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Abfluege Online
Abfluege Online
1.41Mb (2849 downloads)
Abfluege Online"Abfluege Online 3" is a program what over the Internet of rndifferent airports from Germany, Europe and USA onto the Departure and Arrival access. The data then become browser to an integrated one announce. Consequently, one can access the data fast without finding the page long via Internet-Explorer over the Internet. Copyright by Tilo Klaus
Posted Jul 1, 2008 06:55 by archive
Flughafen Feuerwehr
Flughafen Feuerwehr
8.75Mb (21171 downloads)
Variations: Munich, Frankfurt-Main, Leipzik-Halle, Kölln-Bonn, Cottbus-Drewitz, International, Stuttgart, Zürich, Meschede-Schüren, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin. Original model by Mitsuya Hamaguchi
Posted Jun 30, 2008 06:55 by archive
Angel Interceptor
Angel Interceptor
6.41Mb (14728 downloads)
Captain Scarlet Angel Interceptor from the 1960's Supermarionation TV series Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons... Spectrum is green ! FEATURES: - stol capability - +/- 36 G tolerance - 2d panel and DVC for FSX by Bruce Fitzgerald
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these are the FX files I forgot to include in the original U-Boat zip file above
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German U-Boat type VIIc
5.16Mb (22560 downloads)
FEATURES: - fully submergible - deck gun places an explosion 1 mile off the bow (strobes key) - 2d panel w/radar (FSX only) for FSX by Bruce Fitzgerald
Posted Jun 25, 2008 17:59 by archive
Space 1999 - Hawk
2.82Mb (18442 downloads)
The Hawk fighter from the 70's TV show "Space 1999" FEATURES: - VStol and extreme altitude capable - 2100+ kias top speed - Stable and Strong under Extreme G loads - Ultra efficient , High Thrust - Dynamic VC - Custom effects . * Original Lightwave mesh by Eric Peterson. - for FSX ONLY by Bruce Fitzgerald.
Posted Jun 24, 2008 17:11 by archive
4.17Mb (7677 downloads)
This is a "parasite fighter" designed to be dropped from a B-36 Peacemaker. The plane itelf flew, although it lacked landing gear and attaching it to the trapeze for reattaching was tricky. This is a FS2004 model made by Kazunori Ito. I have done some "tweaks" to make the landing gear line up better with the model, and make it fly a bit better. Definitely a fun plane to fly. (the landing skid works!)
Posted Jun 24, 2008 11:05 by archive
                  Airports and Navaids in Google Earth
2.36Mb (10454 downloads)
FSX Airports and Navaids in Google Earth This zip contains all the airports & navaids for Flight Simulator X and includes all comm and nav frequencies, runway details along with any relevant ILS information. Extracted from the default FSX BGL scenery files in Nov 2006. By Ian Niblo. 2.4MB
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0.08Mb (2919 downloads)
FSX Log Book editor. This software is an attempt to decode and edit FSX logbook file format. For previous versions of Flight Simulator log books were editable text files but it has changed since FSX. 85K
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                  : Mk82 500lb Bomb
0.01Mb (7106 downloads)
FSX : Mk82 500lb Bomb - Droppable payload An Alternative to flour bombs.. file goes in SimObjects/Misc , attached object = Mk82_1 in mission sdk Created By - Phill Stokes of FSXMission.com posted w/ permission by Bruce Fitzgerald - N322DW
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:17 by archive