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Boeing 737-800 S7 Airlines
8.97Mb (243 downloads)
Boeing 737-800 S7 Airlines. S7 is Russia's biggest domestic airline and as of 2017, operate 19 Boeing 737-800. Fully animated control surfaces Fully independent suspension Front gear steering. Trim Animation Opening Passenger Doors. Dynamic flexing wings. Animated tilting bogies. Animated thrust reversers. Fully reflective textures ( each part has different degree of reflection based on material ) Accurate flight dynamics ( and more). Model by Project Opensky.Model by Project Opensky. Textures by Denis Minaev
Posted Sep 9, 2017 02:06 by chrisE
FS2004 Feelthere Cessna 208 Ben Air LN-PBF Textures
FS2004 Feelthere Cessna 208 Ben Air LN-PBF Textures
7.59Mb (47 downloads)
Real Norwegian old livery for the payware Feelthere Cessna Caravan Deluxe. Repainted by Jean-Jacques Parel
Posted Sep 3, 2017 12:07 by Jean-Jacques Parel
Boeing 727-200 Pan Am
17.46Mb (278 downloads)
Pan American Boeing 727-223/Adv N609KW. Model by TDS. Livery Painted By: Luis Castro
Posted Sep 3, 2017 08:45 by chrisE
FS2004/FSX/FSX SteamEd Spitfire MK 21
FS2004/FSX/FSX SteamEd Spitfire MK 21
19.68Mb (607 downloads)
FS2004/FSX/FSX SteamEd Spitfire MK 21 With the Mk 21 the elliptical wing gave way to a new one with blunted tips and changes to the flaps and ailerons. The wing was made even stronger and carried four 20mm cannon. The fuselage was redesigned and the whole airframe was heavier than previous Spitfires, meaning the undercarriage had to be made more robust. The wheels were now fully covered by undercarriage doors in flight GMAX model by A.F.Scrub
Posted Sep 2, 2017 13:05 by A.F.Scrub
Speed Cards for the Manifred Jahn FS2004  C-47
Speed Cards for the Manifred Jahn FS2004  C-47
2.45Mb (66 downloads)
Two replacement textures for either the raf style panel or usa style panel for Manfred Jahn's FS2004 version c47. These will add some white speed cards to the panels.
Required files:
required file
Posted Sep 2, 2017 07:56 by Peter Mercy
FS2004 Cessna T-50 package
FS2004 Cessna T-50 package
11.04Mb (433 downloads)
FS2004 Cessna T-50 Bobcat This is a completely new panel/VC layout for Virtavia/Alphasim Cessna T-50 Bobcat package. The 2d panel has been eliminated. The VC has been extensively modified into a different layout commonly seen in some T-50's. VC bitmaps have been completely revamped/re-textured. I also created a new gauge package with gauges derived from a mixture of Milton Shupe and Alphasim gauges. Due to the extent of the work on texture and cfg files, I've included the whole aircraft. Only tested in FS004. Bob Erwin
Posted Sep 1, 2017 01:26 by Bob Erwin
AI Aircraft Piper PA-28R-201 Arrow III DE Aviation N3398M
AI Aircraft Piper PA-28R-201 Arrow III DE Aviation N3398M
0.73Mb (112 downloads)
Aircraft based to La Porte (T41/Texas). Crashed in 2014. Complete aircraft. Original Aircraft by Dee Waldron. Works without problem on FSX but no VC! Repainted by Jean-Jacques Parel.
Posted Aug 31, 2017 05:15 by Jean-Jacques Parel
Airbus A320-214 in Air France "Skyteam"
14.38Mb (434 downloads)
Project Airbus A320-214 in Air France "Skyteam" livery, F-HEPI. Model by Project Airbus. Textures by Stefan Bree
Posted Aug 25, 2017 03:21 by chrisE
FSX/FS2004/P3D (V.3) update for the Howard DGA-15
FSX/FS2004/P3D (V.3) update for the Howard DGA-15
4.72Mb (518 downloads)
The Howard DGA-15 became available in 1940. It was considered a "Luxury Liner" of the day and competed most favorably with the Beech Staggerwing and Stinson Reliant. About 40 civilian versions were produced and more were made for the Navy for an Air Ambulance role and the Air Corps for use as a utility transport. The term DGA stands for "Damn Good Airplane" and the P after the -15 designates this plane had a Pratt and Whitney engine. This is an FSX/FS2004/P3D (Vers.3) update for the DGA-15 featuring new enhanced VC and 2D panels, new smoke effect and extra camera views. All credits go to the late Paul Clawson for the original model. Panel updates and smoke by Michael Pook.
Posted Aug 20, 2017 15:21 by Michael Pook
FSX/Acceleration/FS2004 Frigate F217 BAYERN
FSX/Acceleration/FS2004 Frigate F217 BAYERN
18.08Mb (524 downloads)
FSX/Acceleration/FS2004 German frigate F217 BAYERN, a ship of the Brandenburg-class. The package contains two pilotable and two ai-versions; one ai-boat with a helicopter flying circles above the boat. The ship is in service since 1996 and has a length of 139 m. It is armed with a 127 mm and two 27 mm guns plus different missiles and carries two Sea Lynx helicopters. The pilotable version has thirty moving parts, a photorealistic 2D-panel and a complete virtual nav-bridge. The animations shows take offs and landings of the Sea Lynx and even Exocet missile launches. Twenty four camera views let you explore all decks and the virtual bridge, let you operate all weapons and the helicopter. The gauges and the weapon switchboard are made by Pierre-Jean Carosin. FSDS 3.5 models and 2D panel by Erwin Welker
Posted Aug 20, 2017 03:18 by Erwin Welker
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