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FSX & P3D Wildlife+ v2 autogen bird, animal and sea life
7.71Mb (3189 downloads)
Wildlife+ v2 FSX & P3D autogen bird, animal and sea life. Bring some more life into your sim world with interactive Wildlife+ and see the difference. Includes models by Ivar Danielsen from his Animals of the World series. Fully customisable with regional wildlife groups, ability to adjust wildlife parameters and add additional sim objects. This utility is a continuation on from XBirds.
Posted Feb 12, 2016 06:00 by uploader
FSX/P3D San Antonio KSAT, Texas, 2015 version 1
FSX/P3D San Antonio KSAT, Texas, 2015 version 1
170.62Mb (1026 downloads)
FSX/P3D San Antonio KSAT 2015 version 1. Created for FSX and P3d. Includes custom made terminal buildings. This is version 1 - more revisions will come. Includes static aircraft from faib, aia, and tds.
Posted Feb 7, 2016 23:30 by Daniel Johnson
York Airport CPP6 - Ontario - Canada
30.06Mb (121 downloads)
This is a Prepar3D self-contained scenery package for the York airport in Southern Ontario, Canada, CPP6. This is a small airport but, as it turns out, busy. This package works P3D. Animations and timed objects don't work in Prepar3D. The package includes traffic aircraft. If you install the aircraft in the appropriate Airplanes folder in P3D, the traffic will appear; if not, the traffic won't appear. Made by Fern Marques with aircraft models by Dave Pearce.
Posted Feb 6, 2016 17:13 by Fern Marques
LOKL Lienz, Austria 2016
LOKL Lienz, Austria 2016
15.02Mb (640 downloads)
The airport of Lienz-Nikolsdorf is located 9 km east from the town of Lienz, East Tyrol in Austria net. It was'nt in the library of FSX and it was a shame not to be able to do so going on a flight in the beautiful Austrian region of Tyrol The airport was built with custom objects and a photo-realistic basis for a good approach. This is an update to version 2014, it contains the new tower and is compatible with Austria Professional. The scenery has also been tested on P3D V2 and V3. (May also work in FSX)
Posted Feb 6, 2016 04:56 by Dario "Vic Dabor" Bortot
SLIX - Ixiamas Airport - Ixiamas, La Paz - Bolivia
SLIX - Ixiamas Airport - Ixiamas, La Paz - Bolivia
9.32Mb (424 downloads)
P3D compatible Ixiamas Airport (ICAO: SLIX) is a public use airport located near Ixiamas, La Paz, Bolivia. The airport resides at an elevation of 725 ft (221 m) above mean sea level. It has one runway designated 18/36 with an asphalt surface measuring 7,874 by 98 ft (2,400 m by 30 m). This new airport is recently operational since may,2015.Ixiamas Municipality is the first municipal section of the Abel Iturralde Province in the La Paz Department, Bolivia. The region is seat of Madidi Park, a natural reserve attractive to tourists in search of adventure.
Posted Dec 28, 2015 17:05 by Marcos A. Rivas Torrez
Merida-SVMD (Sloped Runway), Venezuela
Merida-SVMD (Sloped Runway), Venezuela
72.63Mb (1956 downloads)
FSX/Prepar3D Scenery - Merida-SVMD (Sloped Runway) SVMD is an airport located 3 km southwest of downtown Merida, Venezuela, at an elevation of 1,526 m MSL. Its runway is 1,630 m long. The runway has a gradient slope of +/- 4.05 %, for that reason, this airport is the most difficult and dangerous to land in Venezuela. It is situated in a valley in the Andean mountains, surrounded by higher terrain in all quadrants. Night operations are prohibited Runway 07 is used for landings only and Rwy 25 is used only for take off. Photo-terrain area improved with Autogen files. Only compatible with versions to FSX or P3D v1 v2 v3 .x. Also includes a friendly Auto-Install. By David Maldonado
Posted Dec 9, 2015 14:54 by David Maldonado
FSX/P3D New York Airports X Accelerator
FSX/P3D New York Airports X Accelerator
0.34Mb (748 downloads)
New York Airports X Accelerator is a small tool to help you getting better framerates and lower VAS usage if you use Drzewiecki's "New York Airports X"and "New York City X" sceneries together. We know that in this case Drzewiecki recommends to deactivate all airports except the departure or arrival airport. But perhaps you don't want to see standard airports in the surroundings after buying all these sceneries! Therefore it was my intention to install New York Airports X Demo Version in addition to New York Airports X Full Version and to easily switch between these versions with this tool. For example, you choose a full version airport as departure or arrival airport and select framerate friendly demo versions for all other airports. This is done by simple folder renaming without any changes in your scenery library.New York Airports X Accelerator can be used for different FS-Versions depending on which FS main folder you choose.
Required files:
required file
Posted Nov 21, 2015 12:54 by archive
FSX/P3D LFCS Bordeaux Leognan-Saucats, France
6.79Mb (1000 downloads)
LFCS is an airport Near Bordeaux in France. This is a fully functional freeware scenery for FSX and P3D. By Everlink
Posted Nov 19, 2015 12:08 by Everlink
FSX/Prepar3D Scenery - San Tome (SVST), Venezuela
87.15Mb (715 downloads)
FSX/Prepar3D Scenery - San Tome (SVST) - Venezuela The San Tome Airport is located in San Tome, Anzoategui , Venezuela . This airport serves the city of El Tigre, and San Jose which is 15 km from San Tome. It reopened in 2005 with infrastructure improvements and the beaconing for night flights, has a runway 1920m. Photo-terrain area improved with Autogen files. Only compatible with versions to FSX, P3Dv1.x or P3Dv2.x. Also includes a friendly Auto-Install. By David Maldonado - October 2015
Posted Oct 18, 2015 10:26 by David Maldonado
Calgary Intl (CYYC) Alberta, Canada
0.88Mb (478 downloads)
Calgary Intl (CYYC) Alberta, Canada. This airport update is for CYYC with two optional files made only for Prepar3D: one version with the Crosswind runways operating where all 4 runways will be used for takeoff and landing and one version as the default runway operation: assigned parking as per their website with extra parking, the Calgary Airport Authority will be implementing concourse name and gate number changes, these are now updated to this plan, the new IFP international concourse under construction with many of the buildings added, the new Runway 17L/35R now included with ILS also added for it, taxiways and taxi signs updated to the latest charts, Barlow Trail NE removed, lighted helipad, extra fuel trucks, support vehicle roads rebuilt and many other scenery improvements, airport views are from inside the new control tower (when in tower view) and the old control tower dismantled, please view the readme before installation. By Robert Catherall
Posted Oct 11, 2015 15:17 by uploader