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0.00Mb (59 downloads)
Since Logitech is now selling the FIP there is a little to change in my gauges to make them work. Very simple.
Required files:
required file
Posted Sep 22, 2017 10:03 by philippe verhaege
0.07Mb (162 downloads)
This is the missing sound file for the G550 panel. Just unzip and copy this file to the FSX\Gauges directory and the cockpit sounds in the Gulfstream G550 panel will work.
Required files:
required file
Posted Sep 12, 2017 18:07 by G.Munro
FSXA Gulfstream G550 2D Panel
FSXA Gulfstream G550 2D Panel
27.38Mb (416 downloads)
The Gulfstream G550 is a large long range executive jet which can carry up to 22 passengers. Although this panel is only a 2D panel it includes most of the features of the real flight deck including fully comprehensive synoptic displays, HUD to Gulfstream specs, authentic cockpit sounds, complete working overhead panel, complete Normal checklists, large set of CAS messages, and my latest GPS. Some of the artwork is not great but the functionality is not bad. This is a very complex panel not suited to the beginner. It is ESSENTIAL to study the included manual.
Posted Sep 11, 2017 22:23 by G. Munro
Boeing 787 Panel Version 2.1
Boeing 787 Panel Version 2.1
17.19Mb (1435 downloads)
Apologies to all who downloaded my Version 2 of the Boeing 787. I completely forgot to include the GPS module. This is the whole package again with the GPS module and manual and also a couple of small bug fixes - Fuel Flow not work and Auto Mach. Please replace the original B787V2.cab and copy the additional gpsnew.cab. No change to any functions except installation.
Posted Aug 19, 2017 20:26 by G. Munro
FSX Boeing 747-200 flight engineer panel
12.07Mb (350 downloads)
Special thanks to Barnaby Britton for permission to use his really nice (and complete) flight engineer panel photo, many thanks also to the "747 classic" site for the fuel dump panel picture! Panel tested only in FSX + Acceleration with "Ready for Pushback (RFP) 747-200" and "Openskys" 747-200! Please take a look into the documentation folder to get more info!
Posted Jul 25, 2017 23:15 by Andiroto
Touchscreen GPS
Touchscreen GPS
1.21Mb (1426 downloads)
If you ever wanted to have something similar to the Garmin GPS in the cockpits of the A321, 737, 747 or CRJ700 then this addon is for you. What this addon does is add a touch screen gps right in the virtual cockpits of some of the default aircraft in FSX. This is good if you want to be able to view the GPS route in your 3D virtual cockpit without opening the 2D GPS panel and blocking part of your screen. This addon only supports aircraft with a multi function display. Airbus A321 Boeing 737-800 Boeing 747-400 Bombardier CRJ700 It replaces the useless navigation display with a fully working gps!
Posted Jul 19, 2017 19:27 by Mightylink
2D panel for Grumman J2F Duck
1.26Mb (249 downloads)
This is a matching 2D panel for the Grumman J2F Duck originally modelled and designed by Swingman. To use, change the name of the existing panel file in your aircraft folder to "panel.org" and then copy the unpacked 2D panel folder complete to you aircraft folder.
Required files:
required file
Posted May 19, 2017 02:56 by Anthony Eades
Caravelle 10R v3 for AFG plane
18.33Mb (370 downloads)
FSX 2D Caravelle 10R panel v3. for the AFG plane. This new version adds improvements and a 16x9 panel. 04 2017 Author: Benoit Gaurant
Posted Apr 17, 2017 12:16 by Benoit Gaurant
Project Airbus Kneeboards
0.06Mb (687 downloads)
Adds stock style kneeboards to Project Airbus A318, A319, A320IAE, A320CFM, and A321 models, including accurate V-speeds, approach speeds, and flap placard speeds taken from Airbus literature for the different models.
Posted Feb 23, 2017 19:08 by Simon Kelly
G1000 update for FSX v49
G1000 update for FSX v49
3.32Mb (994 downloads)
This file does not work in Windows 10. This is the G1000upFSX_v49 the new version of my G1000 upgrade. Users of the previous version only need to replace the previous G1000.cab folder by the new one. In this version the previous FD bars are replaced by a single one which is more realistic. There are also some changes in the AP information display. The Garmin G1000 for FSX is a high performance instrument panel for a simulator. However the PFD of the default version misses a lot of important features like the NAV/DME display, autopilot commands with vertical speed setting, autopilot information display, selected vertical speed display, flight director bar, a radio altitude display and a wind information display. Since version 48 and above the HSI is slightly modified: NAV1 and/or NAV2 needles are displayed in light blue color below the active HSI needle i.e. if NAV1 is selected in the HSI the NAV1 needle will show up in green (default) and NAV2 needle will be displayed in light blue below it. The RALT display does not show up when the aircraft is on ground. The ILS flags are now diplayed in the small Inset map. In the situation where the wind direction changed between 0 and 335 (anti-clockwise) the WIND heading was displaying negative degres, this has been corrected The MFD only misses the autopilot commands and the ILS flags in the GPS map. All these features are added in my Garmin G1000 upgrade for FSX v49. Two display bugs in the FSX default G1000 are also corrected. First a NAV and LOC confusion on the HSI rose when NAV2 is displayed. Second the clock that turns to the next minute at 30 seconds instead of 60 and turns to the next hour at 30 minutes instead of 60. By default in FSX the G1000 panel is available on the Cessna C172, the Beechcraft Baron B58 and the Mooney Bravo. Installation information is enclosed in the "G1000upFSX_v49_users_guide.pdf" file in this download. If you are not familiar to the G1000 panel it is strongly recommended to read the manuals located in the “Documentation” folder of this download. December 2016, by M. Ravez
Posted Dec 29, 2016 10:37 by M. Ravez
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