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Fall Textures part 4
57.79Mb (1861 downloads)
FSX Fall Textures part 4 of 4. Replacement fall/autumn textures. Just cities, villages and culture zones are reworked. Textures cover the entire world and are more dark and brown with a little more sharpness. By Aime Leclercq.
Posted Nov 1, 2008 06:06 by Aime Leclercq
FSX Sacramento Executive Airport (KSAC) VERSION 2
0.40Mb (1505 downloads)
This is Version 2 of Sacramento Executive Airport. This version fixes a random flashing beacon light that was located near the southern fuel station. This beacon appeared with scenery settings of 'dense' or better. This version contains all needed files, and no earlier versions are required. Please be sure to delete your original KSAC scenery files. View Readme file for installation and notes. Compiled using Airport Design Editor.
Posted Oct 28, 2008 22:02 by Phillip Coyle
FS2004/FSX Santa Barbara Photo-Scenery, California
91.03Mb (6741 downloads)
FS2004/FSX Scenery Santa Barbara Photo-Scenery, California (CA). Includes the "South Coast" of Santa Barbara and a large chunk of the backlands, covering not just the Santa Ynez Mountains but also the San Rafael Wilderness. A total of 3500 sq km is covered at 4.7 m/pixel resolution. By Gottfried Razek. http://www.blueskyscenery.com
Posted Oct 23, 2008 05:42 by Gottfried Razek
0.00Mb (2758 downloads)
LOWZ-Zell am See Airport, Austria. Designed by Thomas Rath.
Posted Oct 22, 2008 17:38 by Thomas Rath
 Milan Malpensa Airport
 Milan Malpensa Airport
0.35Mb (10513 downloads)
Patch for ISD's FS2004 Milan Malpensa Airport scenery to make it work in FSX
Posted Oct 19, 2008 15:23 by P Nigel Grant/ISD
0.01Mb (3072 downloads)
LOWL-Linz,Horsching, Austria. By Thomas Rath.
Posted Oct 18, 2008 03:20 by Thomas Rath
2.66Mb (3414 downloads)
This updates the NZCH Airport Scenery file, found here: http://www.simviation.com/simviation/index.php?type=item&ID= .. It adds the terminal building to the airport and moves parking spaces to the correct position. Read the Readme for full instructions and copyright information. By Troy Chapman.
Posted Oct 17, 2008 18:54 by Troy Chapman.
FSX Watsonville Municipal Airport (KWVI)
0.23Mb (1174 downloads)
This is a scenery update for Watsonville Municipal Airport in Watsonville, California. Taxiways, runways, building positions, and other aspects were updated using satellite images from Google Earth for accuracy. Many default scenery objects from the FSX libraries were used. View Readme file for installation and notes. Compiled using Airport Design Editor.
Posted Oct 16, 2008 19:46 by Phillip Coyle
1.59Mb (1801 downloads)
Updated file structure, moved NDB on top of Helo padS decks by request for ADF approaches. Layafette oil platform, The airport name is Lafayette Oil Platform.(KLFO) The NDB(none directional beacon) IDENT: LOPU, frequency 477.0 Khz., NDB range 100 NM, VOR ident: LOP. Layafette Oil platform is 65 NM. South of Layafette Regl. Louisiana-KLFT Galveston oil platform, The airport name is Galveston oil platform. (KGLO) The NDB ident:GOPO, Frequency 396.0 Khz., range 100 NM. VOR ident: GOP. Galveston oil platform is 7 NM. South of Scholes Intl. at Galveston Texas-KGLS Carrier near the Galveston oil platform, NDB ident: GCGC, Frequency 233.0 Khz., range 100 NM. VOR ident: GCG. Corpus Christi oil platform, The airport name is Corpus Christi oil platform. (KNGO) The NDB ident: CCOP, Frequency 391.0 Khz. NDB. range 100 NM. VOR ident: CCO. Corpus Christi oil platform is 7 NM. South of Corpus Christi NAS. Texas-KNGP
Posted Oct 15, 2008 08:07 by Thunder
10.78Mb (2361 downloads)
Updated,This is the same as V3.0 But I've changed all scenery objects to Very Dense except the two carriers. Spaced ships out to address a common frame rate complaint, Added another NDB, one for both carriers-Both on decks/Added buildings along Oceanas coastline. -Carriers/Cruisers/Destroyers,(Arrestor cables work) Choopers on decks, Added LOC/DME Carrier1-R1 108.95Mhz Ident IABA Cat II, Carrier2-R2 109.30Mhz Ident IABB Cat III, NO BACK COARSE OR GLIDE SLOPE. The airport name is FSXF-CarrierGroupOceana.(KNTC) The NDB(none directional beacon) frequency is 401.0Khz Carrier-1, 534.0Khz Carrier-2, range 100 NM. VOR-IDENT:OCG. Naval Fleet is 12 NM. North-East of Oceana NAS.
Posted Oct 15, 2008 07:59 by Thunder