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Mariscal Sucre New Airport, Equadore
10.29Mb (1257 downloads)
The new Mariscal Sucre International Airport, SEQM Quito, Ecuador
Posted Feb 25, 2013 09:34 by Jorge Zuniga
Water Workx for fs9
Water Workx for fs9
17.70Mb (2444 downloads)
Another Attempt to make FS2004 waters shine. Set includes new waves, new glints/reflections, photoreal, seperation of inland waters from ocean, shalows in rivers, realistic colours. Included also is a new stream/brook bmp, to change that green road. enjoy.
Posted Feb 23, 2013 20:21 by Lou Mcneil
Bejaia Abane Ramdane Airport in Algeria
Bejaia Abane Ramdane Airport in Algeria
1.61Mb (4281 downloads)
FS2004 Bejaia Abane Ramdane Airport in Algeria. Abane Ramdane is a Regional airport in Africa. This version is fully compatible with FS2004. It contains also new AFCAD file and the landlass BGL file for Bejaia City. By Riad Ghenim
Posted Feb 8, 2013 08:07 by rafikpilote
Avro Vulcans and retro  scenery of RAF Waddington, UK
Avro Vulcans and retro  scenery of RAF Waddington, UK
51.92Mb (1083 downloads)
FS9 AI Aircraft. Avro Vulcans and retro scenery of RAF Waddington with 26 aircraft. 7-LOD models with 8 variations and a variety of textures, including the only flying Vulcan remaining in the world - XH558. Paint kit included. Separate pack in FSX native code is in JY_AI_Vulcans_FSX.zip. By John Young, Airfield Construction Group.
Posted Jan 25, 2013 19:50 by uploader
Russia Republic of Sakha
15.11Mb (957 downloads)
Russia Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). To include: HA7S-Bahynai, HA83-Bestyah, HAD3-Kystatyam, HAF5-Kutana, HAK2-Tyumyati, HAQ6-Mar-Kyuel', HAQ8-Perekatnyi, HB2E-Handyga, HB2K-Sasyr, HB47-Tommot, HB48-Topoliny, HB4G-Kulun-Elbyut, HB51-Utaya, UEAN-Malykay, UEAT-Tubelyh, UEBC-CRB(bolxnica p.Batagaj), UEBE-Tenkeli, UEBG-Haiyr, UEBH-Tabalah, UEBK-Kular, UEBL-Lazo, UEBO-Osohtoh, UEBQ-Nelemnoe, UEBR-Selenyah, UEBW-Verkhoyansk, UEBX-Cheryumcha,UEBY-Saidy, UECB-Burovaya 179093, UECD-Burovaya 363/2, UECK-Srednii Kordon, UECO-Burovaya 363/1, UEDN-Horula, UEEB-Borogontsy, UEED-Sebyan-Kuel, UEEG-Chagda (Uchur), UEEH-Berdigestyakh, UEEJ-Kobyai, UEEK-Yugarenok, UEEP-Pokrovsk Nemyugyuncy, UEER-Churapcha, UEES-Segen-Kyuel, UEEW-Amga, UEEX-Belkachi left, UEEY-Sanyyahtah, UEFN-Borogon, UEGN-Malzhegar, UEGT-Sobolokh, UEHN-Tuobuja, UEIB-Suordakh, UEIN-Marha (Hatyng-Sysy), UEIO-Daban, UEJN-Chukar, UEKO-Delgei, UELA-Algoma, UEMB-Torgo, UEMC-Hatynnah, UEMD-Chagda, UEME-Teya, UEMF-Nelkan (Sakha), UEMG-Kebergene, UEMI-Sitta, UEMK-Kokui, UEML-Ust'-Ynykchan (Solnechnyi), UEMP-Promyshlennyj, UEMQ-Atakh-Yuryakh, UEMR-Aryktah, UEMY-Teryuut, UEMZ-Syagannakh, UENC-Orget, UEND-Kyuletsky-2, UENE-El'gyai, UENH-Mastah, UENL-Ilbene, UENO-Chapaevo, UENQ-Vilyuchan, UENT-Kyuletsky-1, UENU-Mukuchi, UENX-Orto-Nahara, UENY-Kempendyaj, UEOA-Macha, UEOB-Bes-Kyel, UEOH-Olekminsk Marha, UEON-Kyrgyday, UEOT-Tokko, UEOU-Uritskoe, UEOY-Tyanya, UEPN-Zhemkontsy, UEQD-Dalyr, UEQK-Kyupcy, UEQL-Eldikan, UEQM-Ust'-Mil', UEQN-Allah-Yun', UEQY-Ytyk-Kjuel, UERB-Anabar, UERC-Dzhelinda, UERD-Tolon, UERE-Eik, UERF-Innyali, UERG-Uryung-Khaya, UERI-Yaroslavsky, UERK-Peleduy, UERM-Syuldyukar, UERN-Lekechen, UERQ-Billyah, UERU-Tas-Yuryakh, UERW-Chernyshevskj, UERX-Mayat, UERY-Balagachchy, UERZ-Hamra, UESA-Andrushkino, UESB-Bulun, UESC-Berezovka, UESD-Oyusardah, UESE-Hara-Ulah, UESF-Yukagir, UESH-Argakhtah, UESI-Byyagnyr, UESJ-Berelyah, UESL-Sylgy-Ytar, UESM-Kolymskoe, UESN-Olenegorsk, UESP-Russkoe Ust'e (Polyarnyi), UESQ-Ebyah, UESR-Tumat, UESV-Ostrov Zhohova, UESW-Svatai, UESX-Aleko-Kyuel', UESY-Abyj, UESZ-Kazach'e, UETT-Taimylyr, UEWB-Arylah, UEWD-Djargalah, UEWK-Kustur, UEWN-Haty, UEWO-Kudu-Kyuel, UEWS-Sartan Yunkyur, UEWU-Dulgalah, UEWY-Barylas, UEYB-Betyung, UEYC-Ezhantsy, UEYD-Dzhebariki-Khaya, UEYE-Meik, UEYH-Halbattsy, UEYK-Kyrykei, UEYL-Ugulet, UEYM-Magassy, UEYN-Botulа, UEYP-Hampa, UEYS-Kirovo Sogobut, UEYT-Tympy, UEYU-Surguluk, UEYY-Tylgyny, UEZN-Egoldzha, UHNC-Belkachi right, ZA2V-Mihalkino, ZAO3-Stolbovoy Island, ZAR3-Chekurovka, ZAR5-Tit-Ary, ZB2S-Bolshie Hatymi, ZC43-Saiyly, ZC61-Chay, ZC7P-Buor-Sysy, ZC7T-Keng-Kyuel', ZC8F-Orogdakit, ZC8G-Betenkes, ZC8L-Tiksi (North), ZCQ6-Zyryanka (West)
