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Airbus A320/321 2D & VC Panel
Airbus A320/321 2D & VC Panel
7.56Mb (3924 downloads)
There are a few A32x panels around however this one attempts to provide comprehensive functions according to the Airbus A320 Operations Manual. Features include all new gauges tailored to the A320, a full set of display panels, Overhead and main panels that closely reflect the actual flight deck, night lighting, and the latest version of my GPS to replace the default GPS 500. It is designed for a 1920X1080 monitor but will scale to other sizes although lettering may not be legible. PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS before deciding it does not work.
Posted Sep 22, 2016 21:59 by G. Munro
Airbus A320, A319, A321 2d Panel
Airbus A320, A319, A321 2d Panel
25.40Mb (4604 downloads)
A320, A321, a319 2d panel for FSX. Merged different panels to form one panel. Panel includes -TCAS on MFD -Terrain on MFD -Flight plan on MFD click ''Lower left or right'' -Added flight data gauge -changed colors on EICAS Display -Added Honeywell FMS -Check list gauge -Autoland gauge -Edited the GPWS ---------- Panel assembled with thanks to the creators and gauge designers. Chris Jeanne, Ken Wigginton, Francois Dore, Nick Pike, Project Airbus and others. Please read the Readme!
Posted Sep 20, 2016 18:46 by Jason Alexander
Generic 2D Lancaster Panel for FSX
8.26Mb (511 downloads)
A 2D panel designed around default gauges and using a previously approved for modification bitmap by Roger Lowrey for CFS1 back in 2003. It is intend as a source panel for updating old Lancasters that may suffer from unusable/nonworking gauges but otherwise work perfectly in FSX. The panel is freeware and can be uploaded to any web site without further approval provided no money is charged for the outcome. As is usual, you use this product at your own risk. Panel by Ross McLennan
Posted Aug 11, 2016 06:18 by Ross McLennan
Garmin GPS 500 Replacement Gauge V6
Garmin GPS 500 Replacement Gauge V6
1.61Mb (3864 downloads)
This new version of the GPS 500 Replacement Gauge has no change in functionality but primarily has a workaround for a significant FSX flaw which causes a system crash when flying in the vicinity of 180 degrees of longitude (See manual for full details). There are a few other minor changes: tidying up the formatting, correction of blank screen on runways, and updates to the manual.
Posted Mar 29, 2016 20:27 by G. Munro
FSX Cabin  Window
0.17Mb (7733 downloads)
FSX 2D Cabin Window Panel for use with wing views in FSX. As we all know, FSX doesn't provide this function, so I came up with a solution that can make this feature available. This is a fixed pop up 2D panel window that can be used as an overlay panel in 3D wing view mode in FSX.
Posted Jan 26, 2016 21:18 by wesley c coons
Garmin GPS 500 Replacement Gauge V5
Garmin GPS 500 Replacement Gauge V5
1.58Mb (3699 downloads)
This gauge is intended to replace the Garmin GPS 500 and includes virtually all the functions of that gauge plus many more. This release contains what is hopefully the last function from the Garmin GPS 500 which has not previously been included: Approach Transition Selection. Also includes a few small bug fixes including wind indicator backwards and some distance anomalies. Please read instructions.
Posted Jan 2, 2016 03:50 by G. Munro
An-124 flight engineer mod V1.0
21.02Mb (514 downloads)
This is the new version of the previous "failure repair generator beta" upload and my playground over the last weeks to to try some things out! I have added a failure generator which is in parts not compatible with the FSX failure system! You must refill your oil and hydraulic fluid if necessary and repair failures by your ground crew at the airports! Sometimes it can happen, that no spare part is available at station and you must fly with one generator fewer to the next airport where it can change! Or you have a higher oil consumption at one engine and the right seal is not available at station . . . The status of some systems will be saved and later again loaded when you want to fly the next session on another day! Included is now the A-check, which is necessary, when the aircraft reaches 24 flight hours and can only carry out at certain airports (bases)! If the A-check is overdue after 24 flight hours the possibility doubles for failures to 6% for each flight! I have also tried to simulate a flight engineer crew member with voice sound! He warns you when failures or Icing (Charles Owens mod) occurs, you fly over actual war areas or give just comments during the flight or after your landing . . . Of course the mandatory coffee or eat comment is also included! A bit more atmosphere during the flight . . . Many thanks to Ismail Hakki Guezels and his outstanding damage mods for the inspiration, Douglas S. Dawson for his gauges, that allows to save Lvars and sounds in FSX and of course Thomas Ruth for this great An-124 sim! Tested only in FSX+Acceleration!
Required files:
required file
Posted Dec 19, 2015 01:15 by Andiroto
FSX Popup Approach gauges
0.29Mb (1780 downloads)
This popup gauge set will help on final approaches by allowing you to monitor altitude, airspeed, vertical speed, AGL radar altimeter, and keep an eye on the glide slope without having to look in the cockpit. I made this so I wouldn't need a 50% or less cockpit view while on approach in some aircraft to keep an eye on the gauges and glide slope. The Airspeed gauge was chosen because below 10,000 ft, max speed is 250 kts, and the gauge max speed is 240 Kts. It will help you monitor your airspeed below 10,000 if the gauge is pegged pass 240 kts. I also chose it because the green band ends around 160 KTS and that would be max approach speed for MOST aircraft, and the yellow band begins at 160 kts and ends at 220 kts, and those would be max speeds for most aircraft when dropping gear and flaps. So the gauge suits my purpose well. However, we all know each aircraft is specific. The AGL radar altimeter is great for flaring over the runway and cutting power, and has 5 foot increments for flawless touchdowns. It will also warn if the gear is up when the AGL kicks in. Radar Altimeter gauge is by Pierre FASSEAUX, and his read me, and all gauge documentation are included in this zip file. Nice gauge! The other gauges are default FSX Extra 300 gauges. Freeware, enjoy!
Posted Dec 3, 2015 00:54 by Rick Herring
FSX - Boeing 737 CL widescreen 2d panel
5.08Mb (1312 downloads)
FSX Boeing 737-3/4/500 widescreen 2d panel. HD image, with FSX gauges. (Also compatible with default FS2004 737-400)
Posted Nov 16, 2015 11:41 by flyitsim
FSX + Acceleration Milton Shupe's Dash 7 panel (Reworked)
FSX + Acceleration Milton Shupe's Dash 7 panel (Reworked)
56.25Mb (1579 downloads)
I wanted to reduce some of the dummy switches mainly in the VC! So I have added a tank selector, external power, anti skid, seatbelt and no smoking (with sound), bleed valves,cabin alt, pack temperature,working fuel pumps,working starter switch, working prop deice, some new tooltips, additional annunciator messages and more. Base pack for the panel was the latest by Caltabiano Nunzio (Voyager), but i have the panel also tested with the FSX "port over" version by Milton Shupe from 2012!So it should also work with all other dash7 packs which are based on the upload by Milton Shupe! Please take a look in the installation file, because you must also made some changes to the aircraft.cfg to get some systems to work! Many thanks to Milton Shupe, Mike Kelly, Tom Falley, Bernt Stolle, Nigel Richards, and Scott Thomas for this great dash7 sim and Caltabiano Nunzio (Voyager) for the base pack! Only tested with FSX + Acceleration!
Required files:
required file
Posted Nov 13, 2015 22:26 by Andiroto
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