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U.S. ARMY HumVee
U.S. ARMY HumVee
13.87Mb (17369 downloads)
FEATURES: - animated driver and steering wheel - animated gunner in new ACU camo - good offroad and hill climbing dynamics - Dynamic VC - This model was created for use with my new LCAC for some amphibious assault action in Multiplayer or simply as a standalone offroad vehicle... other Army fighting vehicles are in the works so stay tuned * compiled with the FSX SDK for FSX ONLY by Bruce Fitzgerald
Posted Dec 6, 2008 04:10 by Bruce Fitzgerald
FS2004 and FSX Hindenburg Base Model
1.79Mb (10068 downloads)
This is my first model made in FS9 and FSX. I made the Hindenburg from FSDS v3. Although the Hindenburg doesn't have effects (Animations), and the model is partly made poorly, and the texture is unrealistic, this is the only model for FSX and FS2004 because there is no Hindenburg Downloads for FSX and FS9. Splash screen are included for both FS. By Victor Vu.
Posted Nov 25, 2008 23:18 by Victor Vu
Rosenbauer Panther With Radar panels!
Rosenbauer Panther With Radar panels!
5.23Mb (7652 downloads)
This is the original Rosenbauer Panther firetruck, posted by Mitsuya Hamaguchi. The firetruck also has some repaints in it, view Readme for details. I added the FSX radar panels. You get the radar panels to use in multiplayer, or free flight (works in Free Flight without Delux). By Jonathan Koch Hougaard.
Posted Nov 10, 2008 09:13 by Jonathan Koch Hougaard
Spec Ops HALO Jumper
Spec Ops HALO Jumper
2.02Mb (30431 downloads)
Realistic freefall and open chute flight dynamics , ambient leg animations , chute deploys with flaps , animated head and torso , red smoke and rescue strobe - compiled with FSX SDK *for FSX ONLY by Bruce Fitzgerald
Posted Nov 5, 2008 12:00 by Bruce Fitzgerald
FSX Rosenbaur Panther NASA Textures
FSX Rosenbaur Panther NASA Textures
1.22Mb (6761 downloads)
Textures only for the Rosenbauer Panther Fire Truck in NASA scheme. Requires Mitsuya Hamaguchi's Rosenbauer Panther. Repaint by K Lewis.
Required files:
required file
Posted Nov 2, 2008 17:29 by Kent Lewis
StarWars Incom T-65 X-Wing
StarWars Incom T-65 X-Wing
11.52Mb (45042 downloads)
The StarWars Classic X-Wing. This model Features: A reasonable Mach 1.8 Vmax - Good High Altitude performance - exceptional manueverability and G tolerance - Hover flaps (see readme) - animated R2D2 - animated S-Foils that are tied to spoilers (which have zero drag and are visible in multiplayer) - Dynamic VC - Detailed external model - custom sound . *compiled with FS9 SDK / tested in FSX w/Acceleration winXP DX9 *for FSX by Bruce Fitzgerald
Posted Oct 10, 2008 18:07 by Bruce Fitzgerald
FSX Moller M400 Skycar.
FSX Moller M400 Skycar.
4.64Mb (37229 downloads)
FSX Moller M400 Skycar. This package contains a simulation of the Moller M400 Skycar, and was developped in close cooperation with the Moller company. Besides all the usual animations you find in an aircraft addon, it contains a wealth of features and animations specific for this M400 Skycar, like: automated nacelles, ductvanes and folding wings; true VTOL operation; full virtual cockpit, with moving sidesticks, throttle lever and all needed instruments/switches to drive/fly this Skycar; accurate lighting; seat-dependant "camera" views. By Rob Barendregt and Stephen Vernava.
Posted Sep 12, 2008 03:59 by Stephen Vernava.
CVN-76 USS Ronald Reagan
CVN-76 USS Ronald Reagan
9.00Mb (20653 downloads)
this is the Acceleration AI Carrier made flyable. I got tired of all the bouncy , jumpy MP carriers out there, throwing me off the deck. so i present you this Ultra stable Carrier Op's platform Features: - Rock solid flight deck , No bouncing, tilting ... nuttin' - "pri-fly" view to watch all the action on deck - ATC equiped bridge - 34kts top speed - cables work in MP - CVN-76 details and crisp DXT textures made flyable for FSX Only by Bruce Fitzgerald
Posted Sep 1, 2008 06:53 by Bruce Fitzgerald
4.33Mb (15575 downloads)
Honda NSX Convertible - 3 new paints. Original by Mitsuya Hamaguchi
Posted Aug 13, 2008 17:17 by daniel rodriguez
USS Nimitz Class Fix
0.00Mb (12310 downloads)
Missing Effects for USS Nimitz Class. Copy in your FSX Effects folder.
Posted Aug 11, 2008 12:02 by Mric