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Acceleration F18 Night Ops  Textures
0.54Mb (1620 downloads)
Updated Night Ops Textures for the FSX Acceleration F18.
Posted Jul 19, 2009 17:35 by Jason Aldrich
FSX Acceleration F18 Hotzoner Night Ops Textures
1.75Mb (2902 downloads)
Fictional night ops texture from Hotzoner for the FSX Acceleration F18
Posted Jul 16, 2009 14:51 by Jason Aldrich
KF-16 South Korean ROKAF  Package
KF-16 South Korean ROKAF  Package
50.81Mb (18811 downloads)
This is a complete aircraft package, reskinned and repackaged from Kirk Olssen's F-16 VIPERDEN with 2d and VC panel FSX updates by Danny Garnier. This is the South Korean Air Force (ROKAF) KF-16. Re-skinned and repackaged by Neal Newbill
Posted Jul 8, 2009 22:25 by Neal Newbill
FSX Acceleration F/A-18 'Puma' Textures
FSX Acceleration F/A-18 'Puma' Textures
2.43Mb (2208 downloads)
Ever wondered what a Puma F/A-18 would look like? Well here it is!!! This re-paint (TEXTURES ONLY) of Flight Simulator X Acceleration's default F/A-18 aircraft has the same pannel and gauges of the default aircraft and the sleek, "look-good" style of Puma's shoes this is a MUST GET aircraft... With the classic Puma to their website address this plane is one of a kind! ...Refuel when empty...
Posted Jul 8, 2009 21:16 by ScoutDog12
FSX/FS2004 MiG-21 F-13 Package
FSX/FS2004 MiG-21 F-13 Package
29.59Mb (37468 downloads)
Model of MiG-21 F-13 airplane for FS2004/FSX, created by Gmax. Licence production of this type in Czechoslovakia started in 1963 at Aero Vodochody. During nine years there was created 195 planes at all. For its simplicity and low cost operating this plane was almost 30 years important unit of Czechoslovakian anti-aircraft home defence. Archive include 2 versions of model, full clickable VC with custom gauges, sounds by Jan Moravec and paper model by Antonin "tonde" Janecka. Author: Ivan Jurcaga
See startup procedure here
Posted Jul 2, 2009 07:05 by Ivan Jurcaga
F-15 Strike Eagle USAF 325th Fighter Wing
F-15 Strike Eagle USAF 325th Fighter Wing
17.21Mb (9638 downloads)
This is the Coral F-15 painted in the Air Superiority Blue Paint Scheme of the 325th Fighter Wing Based at Tyndall AFB Fl. The performance and Flight Dynamics has been modified to match the lethal speed of the F-15 Strike Eagle at more than 1500 knots. Modifications and textures by Mark Rooks of RDG Aircraft. The Aircraft has the original 2D and 3D panel updated by Danny Garnier. Includes Pictures and History of the F-15 of 325th Fighter Wing
Posted Jul 1, 2009 11:18 by Mark Rooks
X-02A Wyvern Repaints
X-02A Wyvern Repaints
2.84Mb (2961 downloads)
Three repaints of the X-02 Wyvern done by Ricardo Batalha and Mike Durao. The textures include: Belkan 226th TFS "Grabacr" Squadron, Aquila "Yellow" Squadron, and the USAF's Tactical Air Command (TAC). Done in FS Repaint. By Will Keefer
Required files:
required file
Posted Jun 23, 2009 21:49 by Will Keefer
F-15J JASDF and USAF Package Inclusive
F-15J JASDF and USAF Package Inclusive
22.84Mb (43009 downloads)
F-15J Package JASDF and USAF. Gmax model with virtual cockpit, 2D panel and effects. By Kimitaka Nishida, Atsushi Terui / Coral-FLT. Updated to use in FSX by Danny Garnier. Panel mods to include FSX compatible gauges. Now fully working package includes multiple livery and full working 2d panel and VC 3d panel. The McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) F-15 Eagle is a twin-engine, all-weather tactical fighter designed to gain and maintain air superiority in aerial combat. Developed for the United States Air Force, it first flew in July 1972, and is one of the most recognized modern fighters. The F-15 is expected to remain in service until 2025.[3] Despite originally being envisaged as a pure air superiority aircraft, the design proved flexible enough that an all-weather strike derivative, the F-15E Strike Eagle, was later developed, and entered service in 1989.
Posted Jun 23, 2009 09:54 by GARNIER D
Su-47 Berkut "White Bird" Textures
0.60Mb (2158 downloads)
The Sukhoi Su-47 (S-32) from Ace Combat 4, in the white texture. Only the outside texture has been changed. Done in FS Repaint. By Will Keefer.
Required files:
required file
Posted Jun 21, 2009 20:00 by Will Keefer
0.17Mb (1848 downloads)
This Patch will allow the FSX F-111C and F-111F package RADARs to work in FSX using SP1. Steve Hess Required the F-111 above.
Posted Jun 17, 2009 00:04 by Steve Hess