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FSX C172 Airdog N7029X Textures
FSX C172 Airdog N7029X Textures
12.98Mb (526 downloads)
N7029X "Air Dog" textures for the default FSX C172. Painted as a 1960 Cessna 150A, was owned and flown by Flight Instructor Ed Belsky at Barstow, California. Now flown by EAS29X in "Eastern Hops Cessna Sunday". Easy Installation. Screen shots enclosed. Repaint by Tom Tiedman.
Posted May 12, 2013 02:11 by Kevin Derby
FSX Grumman C-164C KingCat
FSX Grumman C-164C KingCat
38.83Mb (2989 downloads)
This package is the last in the range of AgCat modifications. It includes after-market conversion of the Super Ag Cat C/600, made by Mid-Continent Aircraft Corp. The 600 hp (450 kW) Pratt & Whitney R-1340 engine was replaced with a Wright R-1820-202A radial engine that produces 1,200 hp (895 kW). There are two options in the package - for aerobatics ( it is lighter and with aerobatic carbureter) and bush flying. All liveries - fictional, tail numbers - real (two of which belong to G-164C planes with R-1820 engine. So, take your place in the cabine and meet the challenge. By Vladimir Gonchar
Posted May 10, 2013 13:45 by Vladimir Gonchar
Icelandair DC-6B Textures
Icelandair DC-6B Textures
4.98Mb (311 downloads)
FS9/FSX Icelandair DC-6B textures. Model by Tom Gibson and Greg Pepper. Textures by Gary Harper.
Download here (external link)
Posted May 9, 2013 14:47 by Gary Harper
AC690B Turbo Commander Overhead Switch Panel Fix
AC690B Turbo Commander Overhead Switch Panel Fix
1.01Mb (2325 downloads)
FSX/2004 File Fix for the AC690B overhead Switch Panel in the cockpit. This File Fix, fixes the overhead Switch Panel so Sim Pilots won't have the See thru Sun Roof because of an issue with the file. Original Aircraft by "Veneaviones Group". Sim Pilots need the Base Pack of the Rockwell AC690B Turbo Commander to use this overhead Panel Fix. Jetranger
Required files:
required file
Posted May 5, 2013 21:34 by Jetranger
Fokker F27 Schreiner AirwaysTextures and FSX model only
3.11Mb (1440 downloads)
FS2004 Schreiner Airways - Fokker F-27 model and textures (requires panel and sound edits). This Dutch charter company was founded in 1945 by aviation pioneer Bob Schreiner. Schreiner Airways carried out charter flights with passengers and freight. 3 Fokker F27 Friendships were added to it's fleet in 1963. These are texture files only for the enhanced Fokker F27 Friendship model for FS2004. Original model by Mike Stone, modified (with permission) by Jaap de Baare and Tom Gibson (California Classic Propliners). Repaint by Jaap de Baare.
Posted May 5, 2013 05:21 by uploader
C172 'Rebel 1' Textures
7.46Mb (518 downloads)
Textures for the default FSX C172. 'Eastern hops' (online flying club) member personal custom texture bearing the fake tail number REBEL1. Feel free to fly this in free flight but This is a do not fly plane in the session. it is just so it can be seen by everyone flying "cessna sundays" Features both traditional gauges and g1000
Posted May 4, 2013 13:58 by Leland Pechacek
FSX default Cessna 172 Cub Yellow N758KD Textures
10.30Mb (1063 downloads)
FSX default Cessna 172 Cub Yellow N758KD Textures. For the default FSX Cessna 172, masquerading as a Piper J-3C Cub. Flown by EAS58KD in "Eastern Hops Cessna Sunday". Repaint by Tom Tiedman.
Posted May 3, 2013 15:01 by Kevin Derby
FSX G-164 AgCat B/600 on floats
FSX G-164 AgCat B/600 on floats
25.22Mb (2067 downloads)
The package represents Grumman G-164 Super AgCat B/600 (powered by Pratt & Whitney 600 HP Pratt & Whitney R-1340-AN1). configurated as a floatplane in the liveries of two canadian seaplane companies - the Vancouver Island Air, serving coastal British Columbia, and the Rusty Myers, providing flights to remote outposts located in the Wabakimi Provincial Park in the Northwestern Ontario. The package is based on Bill Holker's 3D model and basic texture ( and includes two new livery, new VC and 2D pop-up panels (with new gauges, allowing engine realistic operations), R-1340 authentic sound (by Warwick Carter) and flight dynamics with spin capability. New VC, liveries and flight dynamics by Vladimir Gonchar
Posted May 3, 2013 09:09 by Vladimir Gonchar
FSXA/FS9 Piper PA 21-L Super Cub Hellenic Army Photoreal Package.
FSXA/FS9 Piper PA 21-L Super Cub Hellenic Army Photoreal Package.
12.31Mb (2460 downloads)
This is a FSX Acceleration upgrade with photoreal livery package of Piper PA 21-L.The Piper "L" series is the military designation of the super cub.The Hellenic Army Aviation used this specific id# 870 Super Cub as a trainer and artilary observation plain at the 198 MEPAR(unit or Aerial observation)at Kozani in Greece.In total as many 25 of types L-18C/L-18b/L-21B where used by the Army Aviation (Aeroporia Stratoy) from 1949-1981.There are 2 Vc panels(Vintage & modern) to choose from.Gloss textures,2D panel,sound & Historical info.Model by J.E.Narcizo.Repaint FSX updates new panels by Hellenic Aircraft/Yiannis Katehis Tsetsas.
Posted May 2, 2013 01:57 by YIANNIS KATEHIS TSETSAS
Antonov An-3T Update
Antonov An-3T Update
30.89Mb (3155 downloads)
I updated Whitman's AI An-3 to be pilotable in FSX by adding the Fs2004 An-3T panel by "forpost22", NAMC YS-11 Sound Package For FS2002 v2 By Ryuji Ozawa, and texture thumbnails. Includes the original blue and white texture and I did a repaint as RF-31120 for Emercom of Russia. No VC panel.
Posted Apr 29, 2013 21:10 by Michael E. Roberts