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FSX/P3D McDonnell Douglas F-4B-J FSX Native Package
FSX/P3D McDonnell Douglas F-4B-J FSX Native Package
30.31Mb (4241 downloads)
F-4 Phantom II for FSX and P3D incl. v4.5. FEATURES: 1) Animations All flight controls correct in sense and direction. Front canopy : shift-e Rear canopy : shift-e-2 Tailhook - x key or assigned tailhook Wingfold - wing fold key key Drag chute - thrust reverse FSX native material, animations and conditions. Finally cracked the roll spoiler-aileron animation sequence. This is the basic air defense-equipped model. More to follow latter, as this one is a tedious convert process. Made available by Alphasim's generous freeware policy, and with the permission and encouragement of Phil at
Posted Mar 29, 2020 01:53 by Anon
FSX/P3D Douglas B-66 Destroyer FSX Native Package
23.41Mb (1797 downloads)
Fighter pilots make headlines Bomber pilots make History. Alphasim ( Douglas B-66 Destroyer light bomber for FSX/P3D. FSX materials, full VC, extra nuclear strike options (B.28 laydown). B-66B, RB-66B and EB-66B models. B-66 by alphasim. Conversion, B28 stores by YT Effects by Drongo-(thanks!)
Posted Mar 29, 2020 01:04 by Anon
FSX/P3D Airbus A400M Spanish Air Force Textures
6.31Mb (1400 downloads)
Spain air force textures for the Airbus A400M by Patrick Le Luyer.
Required files:
required file
Posted Mar 24, 2020 09:48 by archive
18.16Mb (1414 downloads)
SAMDIM FIDDLER in FSX native. The largest fighter yet built, this massive interceptor served with the PVO for 30 years. X materials, all the custom animations, added pilots. Nice model, note: no rudder. I don't know why Dimitry skipped that. I have no recommendations for a VC, there are 2D packages online, check the library's. I use the Alphasim Tu-22 VC. You'll have to show some adaptability and work out what y'all want for a VC. (Added the Cookpot VC by admin) Extra paints by Lazerbeak and Y.T. Pilots by Piglet Model:Dimitry Samborski FSX convertion: LLS
Posted Mar 22, 2020 01:23 by Anon
FSX/P3D Tupolev Tu-95MS- and Tu-142M Package
FSX/P3D Tupolev Tu-95MS- and Tu-142M Package
59.50Mb (3190 downloads)
Samdim BEAR pack for FSX and P3D. TU-95MS Strategic Bomber and TU-142 MPA. Loads of kewl animations- set some turbulence and watch the wings and engines. VC - Vlad's BEAR included.
Posted Mar 21, 2020 03:53 by Anon
FSX/P3D Tupolev Tu-114 and TU-126 Package
FSX/P3D Tupolev Tu-114 and TU-126 Package
60.37Mb (1917 downloads)
Tu-114 CLEAT, Tu-126 MOSS, by Dimitry Samborski FSX native materials, prop treatment, DDS DXT3 textures, Tu-114 VC is full cabin, see readme for details.
Posted Mar 21, 2020 03:33 by Anon
FSX/P3D Breguet 941 Package
FSX/P3D Breguet 941 Package
324.64Mb (3748 downloads)
FSX/P3D Breguet 941 Package. The is an ADAC transport plane (STOL in English) from the French manufacturer Breguet. It has the distinction of having a wing fully blown by propellers and flaps that can deploy at 95 degree, allowing it to land and land on very short distances. Included with cabin and virtual cockpit, 2D panel, personalized sounds, four liveries, Checklists and References, documentation in French and in English. Created by
Posted Feb 29, 2020 08:09 by Patrick Le Luyer
FSX Update for the Douglas A2D Skyshark
FSX Update for the Douglas A2D Skyshark
44.29Mb (1494 downloads)
The A2D-1 was developed as a turboprop replacement for the iconic AD Skyraider series in the late 1940s. It was somewhat larger, faster and could carry a heavier weapons load. Unfortunately, the Allison T-40 series turboprop ran into many development delays mostly regarding reliability of the gear box which prevented the Sky Shark from being ordered into full production. It was the end of the line for prop driven attack aircraft for the US Navy. This is a major panel update for my previous FSX update to make the interior and panel look a lot more realistic. In addition to the three original textures by Paul Clawson there are two new "what-if" repaints based on textures by Juan Anotnio Martinez Castro, which he had designed for the FS2002 model by Kazunori Ito. The package also features exhaust smoke, better props and better reticule. Original native FSX model by Paul Clawson and 2D panel by Kazunori Ito. Two new repaints, new comletely reworked VC as well as new gauge configuration by Michael Pook. The model may work in FS2004 and P3D (v.3).
Posted Feb 28, 2020 05:42 by Michael Pook
Update for FSX of the Alphasim HP Victor
Update for FSX of the Alphasim HP Victor
24.83Mb (828 downloads)
This is an update of the Alphasim HP Victor for FSX. I have added all the wheels; given it a 2D panel; I decreased the width of the left window strut on the 2D panel, so you have a bit better view to the left; added a hud to the VC; corrected the contact points; and updated the flight dynamics. It has the range it is supposed to, and cruises at mach 0.96. I did a previous update of the aircraft, but I believe it was the one made for FS9 not the one made for FSX. This is the whole aircraft.
Posted Feb 26, 2020 16:00 by Bob Chicilo
FSX Update for the Bristol B-188
FSX Update for the Bristol B-188
6.75Mb (786 downloads)
The Bristol B-188 was a British experimental reconnaisance aircraft developed in the early 1960s. The aircraft was expected to run at Mach2 for extended periods of time, allowing it to study kinetic heating effects on such an aircraft. The aircraft was expected to spend a considerable amount of time with a skin temperature around 300 Celsius. This is an update of my previous FSX update from 2014, now featuring a new and much more realistic virtual cockpit with new side consoles and animated yoke. Automatic afterburner and smoke effect added. I also fixed the transparent cockpit floor. Original model by Bob Hazelcline, Brian Horsey and Ralph Pegram. Updated for FSX, new VC and effects by Michael Pook.
Posted Jan 21, 2020 11:20 by Michael Pook