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FSXA - Cessna OE-2 (O-1C)
6.82Mb (2012 downloads)
FSXA - Cessna OE-2 (O-1C), US Marines version. This is a new model specific to represent the O-1C version of the aircraft. Archive contains the model, panel and two set of textures depicting two examples of the aircraft during the period it was used by US Marines . Texture 1 is for VMO-6 South Vietnam 1960 and Texture 2 is for NAS Patuxent River ca.1965. The model, developed with FSDS 3.5 from ABACUS features a complete set of animations and an animated 3d virtual cockpit. Visual 3d Model and textures by Massimo Taccoli Panel works by Massimo Taccoli with gauges coming from various freeware sources. Copyright October 2019 by M.Taccoli
Posted May 30, 2020 07:34 by Massimo Taccoli
Update for FSX of the Alphasim UFO
Update for FSX of the Alphasim UFO
4.05Mb (1242 downloads)
This is an update for FSX of the Alpha UFO. I have given it a 2D panel as the panel folder it came with was empty. I have added all the wheels, and added some float points so you can land on water if you choose to. I have added some nav lights so it is a bit easier to tell which way it is going; and I have updated the flight dynamics. This is the whole aircraft. No VC.
Posted May 28, 2020 11:49 by Bob Chicilo
Dornier Do-228 Indian Air Force Textures
1.07Mb (526 downloads)
Indian Airporce textures for the Premier Aircract Dornier Do-228
Required files:
required file
Posted May 27, 2020 14:33 by Kalyan Mukherjee
FSX/P3D Airbus A330 MRTT KC2 Voyager RAF  Package
FSX/P3D Airbus A330 MRTT KC2 Voyager RAF  Package
87.69Mb (2798 downloads)
FSX/P3D Airbus A330 MRTT KC2 Voyager RAF Package. The KC-2 Voyager is the UK's Royal Air Force version of the military Airbus A330 MRTT (Multi Role Tanker Transport). The RAF currently operate 10 KC2. Model by Thomas Ruth. Added the better Thomas Ruth FSX native VC converted by Speedbird77. Fixed contact points. Added wing views. Includes built in FMC by Garret Smith. FMC will display in VC. Includes A330 manual. Custom A330 sounds and checklist included. FSX users: requires either FSX Acceleration or Service packs 1 & 2. Textured, assembled and tested for P3Dv4.5 by Chris Evans Should also be fine in FSX and earlier P3D versions.
Posted May 20, 2020 17:10 by chris evans
FSX CASA C-295 Multi Livery Pack
FSX CASA C-295 Multi Livery Pack
116.94Mb (3258 downloads)
23 completely new HD-textures with overworked base files for the CASA C-295 by Premier Aircraft Design: Algerian AF, Austrian AF (fictional), Bangladesh Army, Brazilian AF (MP), Chilean Navy (MP), Czech AF, EADS, EADS (AEW), Ecuadorian AF, Egyptian AF Camo, Egyptian AF White, Indonesian AF, Jordanian AF, Kazakhstan AF, Mexican AF, Oman AF, Philippine AF, Polish AF, RCAF (MP), Saudi Arabian AF, Thai Army, Uzbekistan AF and Vietnamese AF. I modified the panel as well, but the original one is included. Credit goes to Jean-Pierre Brisard & Bob May from Premier Aircraft Design: Will not work in P3D v4+. Enjoy and Greetz, Dagobert
Posted May 17, 2020 05:02 by Dagobert
FSX/P3D  Boeing C-17 Globemaster III FSX Native  package
29.95Mb (6611 downloads)
FSX/P3D Boeing C-17 Globemaster III FSX Native package. This is the Boeing C17 originally by Gmax Academy converted to FSX native format and compatible with P3D v4.5+ Added the A400M internal VC by Patrick Le Luyer which is the nearest I can find to the military cockpit of the C17. Model conversion by Speedbird77. Packaged for P3D/FSX by Chris Evans.
Posted May 16, 2020 02:08 by chris evans
FSX/P3D Boeing 727-200 Fuerza Aerea Colombiana (Vulcano)
FSX/P3D Boeing 727-200 Fuerza Aerea Colombiana (Vulcano)
60.62Mb (1532 downloads)
Boeing 727-200 Fuerza Aerea Colombiana (Vulcano). Model by TDS. VC by Thomas Ruth. Textures by PhotoshopFSX
Posted May 2, 2020 06:27 by PhotoshopFSX
Dassault Rafale M Indian Air Force Textures (Updated)
Dassault Rafale M Indian Air Force Textures (Updated)
11.35Mb (867 downloads)
Indian Air Force Dassault Rafale M. Model by Bruno "Thor's Hammer" Merelle Only Texture by Kalyan Mukherjee Installation: Copy Paste the texture files into the default Rafale texture folder Model can be downloaded here:

Rafale M beta 2.1 by Thor s Hammer ( (+ Patch) external site - please report if link broken )

Rafale M Update 2.2

Posted May 2, 2020 00:45 by Kalyan Mukherjee
Saunders Roe SR-53 with new panels
Saunders Roe SR-53 with new panels
16.09Mb (1067 downloads)
This is a panel update for the Saunders Roe SR-53, designed and posted by Hubert Mueller. It's a great model but definitely deserves better panels. So here is a panel update including all the required gauges as well as automatic exhaust and afterburner effects. As the designer didn't include an E-mail address I couldn't ask his permission but I trust he won't mind me posting the entire package without it - it's always easier for users to get a whole package instead of having to install bits and pieces into an existing package. So this is the whole aircraft. I didn't change anything in the aircraft's look, just the panels and added effects. Thanks to Hubert Mueller for his nice model. Panel update and effects by Michael Pook.
Posted Mar 31, 2020 12:47 by Michael Pook
FSX/P3D McDonnell Douglas F-4B-J FSX Native Package
FSX/P3D McDonnell Douglas F-4B-J FSX Native Package
30.31Mb (4218 downloads)
F-4 Phantom II for FSX and P3D incl. v4.5. FEATURES: 1) Animations All flight controls correct in sense and direction. Front canopy : shift-e Rear canopy : shift-e-2 Tailhook - x key or assigned tailhook Wingfold - wing fold key key Drag chute - thrust reverse FSX native material, animations and conditions. Finally cracked the roll spoiler-aileron animation sequence. This is the basic air defense-equipped model. More to follow latter, as this one is a tedious convert process. Made available by Alphasim's generous freeware policy, and with the permission and encouragement of Phil at
Posted Mar 29, 2020 01:53 by Anon