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Seattle-Tacoma WA (SeaTac)
0.45Mb (7173 downloads)
SEAFSX is an improvement to the default Seattle-Tacoma WA (SeaTac) airport that includes the new 3rd runway. The artificial plateau that the airport is built on has been expanded, the 3rd runway added, several objects added, relocated or removed and appropriate ground textures and landclass for the airport and immediate area added. By Al Wheeler
Posted Dec 21, 2008 04:05 by Al Wheeler
 Land's End SeaPlanes Package Part IV "Southern Crossing"
33.68Mb (2754 downloads)
FSX Land's End SeaPlanes Package Part IV "Southern Crossing". Includes KYUM - Yuma, AZ; Yuma International and MCAS; KGEU - Glendale, AZ; 51AZ - Grapevine, AZ; Grapevine Airport; T16 - Reserve, AZ; Reserve Airport; KTCS Truth or Consequences, NM; Regional Airport; KROW - Roswell, NM; Famous UFO Crash Site; F97 - Seagraves, TX; Airport; 003A - Seagraves, TX; Seaport; T88 - Colorado City, TX; Airport; 003B - Colorado City, TX; Seaport; KMKN - Comanche County, TX; Municipal Airport; 003C - Comanche County, TX; Camp Comanche; KACT - Waco TX; Regional Airport; 003D - Waco TX; Seaport; 00R - Livingston TX; Municipal Airport; 003E - Livingston TX; Seaport; KLCH - Lake Charles, LA; Regional Airport; 003F - Lake Charles, LA; Seaport; LA64 - Bayou Boeuf, Amelia LA; Seaport; 3LA2 - La Combe, LA; Southern Natural Gas, Co.; 5AL2 - Theodore, AL; Midstream Fuel Services; 1FL5 - West Bay, FL; West Bay Creek; FD80 - Old Town, FL: Manatee Airport; FL72 - Tampa, FL; Mezrah Seaplane Dock; X01 - Everglades, FL; Everglades Airpark. By Chris Carel.
Posted Dec 20, 2008 04:40 by Chris Carel
Pilot Creek Ranch, NV67
0.11Mb (646 downloads)
Here is a small airfield that I have updated, the default airstrip had a gravel runway, I changed it to a brick one instead. I have added a tower and a couple of Hangers, a small ranch house, a few vehicles and a fuel station. The airfield is on the Utah-Nevada border north of Wendover,Nv. The airfield was re-designed using AFCAD and the objects were added using Airport Design Editor (ADE). AFCAD can be downloaded from simviation, ADE can be downloaded from www.airportdesigneditor.co.uk. It has been tested in FSX Acceleration and it works fine. all of the objects show up. If you have any comments/suggestions/gripes, send me an email. Happy Flying!!!
Posted Dec 19, 2008 13:09 by Don Harris
FSX Eastern Sierra Regional Airport (KBIH)
0.31Mb (979 downloads)
This is a scenery update for Estern Sierra Regional airport. Taxiways, runways, aprons, were resized and moved to their real-world locations. Buildings were also moved and adjusted. Satellite images from Google Earth were used for accuracy. Many default scenery objects were placed from the FSX scenery libraries. View Readme file for installation and notes. Compiled using Airport Design Editor.
Posted Dec 18, 2008 17:02 by Phillip Coyle
FSX Enhanced Autogen World Package
59.60Mb (41441 downloads)
This package upgrades 522 world wide autogen building textures and changes the entire FSX world. The enhanced autogen has a much more robust and realistic look from the building surface details, the roof details including roof utilities and weather wear, and, it adds an awesome night lighting enhancement to autogen. This package does not require GEX or any other addon to use. This package can be used with FSX default or any addon which calls the default FSX autogen. The night lighting addition will add entire new level of realism to the FSX default night textures or GEX Enhanced USA/Canada and are a great match for our upcoming GEX Europe release. Please note these are only textures for auto-generated houses, buildings, offices, apartments, etc and are not the major city skyscrapers and landmarks.There is absolutely no performance loss -or- performance gain when using these textures which are ONLY for FSX and can not be used in FS9. Happy Holidays from Team GEX to the entire sim community! From Nick Needham and Anthony Vos of Ground Environment X. See update next page!
Posted Dec 17, 2008 02:58 by Nick Needham and Anthony Vos o
FSX Auburn Municipal Airport (KAUN)
0.26Mb (969 downloads)
This scenery package updates Auburn Muniicipal airport in Northern California. Taxiways, runways, aprons, and other aspects of the airport were updated using real satellite images from Google Earth were used for accuracy. Many default scenery objects were placed from the FSX scenery libraries. View Readme file for installation and notes. Compiled using Airport Design Editor.
Posted Dec 13, 2008 15:23 by Phillip Coyle
0.01Mb (1512 downloads)
Updated Version. Better Runway, Assault Strip entrance on both ends, Fire Dept, Parking and Helipads, and Hangers.
Posted Dec 13, 2008 10:27 by Mr. AirForce
Fort Payne, AL Hunting Camp
0.00Mb (1182 downloads)
Flying J Ranch, Fort Payne, Alabama scenery. Hunting cabins, main lodge, hangers and parked GA aircraft.
Posted Dec 12, 2008 09:49 by Todd Foster
FSX Daytona Beach FL
FSX Daytona Beach FL
2.34Mb (4815 downloads)
FSX Daytona Beach FL redone This is a compilation of my changes to scenery at Daytona Beach, FL and the surrounding area during the past year. This includes Updates to KDAB, Daytona International Speedway, KDED, KOMN and KEVB. It also includes the addition of a seaplane dock at Halifax River landing area 1FD1, Main Street pier, City Island ball park, Ponce Inlet lighthouse with a working beacon, inlet jetties, marinas, and landclass corrections. All FBOs are included at airports as well as the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Flight Center and Tech Center. This scenery has been tested using Ultimate Terrain X and WOAI.
Posted Dec 12, 2008 05:21 by Art Poole
FS2004/FSX Oscar Cloud v3
FS2004/FSX Oscar Cloud v3
20.26Mb (4997 downloads)
FS2004/FSX Oscar Cloud v3. Oscar-Clouds is substitute cloud textures for FS2004 and FSX. FSX version includes six types: 128x128, 256x256, 512x512, 1024x1024, 2048x2048, 2048-HD. HD type have a better depth color. FS2004 version includes four sizes: 128x128, 256x256, 512x512, 1024x1024. By Aime Leclercq.
Posted Dec 10, 2008 05:04 by Aime Leclercq