloads)
FS2004/2002 photorealistic panel for the fighter F-101 Voodoo. Panel provides views to 5 directions. Wingmen views, seen from the cockpit, can been inserted at the numpad just hitting some keys for Left_up and Right_up. Two sets of configuration are included. Panel by Erwin Welker
Posted Jul 5, 2011 04:54 by Erwin Welker
FSX /FS2004 Panel Option for Virtual Wingman for  F-16 Falcon
FSX /FS2004 Panel Option for Virtual Wingman for  F-16 Falcon
1.66Mb (4861 downloads)
FS2004/FSX option to display a virtual and static wingman for all the variants of F-16 Falcon from Kirk Olsson. Use his names as search key. How to Use: While flying in 2-D panel view-mode, just press, the numeric keys Left Up (5 & 4) or Forward_Left_Up (5 & 7) or Rear_Left_Up (5 & 1) and the same for the right side (keys9,6,3) or Forward Up (5&8) or Rear Up (5&2) to see the virtual wingman. Bitmaps and configuration by Erwin Welker.
Posted Jul 4, 2011 05:11 by Erwin Welker
Fs2004/FS2002 Panel for Douglas DC-6
4.54Mb (2340 downloads)
Photorealistic Panel for Douglas DC-6 for Fs2004 and FS2002. Panel and configuration by Erwin Welker.
Posted Jul 3, 2011 06:29 by Erwin Welker
FS2004 panel for B-36 bomber
0.78Mb (1772 downloads)
FS2004 Photorealistic Panel for Convair B-36. Panel and configuration by Erwin Welker.
Posted Jul 3, 2011 06:29 by Erwin Welker
FS2004 panel for VTOL fighter Yak-38
4.53Mb (628 downloads)
FS2004 panel with views in 6 directions for the russian VTOL fighter Yakovlev Yak-38. A wingman view is included. Probably the gauges will work also in FS2002, but it is not tested. Panel by Erwin Welker.
Required files:
required file
Posted Jun 28, 2011 05:04 by Erwin Welker
Astrocompass AK-53
1.22Mb (205 downloads)
Astrocompass AK-53 Gauge for MSFS2004 An astrocompass is a navigational tool for determining the direction of north and thrue heading of the aircraft through the positions of various astronomical bodies.
Posted Jun 21, 2011 07:45 by Alexander Belov
Cessna 210P Panel
0.16Mb (1369 downloads)
Alternative 2d panel for Brett Henderson's Cessna 210P Turbo. Can be used for any single engine prop.
Posted Feb 17, 2011 13:38 by Scott Brandt
0.00Mb (525 downloads)
At the request of several users, I have edited the xml script for the Airport ID gauge to make the displayed text more easily read. Instead of a Green ICAO code and Red airport name and city, the text is now all Green. Also the icon has been changed to black and white so it blends with the other default icons. This is just a replacement cab file so no further editing to what you may have already installed is necessary however a previous installation of is required. Please unzip to a temporary folder and follow the very simple installation instructions. Compiled for your flying enjoyment by David "Opa" Marshall.
Posted Feb 10, 2011 20:59 by David "Opa" Marshall
Simplified E6B Flight Calculator Gauge
0.54Mb (1538 downloads)
Simplified E6B flight calculator gauge for MSFS2004 2011 Freeware, Alexander Belov E6B is a powerful calculator to solve most common VFR navigatio problems, i.e. solution of Time, Speed and Distance problem, fuel comsumption calculation etc.
Posted Feb 9, 2011 15:19 by Alexander Belov
Airport ID Gauge
0.39Mb (2752 downloads)
Do you ever wonder what airports you are flying over and do not wish to consult a Map or the GPS (if your aircraft has one)? This little gauge, which can be easily added to virtually any panel, will display the ICAO code, the Airport Name and the Airport's location as you pass nearby. The display can be fixed on a panel or can be installed as a pop-up window called by a panel icon. Complete instructions and sample setups using the default Cessna 172 are included. This gauge is designed to be used in the 2D cockpit environment has been tested in FS2004 but may work in FSX also. XML script by the late Roelof Kruijer - packaged by David "Opa" Marshall for your flying enjoyment. Please unzip to a temporary folder and follow the instructions which are in .Doc and .PDF formats.
See Update above
Posted Feb 2, 2011 13:55 by David "Opa" Marshall
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