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FSX Rosenbaur Panther Fire Truck
2.30Mb (28984 downloads)
Here is a fire truck for FSX in the liveries of BAA and the RAF. Original by Mitsuya Hamaguchi.
Posted Jun 22, 2008 07:09 by archive
X227: Experimental Trainer Jet
2.40Mb (4699 downloads)
This is a experimental trainer jet developed from a RC trainer (prop engine). The color schemes (sorry) are not the strongest point of the aircraft but they're easy to repaint. As usual I give you the opurtunity to sse it before downloading: www.youtube.com/youdontknowxpand By Ricardo Batalha.
Posted Jun 16, 2008 14:02 by archive
FSX BSG Viper Mark II.
11.09Mb (16355 downloads)
FSX BSG Viper Mark II. From Battlestar Galactica. Version 1.0 This fighter was made as the one restored for the Galactica's war museun showed on the pilot movie. It flyes like a Colonial fighter and includes gun effects. No Radar in this version.
Posted May 30, 2008 14:56 by archive
FSX Home World 2 - Higaran Carrier
5.17Mb (27796 downloads)
FSX Home World 2 - Higaran Carrier . Features: - Hardened top deck, landing bays with connecting tunnel to hangar deck - pilotable and extremly slow and stable for multiplayer action - amphibious - specular and self illumination maps - 2d panel radar (FSX only) This model was ported from the game "Home World 2" and given hardened decks and blimp like flight dynamics. It is meant for multiplayer mid-air landings by other players while you fly it . it was compiled using the FSX SDK and as such ,The .mdl file may be used to convert it to scenery or AI for FSX ONLY by Bruce Fitzgerald. 5.3MB
Posted May 26, 2008 12:29 by archive