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EPKA Kielce Maslow
EPKA Kielce Maslow
0.06Mb (605 downloads)
Kielce Maslow Airport. Small airport near Kielce city in Poland. I update airport layout and some land classes . No custom buildings, I use generic FSX buildings.
Posted Dec 24, 2012 17:33 by MizuriWo
EDBQ-Bronkow, Germany
EDBQ-Bronkow, Germany
0.34Mb (499 downloads)
Bronkow(EDBQ), Germany. Bronkow is a light aviation and gliding airfield in Germany with grass strips. Improvement over the default FSX Bronkow.
Posted Dec 23, 2012 09:33 by Felix
Inagua - The Bahamas (MYIG)
0.74Mb (988 downloads)
Inagua - The Bahamas (MYIG). MYIG is the southernmost airport in the Bahamas. At nearby Matthew Town is the Morton Salt Company's main facility - Inagua's main industry. The scenery includes custom scenery objects; placement of library objects and landclass changes. The airport is also moved to it's proper location. Scenery is based on Google Earth and Microsoft Bing imagery and photos taken locally, and it is optimized for use with or without UTX-TAC. By: Art Poole
Posted Dec 22, 2012 12:28 by art poole
Donegal Airport, Ireland
Donegal Airport, Ireland
1.05Mb (733 downloads)
Donegal Airport, Ireland. Improvement over the default FSX Donegal.
Posted Dec 18, 2012 11:57 by uploader
Columbia SC, KCAE
Columbia SC, KCAE
3.47Mb (1207 downloads)
Columbia SC, KCAE. The Columbia Metropolitan Airport Authority has provided substantial information about KCAE online, making it possible to pretty accurately model this airport. The taxiway signs have been placed according to exhibits in the airport's certification manual, and taxiway designations have been revised in accordance with upgrades to be effective mid-November 2012. Most buildings have been custom modeled in accordance with information available on the internet, including Microsoft Bing birdseye views. The airport layout and landclass changes are in accordance with Google Earth imagery. By: Art Poole
Posted Dec 16, 2012 07:01 by art poole
New KMBS, Saginaw, Michigan, V3
0.01Mb (430 downloads)
The latest update to my re-creation of the new terminal area at MBS - Saginaw, Michigan. Check readme file for list of changes.
Posted Dec 15, 2012 15:00 by Tim Davis
Berlin Schoenefeld Airport
4.88Mb (3495 downloads)
This is an update of my FSX freeware scenery for EDDB, BER (former Berlin Schoenefeld after its extension to Berlin Brandenburg Airport). Changes: - Updated taxiway and apron positions according to AIP docs I got in 2012 (thanks to Benjamin). - Updated ILS (has DME) and approach routes with official waypoints taken from this docs. - Remove of EDDT and EDDI (EDDI already closed, EDDT should be closed 2012/6/3). - Rebuild the old GAT area (the planned cargo area there isn't built yet), updated layout as everything is built by now. - New tower and SMR (Surface Movement Radar) towers. - Corrects small errors (taxi labels, lines, lights). - Parking spots at apron E. Gernot Zander
Posted Dec 10, 2012 10:55 by archive
FSX St Eustatius, Caribbean, Photo Scenery V2 with added Tower and Terminal
FSX St Eustatius, Caribbean, Photo Scenery V2 with added Tower and Terminal
63.43Mb (2127 downloads)
Photoreal model of terminal, tower and PIR in the Photo_scenery of St.Eustatius (Statia) in the Caribbean, with the airport F.D. Roosevelt (TNCE)in Oranjestad. This replaces previous St Eustatius uploads and includes updates and mesh.
Required files:
required file
Posted Dec 9, 2012 19:35 by Harald Sandvik
Queenstown South Africa
7.06Mb (903 downloads)
Queenstown is a small GA airfield in South Africa's Eastern Cape region. FSX Acceleration will give the best results.(Also SP2 compatable). Acceleration users will have more eye candy!
Posted Dec 8, 2012 10:06 by Jacques Botha
FSX Acceleration Scenery - Hawes AOF
FSX Acceleration Scenery - Hawes AOF
6.16Mb (813 downloads)
Hawes Aerial Operations Facility is a reimagined version of an abandoned World War II auxiliary airstrip formerly known as Hawes AAF Aux #1. It was built in the mojave desert, just east of Edwards AFB (then Muroc AAF) during WWII as one of 4 satellite fields for Victorville AAF. After the war, Hawes as used as a private civilian airfield until it's closure in the early 1960's. It is now reborn in FSX as a UAV base by Nevada Systems. Due to it's location in the Mojave desert and the presence of many thermals in FSX, it was also used in production of the Aeroworks ARX-1 civilian glider concept. This scenery uses many custom macros as well as default macros from the Acceleration Expansion Pack, which is required for best performance. Scenery and custom macros by Joshua B. Nyhus and Jason L. Terry
Posted Dec 7, 2012 06:53 by Jason Terry