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BB-62 USS New Jersey
BB-62 USS New Jersey
8.71Mb (11265 downloads)
FEATURES: - AI Version included for use with AICarriers2 - hardened deck - Animated main guns (flaps key) - custom gauge and 16' gun effects - Crow's nest camera view - Stable water dynamics / top speed in the low 30's - custom wake effect - night textures *Tested using Acceleration and DX9 ; compiled with the FSX SDK for FSX ONLY *By Bruce Fitzgerald
Posted Jan 9, 2009 07:01 by Bruce Fitzgerald
FSX LCAC, M1A1, HALO Warthog dynamics update
0.03Mb (6619 downloads)
Updates to Bruce Fitzgerald's cool LCAC, M1A1, and HALO Warthog FSX vehicles. Gives the tank great driving characteristics, fixes the dune buggy's brake map and eyepoint, and gives the hovercraft better maneuverability while retaining the floating feel of it.
Required files:
required file
Posted Jan 3, 2009 22:54 by Rich Hogen
5.74Mb (12718 downloads)
FEATURES: - hardened flight deck and hangar deck - Operational arrestor cables (Acceleration users) - Air Boss camera view for watching deck operations - Stable water dynamics / top speed in the low 30's - radar and screws ambient animation - custom wake effect - night textures ** Tested in single and Multiplayer at different realism settings using Acceleration and DX9 ; compiled with the FSX SDK for FSX ONLY * By Bruce Fitzgerald
Posted Dec 31, 2008 15:18 by Bruce Fitzgerald
R 98 Clemencau Moving Carrier
R 98 Clemencau Moving Carrier
4.39Mb (9787 downloads)
This is a model of Clemenceau circa 1990's. It's built for FSX Acceleration featuring working catapult and arrestor wires for naval ops. For unknown reason, only the front catapult works: I can't manage to make more than one catapult working... Unfortunately, Acceleration landing lights system is coded for modern US carrier, with a 50 meters width deck, and so I had to built the Clemenceau FLOLS from scratch: the result is a little frustrating... This model hasn't been tested for other version of FSX(RTM or SP1) or FS9. Sylvain Parouty
Posted Dec 26, 2008 05:55 by dominikx and Sylvain
Disable Cross in Mouse Look View
0.00Mb (1060 downloads)
Don't like seeing the white cross when using mouse look view while flying? The cross in mouse look view is your assigned precision select cursor in Windows. To change, go to control panel, mouse, pointers, find precision select and change it to a blank cursor. Includes blank cursor null.cur file and instructions.
Posted Dec 20, 2008 18:48 by damien 13n
U.S. ARMY M1A1 Abrams Tank
1.97Mb (12824 downloads)
FEATURES: - animated wheels, turret and main gun - animated commander pops out hatch in new ACU camo - good offroad and hill climbing dynamics - only a GPS window in the 2D cockpit * This model was created for use with my new LCAC for some amphibious assault action in Multiplayer or simply as a standalone offroad vehicle. compiled with the FSX SDK for FSX ONLY by Bruce Fitzgerald
Posted Dec 17, 2008 09:51 by Bruce Fitzgerald
Top Gun Music For FSX Main Menu
73.91Mb (21904 downloads)
Music for FSX Main Menu 2 Songs from the Major Motion Picture TOP GUN Compatible with FSX ONLY
Posted Dec 10, 2008 19:51 by Nicholas Reitz
0.00Mb (3455 downloads)
FIXES: - the center of gravity was too far aft , making it backflip when you tried to drive up the ramp - the gear were too spongy making it bounce like a rocking horse when you got off - the weight was to light , making it slippery on the deck when riding on the LCAC * by Bruce Fitzgerald
Required files:
required file
Posted Dec 9, 2008 03:49 by Bruce Fitzgerald
VIP Parking Guide for FSX
0.75Mb (5508 downloads)
Creating VIP Parking in FSX - an Illustrated Guide. After landing your favorite FSX aircraft, are you frustrated by ATC directing you to a gate which is nowhere near a logical spot? This guide shows how to create a reserved parking gate at any airport and have ATC direct you properly to that gate. This concept will work for a specific aircraft of your choice. The technique is based upon investigations and information developed by Jim Vile and Reggie Fields. Please unzip to a temporary folder and read the directions carefully. Compiled in Doc and PDF formats for your flying enjoyment by David "Opa" Marshall.
Posted Dec 7, 2008 21:20 by David "Opa" Marshall
10.47Mb (21991 downloads)
FEATURES: - animated ramps, props, rudders and thrust nozzles - Hard Deck and Loading ramps for Multiplayer amphibious assault operations - improved flight dynamics for carrying other players - amphibious (extend gear prior to beaching) - more realistic sound files - Dynamic VC - this model was re-worked to carry my new Humvee , or any vehicle over land and sea at over 50 knots. a dynamic VC and loadmaster view has been added as well. In addition,the new hardened deck and loading ramps (shift+E) now make multiplayer amphibious assault operations a reality. - Dont forget to lower and raise the landing gear when transitioning between land and water and use a nice flat beachhead if you have vehicles aboard - * compiled with the FSX SDK for FSX ONLY by Bruce Fitzgerald
Posted Dec 6, 2008 04:14 by Bruce Fitzgerald