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P3D/FSX Iris F-15D  FSX native NASA Package
64.88Mb (712 downloads)
Iris F-15D package FSX native NASA Repaints of Tyndall-based F-15 Eagles for the IRIS F15. These are repaints for the D-models that were handed over to NASA in September of 2010 and flown to Edwards AFB. The three machines were destined to be used as testing aircraft (replacing an older B model), chase plane and spare parts source. Original aircraft by IRIS Simulations. Tyndall depictions by Marcel Hendrikse. Textures by Marcel Hendrikse FSX Native conversion by ignoti et quasi occulti Package by Danny Garnier
Posted May 12, 2021 03:41 by GARNIER D
FSX/P3D Republic XF-103 Thunderwarrior_v2
22.36Mb (951 downloads)
An unfinished Mach 3 class interceptor of the US Air Force in the 1950s. Updated FSX Republic XF-103 to version 2. Fixed the shape of the rear fuselage model and VC model. That fixed the texture significantly and changed some gauges. And you can select the drop tank using the lever in the VC. I removed the afterburner built into the model and changed it to the afterburner of the effect file. Added 2D panel to be used as an auxiliary. Fixed flight dynamics. I think this fix makes it easier to handle. This is for FSX ACCELERATION. I haven't tested it to work elsewhere. By UENOSHING. (tested by admin in P3Dv5 and works 100%)
Posted May 5, 2021 12:20 by UENOSHING
FSX/Prepar3D Supermarine Attacker FB2
32.67Mb (582 downloads)
FSX/Prepar3D Supermarine Attacker FB2. The Attacker was originally referred to as the "Jet Spiteful". The project was intended to provide an interim fighter for the RAF while another aircraft, the Gloster E.1/44 also using the Nene was developed. An order for three prototypes was placed on 30 August 1944, the second and third of which were to be navalised. An order for a further 24 pre-production aircraft, six for the RAF and the remaining 18 for the Fleet Air Arm was placed on 7 July 1945. By Robert Richardson.
Posted May 1, 2021 09:07 by uploader
Update for FSX/P3D of the F9F-8 Cougar
83.73Mb (1008 downloads)
This is an update for FSX and P3D of the F9F-8 Cougar by Robert Richardson. I have added a 2D panel using a picture I took of the VC. Most of the gauges on the 2D panel don't match the ones on the VC because apparently, for the most part, they are built into the model file. I corrected the contact points where necessary; and I updated the flight dynamics.
Posted Apr 23, 2021 02:19 by Bob Chicilo
FSX/Prepar3D Gloster Meteor T Mk 7.5
91.62Mb (1054 downloads)
FSX/Prepar3D Gloster Meteor T Mk 7.5. All new model of Belgian built Meteor. This is a complete model package including panel and sound plus eight highly accurate paint schemes by Peter Watkins. By Robert Richardson/Peter Watkins.
Posted Apr 22, 2021 05:44 by uploader
FSX/P3D Airbus CC-150T (A310-300MRTT) Canadian Armed Forces package
50.34Mb (1014 downloads)
FSX/P3D Airbus CC-150T (A310-300MRTT) Canadian Armed Forces package. The A310MRTT or CC-150T is a military version of the Airbus A310. The Canadian Armed Forces currently operate 2 MRTT versions. A310MRT model by Thomas Ruth in FSX native format with A310 VC. Includes FMC by Garret Smith. Includes A310 operation manual. Airbus sounds included. Textured and assembled for P3D v5 by Chris Evans. Should work in FSX and other P3D
Posted Apr 9, 2021 11:29 by chris evans
Beriev Be-12 Chaika(NATO:MAIL) 2021 FSX-P3D
114.71Mb (1416 downloads)
Beriev Be-12 Chaika (Seagull) NATO reporting name: MAIL FSX/P3D. Multi-purpose maritime reconnaissance, electronic warfare, anti-submarine and SAR amphibian flying boat of the AVMF. A few remain in use to this day. Evolved from the Be-6, and designed in parallel with the Be-10, the Chaika was a dedicated ASW machine developed to counter George Washington/Polaris A-1 SSBN's, as initially designed, with the SKAT nuclear depth bomb. FSX 2021 native conversion of this all new, and excellent Be-12 by Doson, Gritsevsky, Wishmaster, DZIES. With the kind permission of Doson. The model does not have a VC modelled, so our trusty An-32 by Piglet has donated a VC. It's pretty close, and does the job nicely. The model also had no flightcrew, so a set of Piglet aircrew were slid in. Vlads dear old, and terribly inaccurate Mail, can go to a well deserved retirement after 19 years of service. Doson's is accurate in shape and dimensions, very fast FPS, pretty good for drawcalls, and looks great. The Mail is a challenging modelling job, and these boys have him just right. Model by Doson, Gritsevsky, Wishmaster, DZIES VC by Tim Conrad. FSX conversion, extra paints by Y.T.
Posted Apr 9, 2021 02:23 by Boomskiy Blubachek
MiG-29K (IRIS) for FSX-P3D
38.09Mb (1706 downloads)
FSX Native MiG-29K 'Sea Fulcrum', model by IRIS simulations. Assignments unchanged from FS9, otherwise, FSX native materials and whatnot. Only did the single 'clean' model - the stores did not look so good. Hey, the price is right, looks great, super FPS, loads of fun.
Posted Mar 19, 2021 03:16 by ignoti et quasi occulti
McD (IRIS) F-15C/D for FSX-P3D
85.16Mb (1965 downloads)
FSX Native McD F-15C/D Eagle, model by IRIS Simulations. Hopefully, as this is unsupported freeware, and I've failed dismally at finding a contact, a native update won't cause distress. FSX standard materials, animations and tags, it's all working except for the inlet schedule, which I had to bodge a bit-see read me for details Clean 'C' and 'D', a Counter-air(2 tanks/6 'raams/2 -9L's/ALQ-184) C, a Combat trainer 'D' (2 tanks/-9/-120 acquisition rounds) I did a bit of a rebuild on the combat 'C', it was missing it's fuselage corner stores racks. Those are in place now.
Posted Mar 19, 2021 03:07 by ignoti et quasi occulti
FSX/P3D Airbus A321-231 Luftwaffe/German Air Force
75.86Mb (422 downloads)
FSX/P3D Airbus A321-231 Luftwaffe/German Air Force #1504. This A321-200 is used as VIP transport for the German Government. Includes 2020 revised model and VC. Modified the Project Airbus A321-200 to resemble a NX model with window and door placements. 2020 updated A321 model by Project Airbus updated to FSX native and updated VC by Speedbird77. Autobrakes fully functional within the vc. Check near the gear lever. ECAMS lower screen is more accurate. Credit to "FsWorX". Includes A321 checklist. Airbus sounds included. Tested in P3D v5 and should work in FSX and previous P3D versions. Zip preview for images. Textured and packaged by Chris Evans March 2021.
Posted Mar 7, 2021 06:32 by chris evans