Posted Dec 24, 2012 04:00 by Andrey Anta
Berlin Schoenefeld Airport
4.95Mb (1517 downloads)
This is an update of my FS2004 freeware scenery for EDDB, BER (former Berlin Schoenefeld after its extension to Berlin Brandenburg Airport). Changes: - Updated taxiway and apron positions according to AIP docs I got in 2012 (thanks to Benjamin). - Updated ILS (has DME) and approach routes with official waypoints taken from this docs. - Remove of EDDT and EDDI (EDDI already closed, EDDT should be closed 2012/6/3). - Rebuild the old GAT area (the planned cargo area there isn't built yet), updated layout as everything is built by now. - New tower and SMR (Surface Movement Radar) towers. - Correctes small errors (taxi labels, lines, lights). - Parking spots at apron E. Gernot Zander
Posted Dec 10, 2012 10:54 by archive
Gerald's Park TRPG, Caribbean
2.42Mb (595 downloads)
"Gerald's Park (TRPG)".Scenery of the new Airport of Montserrat Island,locate no far from Antigua and Guadeloupe islands in the Carribeans.
Posted Dec 9, 2012 21:48 by Delblond Christian
Henry E-Rohlsen International, TISX, Caribbean
5.69Mb (1479 downloads)
Henry E-Rohlsen International ( TISX ) is the Scenery of the International Airport of Saint-Croix Island,locate in "US Virgins Islands" in the south of Porto-Rico not far from Saint-Thomas Island in the Caribbean.
Posted Nov 15, 2012 12:31 by Delblond Christian
Santorini LGSR Big Scenery 2012 (airport and full island scenery)
Santorini LGSR Big Scenery 2012 (airport and full island scenery)
35.43Mb (4081 downloads)
This FS2004 project is about the greek Santorini island (located in the Aegean Sea 200 km southeast from Greece's mainland) and contain two main scenery parts: 1) the "Santorini (Thira) International Airport" (Iata: JTR, Icao: LGSR) where you'll find all buldings (airport and close sourroundings buildings), hundred of custom made detailed objects, static and animated vehicles, animated scenery parts and various effects. 2)the Santorini island scenery where you'll find real hand-made landmarks (churches, factories, windmills,harbors and more), boats/ferries, completely redesigned landclasses with custom (seasonal+night) ground textures, coastlines, roads, main towns with custom greek textures, extreme autogen density and a lot of objects. Every scenery part (frame-rate friendly thanks to the low poly design) has photoreal textures and everything is placed in the right position (wich was found at spring 2012) and in according to the satellite image.English extendet handbook is included. Watch the screenshot and the demo video on the Albysim youtube chanel and enjoy all scenery features (in this free/demo edition some features are limited). Developed by AlbySim Scenery Design (Alberto Di Bolzano)
Posted Nov 4, 2012 07:45 by AlbySim Scenery Design (Alberto Di Bolzano)
M61 Edward F. Johnson Airport
0.20Mb (164 downloads)
M61 Edward F. Johnson Airport AFCAD for default FS2004 scenery. I've added taxiways and a parking area to M61 to more closely resemble the real life airport. Based on information from airnav.com, aerial photos from bing maps, and from a personal visit to the airport. This truely is a back-woods airport. In excellent deer-country and fishing any where you look, among trails that go on for miles and cabin rentals within a 1/4 mile walk of the airport.
Posted Nov 4, 2012 04:05 by Stephen J. Zastrow